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Also, I think the writer is self-published Strangly, the best books I've read the last year are self-published! The full effect of this review can be found here with its snapshots. And it was a Kindle freebie!! You ought to feel this book to be nice, right? Let me outright tell you that if you expect a great premise, mark the check box; if you expect a great development in the story, hold your seats. If you are a goner for love triangles, this might actually fulfill your needs.

The only downside of this book was its execution. Obviously, some people might go for it. But before continuing, here's something less personal, as in facts: A car accident will change Genesis life forever, maybe to better or maybe just complicating her already complicated life. Prior to the accident Genesis had a boyfriend, a job, smoker, responsibilities. After the accident: weird futuristic visions, aversion to cigarets, to complicated relationship to none, and from none to guarding angel status. She still holds responsibilities, but maybe a bit higher than before. Her predicting the future might put her in danger… But honestly, expect the Angel falling in love, the abrupt childish behavior, and a couple of deaths.

Other than that, you will expect answers on the second book, because this one gave me nothing but forbidden love, deaths, and whatever. Thrill a minute easy to read Its a thrill a minute non stop ride easy to read sticks to the original character no starts and stops to other characters. Jul 08, Anita Powers rated it really liked it Shelves: ebooks-i-own-and-read , paranormal-vampire-romance. I liked this book and it did get me interested in continuing the series but some parts of the book were slow.

I didn't like how Gee always thought people thought less of her because she was poor. It felt like we went through her life day to day, same thing, school, home, work. I loved when Seth became part of the story, I found the idea of Guardians to be unique and I loved how deeply he cared for her. I did not understand what power Gee had and what good it did, this was a learning process but I liked this book and it did get me interested in continuing the series but some parts of the book were slow.

I did not understand what power Gee had and what good it did, this was a learning process but then when she took care of the little boy it hit me, okay this will be neat to see what happens next. I liked her relationship with Stu and wished they could have had a restaurant together. The simple gesture of giving Gee the white Rose and that Rose staying beautiful the whole time even into the next book is a great symbol of Seth's love for her. When Gee finally tells her mother what she thinks and how her life has been affected because of the choices her mother makes was great, good for her, it was ridiculous how Gee always had to be the adult.

Then Arsen comes into the picture, I knew something was up with him right from the start and what he ends up doing, oh my gosh it was so sad. By the end of this book I was hooked and ready to move on to the next book, anxious to see what happens with Gee and Seth especially. Aug 16, Kristy Mills rated it liked it Shelves: ebook , vampires-werewolves-and-magic-oh-my , , app-nook. But for an Indie author, I think she has a lot of talent. At the beginning of the book, I was annoyed with Genesis. She seemed like such an insecure brat. And because of her little blow up, I felt really bad for Carter.

He was so sweet, I really liked him.

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Seth, was the one she fell in love with, but I didn't really feel it. There wasn't enough relationship building or something. I did enjoy Seth's infatuation with Genesis, I sort of wish he would have elaborated on how his feelings developed for her. I thought he was cute. But still, I am holding out hope for Carter. Carter is better for her, he loves her, and he's human. Well the story has me intrigued enough that I have already bought the second book in this series, to see where this goes. Apr 12, Hmr28 rated it it was amazing. I loved this book!

The Last Guardian (The Guardians of Haven Book 1) by Joan Hazel

I have no idea how to do the spoiler thing on goodreads where it blanks out spoilers so please don't read this part!! I always want them to stand up and say something to the parent, to stop taking the abuse to move out or protest, report their parents to social services One of the things I love about the main character is her feistyness.

She has a pretty crappy home life. She has worked since she was 12 and given the money to her mother so their bills could be paid sometimes. Her mother is irresponsible, moves constantly to avoid paying bills and to avoid the repercussions of her actions poor relationship choices making it very hard for their to be any stability for her child. The MC finally takes a stand and I love her for it! I really enjoyed the paranormal aspects of the book as well and would like to know more about the world of the guardians.

I'll snatch it up!

An encyclopedia of philosophy articles written by professional philosophers.

Aug 13, Jackie rated it liked it. I enjoyed reading The Guardian and I want to read the next book. This book has its Twilight moments and it's predictable but enjoyable. I lbought this book a year ago by accident. I had no idea what it was about but I'm glad I got it. This wasn't a bad purchase. I liked she exercise her free will and she stood by her decisions.

Seth is her guardian, he looks out fo I enjoyed reading The Guardian and I want to read the next book. Seth is her guardian, he looks out for her. He protects her and falls in love with him. He's a likable character. There's no surprise in who Arsen really is. He's a likable character but you know he's too good to be true. I did find Carter to be a bit annoying. He needs to learn to be stronger. Selena is annoying but she changes a bit towards the end. I did like that even though Carter is in love with Genesis he remains her friend and believes her no matter what.

I would recommend this book. It's an easy read and easy to get into. Oct 25, My Book Friend rated it really liked it. You know how they say everyone has problems? They weren't kidding. Genesis has been living off of bare minimum, eating cheap meals and trying to get by. Life isn't all bad though- she has Carter, her boyfriend. Then, there was an accident. Lying in the street, waiting for death- or anything- she hears something. Everything will be okay. Genesis has a guardian angel, and he has been watching her- keeping her safe. After the accident, however, his job gets a whole lot harder.

They call it an accid You know how they say everyone has problems? They call it an accident for a reason. It was really easy to get into, and the characters were very likable. I recommend this to those who liked Fallen and The Bringer. View all 3 comments. I stumbled across this gem when I saw a review here on Goodreads. I really liked the story, and kept wanting to read to see what happened next. However, I felt like there's a whole lot more to Genesis then what we got. I was left wondering if she's always been "special" or if her accident jump started something?

I would've liked to have seen some more character development going on with her and Set I stumbled across this gem when I saw a review here on Goodreads. I would've liked to have seen some more character development going on with her and Seth-I felt like there was too many holes. I'm hoping some of my questions get answered in the next book. One character I could happily do without is Genesis's mom-she's a piece of work. She needs a slap of reality dealt to her and a realization that she has a kick ass daughter. One character that wasn't around enough was Joshua-loved him. Nov 16, Kimm Reilly rated it liked it.

The 1st book of the series hooks you in and makes you beg for more. What starts as a teen love triangle turns Genesis' worlds upside down and leaves everyone involved wondering what the hell happened. An accident, a boy and an entire world hidden in the shadows; not to mention demons. Genesis' gifts, her visions of the future, have become the focal point of the war, which ever side controls Genesis controls the fate of good and evil. But who is truly evil and who will she lose to fight this war.

Quick and easy read that I couldn't put down and didn't wait 5 minutes to grab the next book in the series. Feb 17, Sandra rated it it was ok. It was ok but nothing special. And the bad guy was blatantly obvious. And I was not happy about view spoiler [ Stu's death.

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He was a really nice likeable character. Would have much preferred to have Gen's mother killed off. Even though she wasn't very nice I am sure Gen would have been upset e 2. Even though she wasn't very nice I am sure Gen would have been upset enough for vengeance - which is the title of the next book - about that and we could still have sweet, kind Stu. I really enjoyed it. I went back and read some of the other reviews on this book and was surprised at how nitpicky some of the reviewers were.

I however enjoyed it and can't wait to see where Gee and Seth end up. Readers also enjoyed. Young Adult. About Katie Klein. Katie Klein. Katie Klein is a diehard romantic with a penchant for protagonists who kick butt. She currently resides on the East Coast and is hard at work on her next YA novel. She can be reached at katiekleinwrites yahoo. Other books in the series. The Guardians 3 books. Books by Katie Klein. Trivia About The Guardian The No trivia or quizzes yet.

Quotes from The Guardian. I mean that when it is referenced it means the actual force that is consuming and the inherent will to consume as being of a greater sentient presense. In short: something lurks in the Darkness and has taken control of it, using it to spread corruption and consuming the galaxy. So on some levels there appears to be some inspiration and general theme of forboding that is present in game and in the Grimoires.

Lovecraft is a huge inspiration in Bungie's games' lore. If you don't believe me, go download all three Marathon games for free and play through them. It won't be a waste of time either, as they are still great games with a great story. Also, from what I recall, Lovecraft, for his credit, was the inventor of the concept of "Unfathomable godless horrors who could sneeze and destroy humanity but don't because of reasons unknown". Beyond that worthy title?

Theory: Are the Guardians the villains?

He was a mere mortal. Bungie always has tricks up their sleeves. The only hole I see in this theory is that the progress you make throughout the game leads you to the light. When you hit the level cap, the only way to continue to leveling up is to gain more light. With that, a Golden Age began for humanity. The Collapse happens, and we are re-incarnated by our Ghost. The Speaker gives us this backstory. I think he lies. Here is what I think is the truth. Feel free to poke holes in it, respond, or add: Destiny The Light The Traveler and The Darkness yet to be seen have been at war for millennia.

This war has cost both sides dearly. The Traveler arrives in the Solar System, finding humanity, whom it can use as more soldiers for its war against the Darkness. It gives humans advances in technology, making us stronger three times the lifespan and allowing us to colonize other planets. This causes The Traveler to trigger The Collapse.

If we will not join The Traveler, we will be destroyed.

People like Rasputin and Dr. Shin try to find a way to defeat The Traveler, contacting The Darkness in the process. The Traveler realizes that without an army, The Darkness will find him and finally defeat him. After destroying most of humanity, The Traveler gives humankind one last chance to join him or be extinguished.

Using the ghosts to raise Guardians, we begin the game. When we meet the mysterious Exo, she says that, one side or the other, it is most important to choose, or something to that effect.

So far, we have been given no choice in the game. We are told we must go to point A, let your ghost out, go to point B, and let your ghost out. At no point have we been given the choice to do anything. We follow waypoints to help heal The Traveler, and in the end are victorious. Moving Forward Many people have compared this game to Mass Effect. When thinking about that series, I realized that BioWare needed to devise a way to have you start from scratch at the beginning of Mass Effect 2, so you are not a super soldier who just tears through the game.

The problem is solved by having Shepherd die. Destiny 2 will need a similar way of getting you back to Level 1. I believe that you will somehow find your way to the leader of The Darkness at the beginning of the sequel. You will get the full story about how The Traveler is using humanity as its slaves and that it is the true enemy. To defeat it, you will need to embrace the powers of The Darkness.

You level up through Destiny 2, gaining Dark abilities similar to the light abilities in the first game. As you progress, you find out that neither side is ultimately good or evil and that humanity must be independent from both The Traveler and The Darkness. This brings us to about 7 years into the Destiny life cycle and Destiny 3.

At the beginning, you will break away from The Darkness, thus stripping you of all of your abilities. You will now fight with other Guardians against all of the forces out to destroy you. Other than that, your theory is pretty plausible. The problem withyour theory is that the traveler doesnt need to have been the one to trigger the collapse, even if the traveler is evil that doesnt mean the darkness is a force for good, and it doesnt mean it does all of the evil things.

I still think that the traveler inadvertently created teh darkness by ripping the light from the souls of the dead. From what I've gleaned from the more "Relevant" topics within the Grimoire, if the Traveler had been the one to end the Age of Progress, the survivors would have been able to identify the Traveler as the one who ended it.

Whatever caused the complete and total ending was utterly driven to destroying the Traveler itself at all costs and was uncareing about the "little fleas" that were gathered around it in metal boxes, otherwise, our extinction would have been complete and total. At the same time, the forces of the Light have done plenty to paint them as checkered-past saints if we recall that instance of genocide they committed and the Thorn-wielders' fall into lunacy. The Traveler could be a psuedo benevolent being, so afraid of what lays beyond the veil of death that it travels from system to system absorbing hte souls of the dead to try and preserve them from what it percieves as non-existence.

In the process perhaps with misguided good intentions it "purifies" them of everything that is dark and evil. The Traveler is so powerful with the light not because it is the source ofhte light, but because it has absorbed the light from countless civilizations. The reason the ghosts must seek out the bodies of highly specific individuals, is because tehy carry the as-of-yet unproccessed souls from the traveler within them. I know it sounds a little fantasy-ish as far as science fiction franchises go, bbut not anymore than star wars Plus if this is true it brings a new dimension to the themes, essentially we would have technological entity with the traveler and a mystical entity with the darkness, the two locked in eternal struggle Ah, thatr, no idea yet Dead.

Also, I think its beginning to come down to which way the writers are heading with this, they put down the canvass, now they must begin to paint. What about the first mission on Venus? Even if it's the wrong side. Is she referring to the Awoken? But I'm almost certain she's directly referring to the Ghost and its possible sinister allegiance with the Traveler.

Think about it, why is the Ghost so wary of the Exo Stranger? Sure, she's literally a stranger, but the Ghost is on a whole new level of wariness. He's almost What if the Ghost is already acquainted with the Exo Stranger? Then that raises another question. Why isn't she telling us? Why won't she just come right out and say it? Even though the Traveler if supposedly "dormant", is it threatening her? Is it and its Ghosts blackmailing her to stay out of their way? This is all speculation, but fairly well supported. The City and The Reef don't exactly get along, making them separate sides in the conflict against the Darkness.

Then there's the Jovians Xur. We don't really know what their story is, but he is at least somewhat helpful towards the City. Add in the Exo Stranger and whoever she works for. When you count the fact that most of the enemies are hostile towards each other as well, that gives about 9 "sides" in total. She obviously already tried to help Gaurdians, but her dark origins caused her to betray them. This meant that she had to betray them. If not, she would be killed. The ghost wanted her gone because she was obviously dangerous. As for her friend, the Darkness spawned more of her.

They are obviously fighting on the fringes of the Reef. They are seemingly cutting off reinforcements. There are more sides here than just the Traveller and the Darkness, after all. No, she didn't. She just said she was "not forged in Light" A Stranger's Call --in other words, not raised from the dead and empowered by The Traveler. That doesn't make her from the Darkness; she might just be a regular, unempowered person, like the vendors in the Tower. In previous Bungie games, the Nine have been more or less present twice: once in Marathon, where there were ten Cyborgs, one of which was missing, so nine immensely powerful humanoids protecting humanity - the tenth one was most likely the player, who for the most part obeyed a half-insane AI Rasputin comes to mind.

In Myth, the Nine were the champions of mankind, the good guys. So from these games I feel fairly confident in assuming the Nine from the Jovians are probably good guys. The fact that one of their people sells stuff to us, suggests that we are not fully evil. As I understand it, Xur works for the Nine, so he's not some rogue smuggler, right?

So I conclude that the Traveller is not the Darkness, as in, not mainly evil. Of course, good and evil are always relative. The Traveller is reminiscent of the comet spotted in Myth, heralding a new age of good am I right here? So it is tempting to say the Traveller is a creation of the Jjaro, here called the Light, and the W'rkncacnter is the Darkness.

Only problem with that is the various races who are said to be clients of the Darkness. The W'rkcacnter is known to spawn horrors as it dreams and I would hope the Lovecraft inspirations are obvious here but mainly mythical creatures. Whole races with such level of technology seem wrong to be originated from a chaos being. It could be, of course, in Myth, the Fallen Lords are champions of evil and gather whole armies for their cause.

Another option is that the Darkness is consuming much of the galaxy, and the Traveller is the only thing or one of very few things left to repell it, making our solar system one of the last inhabitable regions, and logically drawing various races here in their search for survival. This would explain why the Fallen call us "the Darkness", each race sees the other races as enemies, and assumes they work for the Darkness.

Plus its all realative, of course we are the bad guys if say the Vex are the ancients returning home. The United States were the "Bad Guys" in the s. You're raised from the dead by your Ghost; are not Ghosts usually bad? And let's not forget the negative associations with necromancy. The Rahool thing was a joke im pretty sure, not really valid in this argument in my opinion So they can't rebel against the traveler, because if they did that in the future, the traveler might as well slay them all.

You can see it when you play in one of the missions in the moon I don't know on the top of my head. They don't use darkness, because nothing can be used execpt element of suprise in the dark. So that shuts it down. Those are some reasons why that wouldn't work, you have to use evidence to back it up, not just opinions about it. Not all ghosts are bad, if you watch movies, ghosts can be good. They maybe sometimes moving around and annoying, but some of them are good. There was never a lot of information about the storyline in Destiny , so, for now, I'm just gonna say that we're the protagonists in the game.

This really twists the mind of Destiny Something we've attempted to seek out, but failed. Now the problem is bringing the links and chains together to form the equation that we can understand That is true, they haven't really told the details, Bungie will do 3 destiny games, going to a 10 year span. This destiny is going to be like halo, you will uncover many secrets, but some of them might suprise you, so the last comment I said is the same as it stands here, play 10 years of 3 destiny games, then they will probably tell. Bungie has made many twists in games, but they won't make twist at the 1st destiny, so they're protagonists For now.

I wonder if they can link the servers and advance the technology enough for the villains in Destiny 2 to literally be the guardians and real players still playing them in Destiny 1. If you noticed how little content there is in the current game, then you would know that they wouldn't bother to make this happen. They most likely meant for us to make up our own story, henceforth the title "Destiny", where we get to make up our own destiny. You seem to be overlooking several facts including some Xenopolitical ones.

The Vex may have been native to Venus but they are machines and its unknown if they were built and had been planted on Venus, and possibly Mars or were they built by a race that had lived elsewhere and came to this solar system at a time when earth was not safe to inhabit. Perhaps life was on Mars and Venus long ago. Its possible advanced life existed before those planets lost the ability to support life and they were monitoring this solar system using flying saucers and then returned after the traveler restored the ability for complex life to inhabit these worlds again.

None the less they invaded. Either way the Vex, Cabal, Fallen, and Hive are invaders. They invaded worlds that were once abandoned and terraformed and settled by Earth with the help of the traveler. Another issue is all of the enemies are a collectivist society beyond just a political structure, they are more like ants or worker bees. Their goal is to subjugate and take. The Guardians are trying to maintain what little lands and freedoms they hold. You see civilians in the tower, there are no civilians in the lands held by the hive, vex, or the fallen.

Now if only we could design and build our own ships for this game and use them in space combat. Charlie was an integral part of the Guardians from the '70s to the '90s and will also be returning in Guardians later this year. Now, we aren't sure how the crystalline Martinex feels about his native Pluto no longer being considered a planet, but Martinex has long been the tech and science expert of the original Guardians and probably the most visually stunning character on the original team. His crystal body helps protect him from the freezing atmosphere of Pluto but it also helps him stand out even in the biggest George Perez rendered gathering of multiple heroes.

Martinex proudly served the original Guardians as well as the Guardians of the Galaxy offshoot squad, the Galactic Guardians. He might be the hero most often mistaken for Bobby Drake, but Martinex was a great hero and a classic character in his own right. He brought a little Spock to the party with his scientific acumen but his energy blasts and impenetrable skin also made him a force to be reckoned with for the Badoon.

The spirit of the original Guardians, Yondu is the only initial member of the team who was not from the Milky Way. Yondu was originally from Centurai 4, the first planet colonized by humans. He is a skilled tracker, hunter, and archer and has the visually awesome ability to guide the flight of his arrows by whistling. The most alien of the Guardians was in many ways the most human as he spent the early parts of the series trying to find his place in the universe.

Yondu served with the Guardians for a long time and, like his fellow three original members fought the Badoon in the future, came to the present to fight Korvac alongside Thor, teamed with the Defenders, and, like the rest of his team, even joined the modern day Avengers for a short period of time. Ok, this is where things getting confusing. We know Starhawk is awesome. We know Starhawk is a being whose form is shared by both the male Stakar of the House of Ogord and his wife Aleta Ogord.

We know Aleta blamed Stakar for the death of their children and despises the estranged husband she must share a form with. We know that Starhawk is enigmatic and a classic anti-hero. After his debut, other than Vance Astro, Starhawk was pretty much the central Guardians character until the turnover to the modern day.

On a related note, we really miss Quasar. Nikki was the second new member of the team introduced by Gerber, and in this flame headed native of Mercury, Gerber found a way to ground the cosmic entities of the Guardians. Nikki was the precocious young female character before Kitty Pryde made it cool. She contrasted the often dead serious other members of the team with a hot tempered, wise cracking sharp shooter that popped off the page both visually and because of her happy-go-lucky attitude.

The early Guardians of the Galaxy stories were always high concept but at times, they could be a bit dry. Nikki had romantic entanglements with Charlie 27 and she gave a whole new meaning to the term hot blooded. Gamora might be the kick ass female most associated with the Guardians now, but that tradition began with the fiery Nikki. She is best known as the female half of the usually male Starhawk, but Aleta Ogord was a member of the Guardians as well.

Aleta had more passion and zest for life than her often cold and clinical husband did. When she was finally freed from her husband, Aleta gained the power to manipulate light and began a romantic relationship with Vance Astro which created all sorts of friction between teammates. Aleta was the more human even for an Arcturian half of one of the strangest unions in cosmic comic history. Fifteen years after Steve Gerber took the Guardians to places undreamed of, Marvel launched the Guardians into their own title in Firelord is powerful In the present day Marvel universe, Firelord was a figure of ambiguous morality: he had honor but still once served the planet eating Galactus.

In the 31st century timeline, Firelord was the Protector of the Universe, a position once held by the heroic Captain Mar-Vell and Quasar. Firelord is more historically associated with Galactus, but for a time, he was the most powerful member of the Guardians. Replica is linked to two majorly infamous cosmic villainous groups. She was a Skrull, those dastardly shape shifters that might be the most reviled race in the Marvel cosmos and a member of the Church of Universal Truth, a hyper orthodox and heavily armed cosmic religion that has bedeviled Adam Warlock, Captain Mar-Vell, and the Avengers many times in the past.

Replica was a rare and shining example of goodness in unexpected places. She had all the shape changing powers of her native race but none of their murderous tendencies. She turned her back on both her Church and her race by joining the heroic Guardians. She helped take out the Grand Inquisitor of her Church and assisted the Guardians in bringing down the Stark, a race of aliens who worship Tony Stark and use Iron Man armor to subjugate planets.

Legend has it that Jim Valentino wanted to have Wolverine join the Guardians but then editor-in-chief Bob Harras balked at the idea of establishing that Wolverine survives years into the future, so Valentino created Talon. As a Wolverine cipher, Talon had the razor sharp claws and bad attitude, but he was more of a party boy, which made him more annoying than badass.

Other than great strength and agility, Talon had the ability to launch his finger and toe nails. Talon was just excessive, gross, derivative, annoying, and eventually turned into a semi-villain after being nearly crippled. Rita DeMara was one of the most fascinating members in Guardians history.

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  • Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole - Wikipedia.

From there, Yellowjacket was accepted into the fold and became one of their most loyal members, even forging a close friendship with Nikki. Finally, after growing homesick, Yellowjacket decided to return home. She could have been quite the story engine for Marvel, the former villain turned hero who touched the future, but poor Rita was murdered at the beginning of the legendarily awful Avengers story arc, The Crossing.

If you never read The Crossing , consider yourself lucky as it began with a throwaway death of a former Guardian with tons of story potential and got progressively worse from there. In the present day, Wonder Man had his share of hardships, so seeing the crusader in the future gave long time Avengers reader a happy ending of sorts for their beloved ionic-powered hero. It was unique experiencing a modern day hero still vital so far in the future and provided Valentino and the Guardians with a tether to the past while giving the readers a familiar icon to rally behind in the sometimes unfamiliar future.

Speaking of classic Avengers in the future, Mainframe was actually the Vision. In the Guardians' future, the Vision had evolved to make up the operating system of an entire planet. Calling himself Mainframe, this hero from the past was tasked with protecting the shield of Captain America and later joined the Galactic Guardians. No matter if he is a humanoid or a being evolved into the technology of an entire planet, the Vision is always a hero. One of the past Guardians who is probably guaranteed to never appear in a Guardians film, because Fox lawyers are more powerful than the Infinity Gems.

Giraud was once a proud resident of New Haven, not the one in Connecticut a world inhabited by mutants. When his planet was in danger, Giraud was possessed by the Phoenix Force in order to save his people, and like Jean Grey, Giraud, with all his heroic ideals, took a dark turn. When Giraud contracted a deadly virus, he went insane and makes with the planet destroying thankfully uninhabited. Giraud, like the other past wielders of the Phoenix Force realized what a terrible burden being a space god of ultimate destruction was and pulled away from the Guardians, but not before he joined the Galactic Guardians and fought a future version of Korvac.

In the '90s, Ghost Rider was everywhere. It was impossible to swing a hell-forged bike chain without hitting a flame headed pursuer of vengeance. The future was no different, as the Ghost Rider of tomorrow, the Spirit of Vengeance joined with Guardians lore by fighting side-by-side with the Guardians and eventually joining the Galactic Guardians.

The Spirit of Vengeance was Wileaydus Autolycus for the planet Sarka, a member of the Universal Church of Truth who turned against the zealotry of his religion and, like Replica, joined the Guardians.

The Last Guardian (The Guardians of Haven Book 1) The Last Guardian (The Guardians of Haven Book 1)
The Last Guardian (The Guardians of Haven Book 1) The Last Guardian (The Guardians of Haven Book 1)
The Last Guardian (The Guardians of Haven Book 1) The Last Guardian (The Guardians of Haven Book 1)
The Last Guardian (The Guardians of Haven Book 1) The Last Guardian (The Guardians of Haven Book 1)
The Last Guardian (The Guardians of Haven Book 1) The Last Guardian (The Guardians of Haven Book 1)
The Last Guardian (The Guardians of Haven Book 1) The Last Guardian (The Guardians of Haven Book 1)

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