How to Train Your Labradoodle

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We Set Our Puppies Up For Success

You might be saying: My labradoodle is out of control? Perhaps My labradoodle is untrainable? Certainly not!

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Take your dog on walks, just the two of you. You can have a few stops on the way, where you practice some small tasks uninterrupted. The less your dog tries to run away, the higher the chance of positive behavior in the future.

Labradoodle Size & Appearance

Create successes. Be consistent in your training and your rules. This way the dog will always know what is expected of it and be comfortable with these demands.

1 STEP: Potty Training for Your New PUPPY! Seriously, Easiest Dog Training Hack that Worked For Me!

Upgrade your treats. Bring some meatballs or perhaps a piece of chicken if your dog has done extraordinarily well.

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Be patient. Share this: Tweet. Bathrooms or laundry areas are a common choice. Show the dog where the pad is. Do not get upset if the dog does not understand right away. Patience and consistency is the name of the game. Know that the pup really wants to please you. Crate training should also be started early.

Every day, place your pup in a crate that has comfortable padding, a favorite chew toy, and a treat. Start when you are doing housework or cooking. Just be in the area of the crate. Leave them in for a gradually longer length of time each day.

Know your Labradoodle

If they are adapting well, take a short trip. Release them as soon as you return and give them attention. If the crate training is going well, take them on a short car ride while being contained. Some pups may need time to adjust to the car motion. If they get carsick and vomit, it will be in the crate and not on your car interior. Starting your Labradoodle pup on a leash early is a good idea. We recommend a harness type that puts the strain on the shoulders instead of the neck.

Labradoodle Breed Information & Training Advice

Use a recoiling strap that has some give. When your pup stops pulling away from you when you are walking, you can replace the harness by using the collar. Teaching the dog to heel or to keep stride with you is a safety factor for both you and the dog. Pups like to chew. Giving them a variety of chew toys is a smart idea. Pick soft and hard texture toys.

Tools for training your puppy

Some that make noises. Dogs may like to play tug. If they are happy with their chew toys and feel they are getting enough attention, usually they will leave your things alone.

Training a Labradoodle, training advice, labradoodle training

Love your Labradoodle. Take them out to play once a day if possible. Be highly interactive and you will enjoy a wonderful companion for life. Username or Email Address.

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How to Train Your Labradoodle How to Train Your Labradoodle
How to Train Your Labradoodle How to Train Your Labradoodle
How to Train Your Labradoodle How to Train Your Labradoodle
How to Train Your Labradoodle How to Train Your Labradoodle
How to Train Your Labradoodle How to Train Your Labradoodle
How to Train Your Labradoodle How to Train Your Labradoodle

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