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Samantha Learns a Lesson by Susan Adler, illus. Who knows what? Posse Up [ edit ] Vic : Oops! Next time I won't knock so hard. Put your clothes on, walk out the door and change your taste in men. Trish : That one's a natural undercover cum guzzler. Shane : I heard that, bitch. Shane : You got me on salami patrol? Why not one of these guys? Trish : Not gay enough.

Claudette : Trish will fill you in on operational details. Vic : Just for the record, I have no problem working with the decoy squad. But we don't work for them. Claudette : That's right Vic : Me no speakee Ebonee, Shithead! Safe [ edit ] Aceveda : I went after a suspect today, and I kicked the shit out of him. The only thing that stopped me was I started to piss my pants. I'm losing control of everything Rigoberto : Then take it back! Aceveda : [Starting to cry] I don't know how.

Rigoberto : You're a captain. You command men, hell you're gonna be the next city councilman. You have power, David. You have a gun and a badge. Now these were just a couple of punk assholes. Do you know who they are? Aceveda : I could find out. But even then Rigoberto : If it was me I'd kill 'em. Vic : We're working late tomorrow night boys. You got any plans, change 'em. Ronnie : [Sarcastically] Uh, I got tickets to Journey! What's going on? Vic : We're getting the marked money list out of Aceveda's safe.

Vic : And the lock? Ronnie : Not a scratch. Lem : Besides, who's gonna steal seven-grand and leave a fortune behind? Vic : None of us did it. Look this whole Tommy thing has got us all a little raw. Lem : Ronnie reported the money missing. Ronnie : Lem didn't even want to steal it in the first place. Lem : [about Shane] So when you gonna talk to him?

Dutch : You see something like that, you wonder if we all shouldn't just stay home and read the bible. Danny : Thanks, my partner already does that. Vic : Just gotta get my cornrows tightened. Slipknot [ edit ] Tobar : Hey man, you hurt us, you hurt Kern. Vic : Kern's licking caviar off a Czech whore's nipple. He won't be too hurt. Vic : [to Prophet Leader] Twizzy will be in county 'till his hearing. That'll give you a few weeks to get someone inside.

Stop the pain. Anything after that, commit any sins, I'll be nailing you to a cross. Aceveda : What is it? Vic : My men are on the wrong scumbag. Aceveda : How did you do that? Vic : You and Wyms have had me buried with bullshit over the last couple of months. I'm out of touch Aceveda : Oh what, so it's my fault? Vic : Oh I'll bring in the right guy. Aceveda : Good Vic : But I'm never gonna let this happen again. I'm no good half in half out. Now you gotta make a choice. You either let me do what I do, or I'll pull the plug on the Strike Team. Take my boys to another part of town.

What Power Is And I know you're skimming profits off the top even though Elisa keeps telling you its gonna get you killed. I know about the headaches you get. I know about the uncle who molested you when you were twelve. I know about your cousin who's trying to get a scholarship to U. Irvine, I know which magazines you jerk off to that you think Elisa knows about, I know about your brother in Fresno, I know the inmate who tried to shank you twice at Terminal Island, his core in Heresey Denton, and I know the number to call to clear up a bunk in his cell just for you.

Vic : The dead guy watched me shove a bong down his buddy's windpipe. Shane : Twenty bucks says his buddy's one of the shooters. Lem : Come on, a Captain in the middle of the night, and he runs into them? That's a pretty big coincidence. Vic : Unless it's not a coincidence. Body gets carried out What if these are the guys Diagur sent to get the money out of the freezer?

Lem : What, the ones you told him to send over? Shane : Well if it's true, then these are the assholes who kicked the shit out of Aceveda. Took his gun. Which means he was tracking them here when this thing went down. Lem : And he might track them right back to us and that marked cash. Vic : Let's not get premenstrual until we talk to Diagur. Strays [ edit ] William : Just tell me why I do it.

Dutch : To dominate. To feel the William : No! That's not right. Dutch : You exert power over Dutch : You're compelled to. William : By what? Dutch : Organized sociopaths tend to William : Is that who you think you were chasing this whole time? A type? Some answer on an exam? Who would you be chasing right now if you hadn't stumbled over my parking tickets? Dutch : But I did find your parking tickets. William : What happens if the next guy reads the street signs? Lem : Dude, what was that back in the clubhouse?

Shane : Just because we're on this team, doesn't mean we can't become a problem. If there's one thing Vic's good at, it's solving problems. Lem : Dude, Vic's never gonna kick you off the Team. Shane : Hey, if Vic ever thought that me and Mara were becoming a problem, you'd let me know wouldn't you? Riceburner [ edit ] Operator : Hello, you've reached the Police Department's main switchboard. Please listen carefully to the following options.

To be connected to a supervisor, because one of our jackbooted thugs mistreated you, and you want his goddamn badge, press one. Ronnie : Cop I know sent it to me. Operator : If you committed a crime you think you can bullshit your way out of, press two. Vic : If you shut up and let us listen. Operator : If you're shirtless and threatening your girlfriend with a knife, and don't want one of our officers interfering with "true love," press three. Danny : Priceless. Operator : To report an act of racial profiling, put down your crack pipe and press four.

Vic : Married huh? Shane : Yeah, yeah, I can hardly believe it myself. Vic : Well, I'm sorry I missed that. Shane : I know what I want. Vic : Just And you'll be fine. Choi : I discussed the situation with community leaders. If they chose to warn him there's nothing I can do. Vic : Oh, so they make the call for you instead!

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Aceveda : Hey, that's conspiracy. Choi : We don't want cops like him intruding into our lives! Aceveda : Just give us Kim Choi : I won't do that. I want every inch of Koreatown smothered! Vic : Like white on rice. How am I supposed to reason with him? Vic : Somehow. Corrine : I can't spend every second with him. Put him in a home? Vic : You're serious? Corrine : [Pause] No I don't know. Vic : We are not gonna put him away. Corrine : I don't want to. Vic : Then don't bring it up again! Corrine : Megan has a shot at a normal life.

Is this fair to her? Vic : Of course not. But that doesn't mean we commit our son! Corrine : I am doing everything I can! Vic' : Well, then I'm going to have to step in. Waylon : You take a walk. Vic : Waylon, what the hell are you doing here? You're going to tip these assholes off! Waylon : Me? Why don't you just paint on the side of the van? Vic : You're sitting in the Spook Street crew? What for? Waylon : What do you care. You're compromising everyone. Trish is in the store, Annie's over there- Vic : You're stepping on our case!

Waylon : We were here first! Vic : [drops a coin in Waylon's cup] Get lost! Waylon : You get lost! Vic : Aww, Jesus Christ! All In [ edit ] Shane : Show and tell, kids! Vic : Show us what you're doing, and we'll tell you why it's a crime! Lem : Keeping us safe! Shane : Put the goddamn money down Lem! Vic : This won't help us. Lem : Look, if there's no money to find, Aceveda and the Feds can't touch us! Shane : Lem, back off. Ronnie : Shane Lem : Shane Vic : It's gonna be alright. I promise.

Lem : You guys, you guys are the only family I got, alright? I'm not gonna let any of us go to prison. Vic : That's a decision for the four of us to make, not just you. Lem : I've always gone along with everything you ever wanted, and all it's done is get us deeper and deeper into shit. Lem : Just let me finish this please. Dutch : Vic knew the name of the bar that O'Brien says he found the marked money in.

You and I were the only ones who saw the case file. Aceveda : You think Vic is involved? Dutch : Here's a guy who can overturn the Armenian mob in a week, but hasn't been able to find anything on the money train in three months? If he's that good, how does a multi-million dollar laundering ring get ripped off in his backyard without him knowing anything about it?

Dutch : [about public defenders] Having a thankless job is bad enough, getting shot for it is just insulting. On Tilt [ edit ] Lem : I got a bunch of receipts here. Vic : For what? Lem : Uh, for dry cleaning. Vic : What else? Lem : Uh, for thousands of dollars on these oriental rugs. Ronnie : You don't dry clean oriental rugs! She made me hand-clean 'em when I was a kid. Mihalis : [on the phone] I'll be with you in a minute.

Vic : [hangs up phone] You'll be with me now. Mihalis : What do you want? Vic : Your favorite frequent flyer, Margos Dezirian. Mihalis : Oh my God, I don't know the man, I just leave him messages for him. Vic : Good. I'll dictate, you dial! He wanted a one way ticket to Mihalis : Hell? You tell him, that Goma wanted the ticket delivered to him, at his house. Try not to sound too stuffy. Aceveda : What's going on? Dutch : Some cowardly shitheads messed with her desk. Aceveda : I'll look into it. Claudette : Yeah, right!

Aceveda : Excuse me? Claudette : Oh, don't tell me you're not a part of this, I just got carried out of Victorville. Aveceda : I spoke to Ben Horton's boss and the Chief. He wasn't too please to hear what you'd been doing. Claudette : You mean to tell me this entire house would rather me pack up and leave, rather than look into this? Aceveda : Chief and I did discuss this house He's decided to go another way. Bring in somebody else. Dutch : So now she's not getting the Captain's seat? You gotta be shitting me! Aceveda : It wasn't my choice, it was hers.

She understands. Vic : [Shoves gun in Armenian's face] You tried to get us killed you little prick. New word. Ronnie, open that window. Antwon : Do I know you? Vic : I know your mugshot. Monica : I worked with Rich Nelson. Antwon : How's he doin'? Monica : Passed, three years ago. Antwon : Damn, cancer's rough. But he was always talkin' about how he was gonna piss on my grave.

Guess I gotta go grab a forty and pay my respects. Aceveda : Well, I didn't know you were lookin' to transfer. Vic : Well, why did you write a four-page letter sabotaging it? I just got off the phone with someone who owes me a favor over there. You goddamn buried me with the selection committee. Aceveda : I apprised them of your qualifications. Vic : You stabbed me in the back! You didn't want me to find out about it until you ran out of here, right?

Aceveda : I wouldn't pass you along to become someone else's problem. Vic : Who's been running your precious little garage sting? Aceveda : Oh, you mean that load of crap you sold me for a goddamn, nine minor busts? Yeah, I saw you tap-dancing on that one for a few weeks.

So while you were out on the street strutting your stuff, I made Ronnie run through every bust you had working. And it didn't take long. Vic : So what is this? Aceveda : Consider it the bill coming due. You ran the Strike Team into the ground. To get you under control I popped you in front of video tapes for six months, and you even managed to botch that.

You're a joke! Billings : Bathroom. Family of four drown one by one. Rawling : Damn. Vic : Welcome back to Farmington. Vic : Sir, I'm telling you The dog was reaching. It was kill or be killed. Rawling : Oh come on, Roy. The dog had a piece, he was gonna use it. Grave [ edit ] Aceveda : Is that the kid you choked out with a bottle of mustard? Vic : Who ratted, the condiment weasel? Vic : That kid's a novice. He was swallowing open jums of crack. I induced vomiting. Saved his goddamn life.

We're still allowed to save lives right? Aceveda : I want a complete report. Vic : Sure, I'll have one for you day after tomorrow Oh that's right, you'll be gone.

Serial Killer, Danny Rolling's Last Meal

I'll mail one to ya! Examiner' : Federalies found him with a bunch of fake Mexican ID's and an expired California driver's license. Vic : Shit! Examiner : That a positive ID? Vic : How did he die? Examiner : Take your pick. Sclerosis, malnutrition, official cause was suffocation. Aspirated on his own vomit. Christ, this guy was the Assistant Police Chief? What happened? Vic : Take your pick. Bang [ edit ] Rawling : [addressing a group of officers] Starting today, all drug and gang related homicides will go through Vic Mackey.

I've posted a list of ten detectives and twenty uni's who will work directly under Vic. You'll be leading a task force designed to learn everything we can about the roughly fifty gangs who operate on our turf. Their membership, their businesses, chains of command. Federal asset forfeiture laws will now be enforced in Farmington.

A drug dealer uses a car to distribute drugs, we're gonna seize that vehicle. A gang sells crack out of their back room, we're gonna take that home. Hands on your head right now! Hands on your head! Oh yeah, that's right - since around forever. Vic : Ah, chilling's cool. Those teeth are a felony, though. Choppa : No, man. We got a circle jerk jumpin' off. Why don't you grab some vaseline and join in? Rawling : Explain to me why taking this house was the right thing to do yesterday, and the wrong thing today.

Vic : Yesterday we had to stop the shootings. Rawling : This house was bought with drug money. The mother knew it. Vic : You said it would be a P. Rawling : Either it works or it doesn't. To make exceptions, to put a prettier face on it Doghouse [ edit ] Rawling : You've cost this city tens of thousands of dollars in clean-up. Raga : Send me a bill. Rawling : We will, but you tell me who's planning this war with Poolboys, who's giving you these messages, I can make things better. Raga : Burger and fries. Danny : Settle a bet first.

What's Raga stand for? Raga : Righteous Angel, Gorgeous Ass. Rawling : I don't admire the artwork, but I gotta admire the confidence. Dutch : So, you're going under with Slick, right? Claudette : Do me a favor, get somebody else. Dutch : It's our case Claudette : Well, I'd rather not.

Dutch : Well, that's great. That's fantastic. Hey, don't you walk away from me! Not after I've had your back every day, for the past six months. This is our way to get back into the rotation, okay? They'll never buy me in this one, it has to be you. Suvato : We'll check it out.

Vic : Good, look for flowers, he poses as a delivery guy to get into the house.

Suvato : Right, homes. Vic : Someone sees him, I want a call. Suvato : Hey! Aren't you gonna swear us in? Vic : Blessed is he who delivers this asshole onto me. Shane : [After beating up Halpern] You know what?

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Tell Antwon there's a new scoop law. Tar Baby [ edit ] Dutch : I'm busy. And stop treating me like a suspect. Claudette : You had a chat with Beth Encardi? If we carried the Webster case, maybe they'd let us out of the doghouse? Something along those lines. Dutch : Fine. I confess. At least now we're getting confessions from other people too. Real criminals, killers.

Claudette : What are the errands that you have us running for the DA? Dutch : Nothing. One of us needed to manifest this. Claudette : You went behind my back? Dutch : After being ignored head on for six months, you bet I did! Claudette : But, it wasn't your deal to make. Dutch : You're the best partner I ever had, I hung in with you, waiting for you to see this through, instead you just dug yourself in further.

I wasn't going to sit on my hands, and watch you wreck your career and mine along with it. I got dinged pretty good in this too you know- Claudette : But this was my fight. Dutch : And you lost. So I threw in the towel with the DA and I'd do it again. And if you wanna be pissed at me, fine. Go ahead!

Vic : [To Aceveda] Hey, press conference hasn't started yet. You still got time to figure out how to take credit for all this! Rawling : Councilman. Getting me up there under the pretext of soliciting public support and then undermining me.

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Thanks for the crash-course in sandbagging. Aceveda : I came willing to be convinced, I wasn't. Rawling : Congratulations. You pushed half that crowd into Antwon Mitchell's hands. Aceveda' : Oh that's a slippery slope. Using the boogey-man to run roughshot over people's rights. Rawling : Don't you have enough to do on city council? Or is this some power-trip of doing my job as well?

Helping oversee how these seizures are implemented. Rawling : Well I guess we need to figure out how to get along now. Aceveda' : Learn to do what I say and we'll be just fine. Antwon : [to Shane, after shooting Angie with Shane's and Army's guns] Her body shows up, with bullets in it from your two gats? And your card in her burnt pocket? From now on, when I say suck my dick, you ask 'you want me to lick your balls too daddy? Vic : I don't step aside. I step up. Vic : Dutchboy.

Hero of the hour. Dutch : Your daughter was sick, she wanted her mother. Vic : You can't take a joke, so you make me look like a prick in front of my ex? Dutch : I'm sure your ex doesn't need any help from me seeing what kind of a prick you are. I can't believe you're still freezing me out. Claudette : I can't believe you sold me out. Rawling : We do the bust for you, get the heroin off the street. You get closer to Antwon Mitchell, and your agent's cover isn't busted.

DEA Captain : You're making a lot of assumptions. I'm a local, not a moron. Hurt [ edit ] [Vic is fanning out his car as it overheats] Vic : Big chief. Vic needum new driving machine, so he can catchum bad guy. Danny : Knew you had some Spanish. Didn't know you knew smoke signals. Dutch : [referring to Rawling] What's she doing? Claudette : Standing on her soapbox.

Dutch : She, uh, have her own or did you let her borrow yours? Rawling : Don't make this personal. Rawling : You were the red-headed step-child when I arrived here. I put my ass on the line to give you a second chance when nobody else would. I gave you power, I gave you respect. So keep your mouth shut before you lose both! I know this is hard, but I need you to look at the bigger picture.

Rawling : I also looked into the crime stats. The numbers are up because you manipulated yours to make things look better. I'm getting punished because I reported mine accurately. Aceveda : Sounds to me like now's a good time to start formulating an exit strategy for the seizure policy. Rawling : The only person who can take me off this is the Chief and not without one hell of a fight from me. Aceveda' : Well then, I'd start training. I just spoke to him. He's still blue in the face from having to explain to the ACLU lawyers why you put a cop like Vic, in charge of such a controversial program.

Rawling : That's what all this is about, Mackey? Aceveda' : Starting tonight, Vic is the face of that church invasion. Pulling him off the street might buy you some slack. Rawling : He's working. I stand by my choice. Aceveda' :You just won't take help, will you? Rawling : Help from you? Aceveda' : If Mackey's off the table, I'm going to have to set my sights on the policy in general. Cut Throat [ edit ] Shane : Hey, thanks for coming. Look, ah I'm in some serious shit. What the hell's the matter with you?! Vic : Bugged your car. It's you or me I guess it's you.

Goddamnit, listen to me. Look, Antwon killed Angie right in front of me and Army. He did it with our guns it Vic : Thought you had nothing to do with Antwon. Shane : It's nothing that we haven't done before. Look, he's squeezing us. He says the body will turn up if, if, if I don't But, I would never do that.

You know that! Look, I was just bluffing him to buy time. We took a run at Halpern, he showed us where Angie's body was, but we can't get to it just the two of us. Army's gun went off Look, Halpern's still alive. But once Antwon finds out, I'm dead. I got Mara and Jackson out of town, but I'm I don't know how it got this deep. Vic : [Vic puts down his gun] You got one shot. Shane : No. I would never choose him over you. We let that Money train bullshit get in the way, but Will you help me? All of it! He tries to come after us, my family, or Vic I'll walk up to him and I'll put a bullet in his head.

You got that? Antwon, get your ass out here! Antwon : [walks out, and sees the damage] You better have a warrant. Vic : Warrant? I just saw your door busted wide open, wanted to make sure you're okay. Sarcastically You okay? The One-Niners started a campaign against police informants. Antwon : I'm done with this. Vic : You think you can just go after anyone. You think you're indestructible? Antwon : I don't know what you're spinning. Vic : [throws crowbar down] If you've given the word, that some informant or some citizen or some cop gets hurt Antwon : I'm going back to bed.

Vic : Make sure you get that door fixed. Anyone could just walk right in. String Theory [ edit ] Roger : May I see a badge number? Roger : I'm going to need one of those, [Pointing to the badge] before I can be debriefed in the category. Claudette : Civilians don't have badges. Roger : When I get my badge, all things will be made known. Peace officer to peace officer. Rawling : [about two missing officers] Anything? Danny : Canvassed the whole area, there's nothing. Rawling : Ohh shit.

Julien : Went knocking, half the people weren't answering their door, the other half were sleeping. Rawling : Let me use your radio. Be advised, we have two officers unaccounted for, requesting Attack Alert. All watches will be held over. Operator : Copy that. Julien : We should notify the families.

Secrets from the dark? How about when you were a kid? Thirteen, fourteen, fat, not very popular. Burying your head under the covers to drown out the screams of your sister; your six year old baby sister who your Daddy raped, night after night and you do anything to stop could you? Too much of a coward to stand up to your old man; but not your Mama. She emptied two loads of buckshot into his gut. Daddy's dead, little sister's in the psych ward and your Mama,.. But, oh boy, are you making up for it now.

Oh yeah, you're street tough, you're a gangster, full of cop-killing rage. But you're still too much of a coward to even save your own son. Shane : Here you got it all, don't ya'? You got money. You got power. Antwon : The hillbilly's been listenin' to my speeches.

Shane : It's too bad about your son, though. Tell you what, if my boy turned out to be a fag, I don't know what I would do. You doin' his mother out the ass when you knocked her up? Antwon : One time, doin' time, for a long time. Shane : That poor little kid. He's gonna be found face down, in the shower, with a back full of shiv and an ass full of cum. Word hits the street, what's that gonna make you look like, huh? I mean, your people don't cop with the homo vibe. Antwon : My people Shane : Yeah? But you know with all that money, all that power, at the end of the day, you're still just a nigger!

With a faggot nigger son! And where's the respect in that?! Where's the respect in that?! Antwon : [Sits down and puts the cuffs back on. A Thousand Deaths [ edit ] [Shane is taking a practice lie-detector test to train him for the real one] Man : Have you ever been unfaithful to your wife? Vic looks him in the eyes] Shane : Eatin' ain't cheatin'. Vic : [to Halpern] White smoke comin' out of Antwon's cell, man.

Danny Rawlings Mysteries Series

Means he's anointing [someone] as his new pope of dope. Judas Priest [ edit ] Vic : [to Aceveda] You're not a cop. You never were. Aceveda [ to Antwon Mitchell ]: Convince Juan to miss his court date. Universe on his skull. Vic : [to suspect] Nice job Windtalker. Season Five [ edit ] Extraction [ edit ] Shane : I like my women tiny.

The Fourth Last (Danny Rawlings Mysteries Book 3) The Fourth Last (Danny Rawlings Mysteries Book 3)
The Fourth Last (Danny Rawlings Mysteries Book 3) The Fourth Last (Danny Rawlings Mysteries Book 3)
The Fourth Last (Danny Rawlings Mysteries Book 3) The Fourth Last (Danny Rawlings Mysteries Book 3)
The Fourth Last (Danny Rawlings Mysteries Book 3) The Fourth Last (Danny Rawlings Mysteries Book 3)
The Fourth Last (Danny Rawlings Mysteries Book 3) The Fourth Last (Danny Rawlings Mysteries Book 3)
The Fourth Last (Danny Rawlings Mysteries Book 3) The Fourth Last (Danny Rawlings Mysteries Book 3)
The Fourth Last (Danny Rawlings Mysteries Book 3) The Fourth Last (Danny Rawlings Mysteries Book 3)
The Fourth Last (Danny Rawlings Mysteries Book 3) The Fourth Last (Danny Rawlings Mysteries Book 3)
The Fourth Last (Danny Rawlings Mysteries Book 3)

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