Wanted by the Alphas (A Sensual Paranormal Shifter Romance Book 1)

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Bad Boy Alphas Starter Set by Renee Rose

A man stepped from behind a cluster of bushes. She caught a glimpse of a wide chest and leather jacket before her gaze drifted lower. It was impossible not to take in the sight of him or stop her pulse from racing. He had to be the same guy. How many men walked around in a kilt? Or paired theirs with combat boots? That meant—she was screwed. Molly had called him a Royal. The what-ifs allowed doubt to surface. She might as well lie down and spread her legs for him. Royals bled, just like everyone else. They also felt pain.

She just had to survive the night. That was all. Reno had promised her. A lie, maybe. His words were all she had to go on, however. Reno had blindfolded her and tossed her in the trunk of his car. She clenched her hands to prevent the trembling in her limbs from showing. Slow inhales through her nose eased her rapid pulse. She had to remain calm. Then again, if she ran or fought back, she would too. Probably because he was assessing his prey. She could do the same. Gwen swallowed past the lump in her throat and dragged her gaze higher.

A partially buttoned leather jacket offered a peek of a gray shirt. For that, she was grateful. Doubt would cripple her. She had to keep hers at bay if she stood any chance of getting away from him. With the reminder held front and center in her mind, she continued her inspection. The wavy black hair that had caressed his shoulders all those months ago was pulled back in a ponytail, exposing a strong, stubble-covered jaw. Full lips and a straight nose completed his rough-cut face. He was striking. Hot, actually. In secret, anyway. She waited in the shadows, hoping they took notice of her.

Never happened, which explained her virgin status. He took a step forward. Her opportunity to settle her nerves had passed. It was time to assert herself…or at least to pretend. At the moment, with his intent focus on her, she felt anything but strong.


Wanted by the Alphas by Dawn Steele

Chin raised, she shifted her gaze from his nose to his eyes. Her breath rushed out, and every muscle in her body tensed. The urge to go to him—touch him—was undeniable. Her fingers itched with the desire to map his body, and her lips tingled with the craving for his kiss. She wanted to get drunk on him. She took a step toward him. He waited for her. She took a second step, then another, drawn to him. Needing him. She jerked her gaze from his hypnotizing eyes to his nose. Molly had known this would happen. Gwen was a virgin.

Making her the prize of this hunt had been meant to punish both of them. No cliffhangers! Lots of plot! Caring for—and feeding—an orphaned vampire baby has been tricky enough.

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But as little Liam grows, so does his appetite. He needs more blood than she can personally supply. And when her attempts to steal from a blood bank go awry, Allie wakes up surrounded by doctors, cops…and the gorgeous, mesmerizing Magnus, who she can neither trust nor resist. Magnus never expected to find his life mate breaking into a blood bank. Clearly, Allie is already entwined with his world—in deeper, more dangerous ways than she realizes. Lexi can bump and grind with the best of the club bunnies, but Mark has something a little more stimulating in mind.

He dresses her in stilettos followed by clothes that leave her more naked than not. Add in a few toys, and when he dips her over his knee? She can't help but moan in pleasure. Account Options Sign in.

Paranormal Romance Books - An Erotic Werewolf Romance - Enchanting The Alpha

Top charts. New arrivals. Michelle Fox November 21, Top Bestseller! More by Michelle Fox See more. Michelle Fox. But now that their enemy is defeated, she finds adjusting to life as a werewolf harder than she anticipated. Turned Vampire Romance Free. Dawn Russell is determined to get revenge on the vampires who killed her father. A short vampire romance with a nice, steamy bite. Reviews Review Policy. Published on.

Paranormal Romance Novel: My Heart, My Kingdom’s Queen

Flowing text, Google-generated PDF. Best For. Web, Tablet, Phone, eReader. Content Protection. Book 3: Her Greek Inheritance. Book 2: Her Greek Protector. Book 1: Her Greek Bodyguard. Get this amazing box set for free now. Get it now! Two second chances. Three little texts. And nine months of OMG! Former child star, Charlie Klein, heads back home to Texas after struggling in Hollywood and runs into the sheriff of their small town — the boy she loved and lost and never stopped loving.

But can this passionate fling become something lasting? And will Sophie give in or stick to her wits? Do the terrorists know more than Mick thinks they do? Each of the books stands alone but connects the characters as they heal hurts and find love. Small-town waitress Kymberly Sommers is faced with that very question.

Mike Knightson is the perfect guy — gorgeous, charming, knows how to handle a woman — but will it be enough? Find out in this steamy and provocative Shifter Romance. A man afraid of nothing. A plan as old as time. Until… A woman falling in love. A man already there. The Koda Alphas are willing to go to any lengths to prove that a walk on the wild side makes for the perfect romance of all.

Kindle Eagle Eye Security by Camilla Blake: What starts out as a light security job for Kincaid turns explosive as a young bartender named Mindy becomes the target of both a car bomb and a personalized, at home booby trap. An emotionally gripping romance set in Philadelphia and Kentucky! When Daniel discovers the truth of his parentage, he abandons Philadelphia for the frontier. But will his search for his true father get in the way of his budding love for beautiful Ann? I thought by running I would be safe. Instead, the monster hunts me. Running from a madman, Darla finds safety in the arms of a retired assassin turned security specialist.

Can Troy find redemption in the love of a broken woman? One isolated rock star.

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Life at the top is lonely, but so is life at the bottom. Come with them on a whirlwind European tour and find out if they fall in love… or crash and burn. Kindle The Captain of Her Betrayed Heart by Abigail Agar: After what should have been one of the happiest nights of her life turned tragic, Gwyn decides to run away from England and everything she knew and loved.

For four years, she lived in India far away from memories of the man who had broken her heart to pieces. But then, an urgent letter suddenly arrives and beckons her to return home! Kindle Nothing But Trouble Irresistible Billionaires Book 1 by Ashley Bostock: Billionaire website mogul Michael Vilander creating a fake profile on his dating site to find a date may not have been the brightest thing to do, but desperate times and all. One month to fake it? No problem… right?

She says she wants one night with me before she loses her vision. One thing I do know, though? One night is damn sure not going to cut it for me. To make matters worse, undercover drug cop Christian Delacroix shows up, sending her lust meter into hyper-drive. The enticing blonde he remembers well seems equally surprised. With her fun, fast-paced job as a soccer journalist, she has no time to settle down. Find out in this hot romance sure to get your heart racing. Frederick meets the alluring Helena who takes his heart away. Love or duty? Will she be strong enough to make a decision that will affect her whole life?

Except the more time they spend together, the hotter the fire between them burns. With every flirtatious smile and brush of his hand, she feels her defenses crumbling. But can she trust him with her heart? Or is she buying herself a front-row ticket to heartbreak? When he meets Natalie, their unlikely friendship sparks into something they never expected, but everything they need. And what will they do when the unthinkable happens and one of them begins to fall for their spouse of convenience? But what if I want to claim her innocence? What if her love warms my heart? And what if my daughter is falling in love with her too?

But just when I think my damaged past is over, she disappears…. I always buy these collections because there are always stories at least that are absolutely the best.

Huntsville Pack

I this case, all of them were good. A billionaire businesswoman looks at a gorgeous potential deal. A high flyer challenges a corporate billionaire who wants his share… and her. And a dangerous ex-girlfriend wants to teach everyone a lesson. Two steamy couples and a thrill in one inter-connected story. Beneath This Mask by Meghan March: With over 3, five-star ratings on Goodreads: What will this former Navy fighter pilot find when he lands the tatted-up bad girl on the run?

Now not only must he keep her safe, but he must also convince her that they are destined to be together. For Ivi, it was supposed to be just a job. Just a few months. It was supposed to be a lot of things… but not this.

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  • Little did she know it would be the one event that would bring on such a shift in the balance of her world. Would bring… Him. Would bring… Them. Both into her life. Warning Sign is reuniting for the first time after their foundation was rocked. And what better reason than a surprise wedding… and a baby? Mitch crashed and burned enough times to learn love and military life never mix. Even strong enough to convince one hardheaded Marine and one heartbroken woman to give it one last chance. Zara and Damrian grew up together on a tropical island, swimming in the ocean, and running wild in the rainforest.

    They shared everything. Or so Zara thought. But Damrian is keeping a secret. And he needs to keep his secret to protect his family, even if it means risking his one chance at his perfect mate. When he meets Kelsey, it upturns his already chaotic world. His luck goes sour when he is marooned on a deserted island with a beautiful, know-it-all blonde attorney and three orphaned children…. Truth or Dare is all fun and games until a spontaneous dare has Gina falling for the office playboy, and she finds that playing couple with Chris is way too much fun.

    Tormented by their secret attraction, Peter and Anna must confront their own fears and personal demons if life, love, and faith are to survive. Until I see her. Too young, too innocent. Mine to claim. Finding an instant friendship with his daughter, Fleur, the two of them eagerly await a garden party to be held on the fine estate of the young and handsome Duke of Calder.

    But when she first meets him, Georgina is certain that she knows him from somewhere, she just cannot place the handsome man anywhere in her memory.

    Wanted by the Alphas (A Sensual Paranormal Shifter Romance Book 1) Wanted by the Alphas (A Sensual Paranormal Shifter Romance Book 1)
    Wanted by the Alphas (A Sensual Paranormal Shifter Romance Book 1) Wanted by the Alphas (A Sensual Paranormal Shifter Romance Book 1)
    Wanted by the Alphas (A Sensual Paranormal Shifter Romance Book 1) Wanted by the Alphas (A Sensual Paranormal Shifter Romance Book 1)
    Wanted by the Alphas (A Sensual Paranormal Shifter Romance Book 1) Wanted by the Alphas (A Sensual Paranormal Shifter Romance Book 1)
    Wanted by the Alphas (A Sensual Paranormal Shifter Romance Book 1) Wanted by the Alphas (A Sensual Paranormal Shifter Romance Book 1)

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