Embremere (Tales of Embremere Book 1)

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Shards of S'Darin: In the Shadow of the Black Sun: Book Two

Windenn has returned, changed and all-powerful, also coveting this sacred artifact, her twisted mind set on destroying Mournenhile.

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Hagan and his companions reluctantly assist her in her quest of destruction, realizing quickly that bringing an end to one devil only replaces him with another. Elfwhere is in ashes and the Dwarven kingdom of Pahn Pirik is locked in a civil war brought on by the death of their Queen. With the help of the Addrefae, Vasparian once again leaves his homeland in the hopes of stopping the eastern army. When a young and foolish prince takes it upon himself to wrest Harquinn from Malhain's control, a chain of events will be set in motion, bringing Men, Elves and even Dwarves into a climactic battle that will change the state of the world of Kirkaldin forever.

Other books in this series. Add to basket. Mournenhile William Kenney. He writes mainly dark epic fantasy and has also written in the horror genre. Kenney began writing while in high school, trying his hand at novels in the science fiction and fantasy genre.

The Book of Unwritten Tales 2 - Release Trailer

Tolkien, he began to focus on epic fantasy. This book was eventually published in July of , with its sequel Shards of S'Darin being released a year later. William Kenney has also written 2 books in his Tales of Embremere series aimed at younger readers. Book one is entitled Embremere, with Return to Embremere being its sequel. Kenney has also published a horror novella called Undergrowth as an homage to H. Lovecraft and Edgar Allan Poe. William Kenney is also an accomplished artist, having painted the covers to his own books as well as many by independent authors.

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Return to Embremere

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Embremere (Tales of Embremere Book 1) Embremere (Tales of Embremere Book 1)
Embremere (Tales of Embremere Book 1) Embremere (Tales of Embremere Book 1)
Embremere (Tales of Embremere Book 1) Embremere (Tales of Embremere Book 1)
Embremere (Tales of Embremere Book 1) Embremere (Tales of Embremere Book 1)
Embremere (Tales of Embremere Book 1) Embremere (Tales of Embremere Book 1)

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