Ghetto Justice: The Story of Dior and Trinity

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Featuring glam rock, funk, samba jazz and songs writtenby the best composers of the time, anyone looking for aBrazilian take o Powerwolf The Sacrament of Sin Pic. Also includes full length 16 minute version of 'Suicide' that is edited to on CD. Features the original single and B-side. LP 1 Charlie Parker With Strings: Alternate Takes is a glimpse inside the heart and mind of one of the most inventive saxophonists of all time. Now, for the first time on vinyl, are the rarest Birds: alternate takes from the sessions, issued during the 70th anniversary year of the initial recordings.

Originally released in , the album is an essential piece of straight-edge hardcore history. Includes all original seven tracks on red coloured vinyl ltd. Complete with new artwork, overseen by Terry Gilliam himself, and unseen material from the Monty Python archive. Includes download voucher. The tracks are devoid of effects reverb, tape delays, etc. These mixes have been pressed in the original album sequence appearing for the first time on vinyl. Or in Simeon's words, 'Mixing it Up'. It will be released on limited edition green vinyl, has brand new artwork exclusive for Record Store Day and comes with a digital download card.

Abrams was an astounding success, earning almost million at the box office. The Star Trek film soundtrack was also a success, moving almost k copies in the U. This is the first time the album has been made available on LP. This is the only Star Trek title from the rebooted franchise which has not appeared on vinyl, despite being the most successful of the films.

Scapegoats were well known worldwide from tape samplers, their own "Kopflos" EP and compilation "Let's have more Fun". Here the best tracks from both demo tapes and more. You get a bonus CD with 40 more tracks, an 8 page booklet and a 24" x 12" poster. Limited to copies on green opaque vinyl, inside out cover design. The LP set finishes with 4 tracks from a David Jensen session from the same year. First time on vinyl for this rare Max Richter soundtrack. Numbered Edition, limited to copies. This Record Store exclusive presents the second disc of the CD album on vinyl for the first and only time.

Bernard "Pretty" Purdie is an American drummer that needs little introduction. The full album is to be released on LP for the very first time, No More Idols will be pressed on yellow heavyweight vinyl with download card all in a gatefold sleeve. This Record Store Day exclusive comes on ltd edition transparent vinyl. Deluxe Cale, J. First issue on vinyl.

The series would run throughout the 70s and become a ubiquitous feature of the label. The 2nd Pooh Sticks LP from No recordings existed. Legendary, colossal and now of mythical proportions, the second night — March 15, — is finally and officially released for the very first, and only time. Single LP in gatefold package, copies worldwide available. The movie has one of the best and most well-known scores written by the mighty Riz Ortolani.

They are combining the urgent energy and aggression of punk with the understanding for more traditional forms of music.

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BIW is a beast, moving punk rock songcraft into another class. The reissue comes on white vinyl, limited to units worldwide. Black Vinyl LP 1 Gr. Original 7-inch replica. Now available on limited edition coloured vinyl exclusively for Record Store Day It's all unreleased material from Mission of Burma's career. At the heart of it are six recordings, intended for what was going to be Burma's third, never completed album.

For the first time on vinyl, so it's a classic black LP units worldwide. Steve Lamacq Lost Alternatives 2 x Gr. White Vinyl LP 2 2 x Gr. Gatefold Sleeve, Reissue of classic original Brian May soundtrack. Limited to copies. Doctor Who Destiny of the Daleks 2 x Gr. Splatter Vinyl LP 2 2 x Gr. Albertine, Viv Vermilion Border Gtf.

It still holds up as a classic hardcore record. Kill Kill Kill comes on red red red coloured vinyl ltd copies for the whole wide world! Die Fans hatten schon zahllose Stars bejubelt, doch die Combo aus San Francisco hob die Party mit ihrem unglaublich explosiven Set noch einmal auf einen neuen Level. First time on vinyl since Black Vinyl, Obi Strip.

Originally issued in the record label deemed it too costly to issue as its intended format a double. So issued it as a single LP. The author Wesley Tinglin, will unfortunately never hear this version as he died from cancer on September , during the mixing of the song. May this record pays tribute to his music. This singular Inna de Yard version, recorded open air on the hills over Kingston pays homage to the people of Jamaica. His falsetto voice doubled by the talented Rovleta Frazier, supported by the nyabinghi drums make it a unique version.

The RSD reissue has been redesigned and remastered, comes in blue colored vinyl and a nice inside-out cover design. Essential stuff, the blue version is limited to copies. This will only be released for RSD and will not be repressed. Incre Buckley. Orange vinyl. Now available as limited edition coloured vinyl exclusivly for Record Store Day A highly collectible album, it will get reissued by Wewantsounds as a limited-edition yellow coloured vinyl with its original artwork and remastered sound. Ziad Rahbani is a cultural icon in Lebanon. Coming out of an illustrious artistic dynasty - his father is the famous composer and musician Assi Rahbani, member of group The Rahbani Brothers and his mother is the legendary Middle East Diva, Fairuz - Ziad Rahbani started his music career during his late teens, composing music for his mother.

Rahbani quickly spread his wings further. He started producing his own music during the early 70s and released records under his own name at Among these was "Abu Ali" recorded in Greece at the EMI Studios in Athens in with a full orchestra there he also recorded his mother's album "Wahdon" and released it as a limited run EP for the lebanese market. Legend has it that the album was only pressed at unit hence its rarity. The result is a fabulous New York-meets-Beyrouth Disco exctasy developing over two min tracks and one of the most collectible albums on the international dance and disco scene which Wewantsounds is happy to finally make available.

Schwarzes Doppel-Vinyl in bedruckten Innentaschen im Gatefold. Parallel zur neuen Europa-Tour im Mai The Hard-Ons have been around since , being an influence on more than one generation of punk fans. The album was recorded during band's concert at Lisebergshallen, Sweden in Special art edition with extra LP of unheard material on blue vinyl. Limitierte und nummerierte Auflage auf klarem g Doppel"-Vinyl.

Special artwork edition.

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Bonus tracks on DL. A hugely influential album cited as the embryo for punk, grunge and beyond. Single 1: A. Linval Thompson - Version Single 5: A. The Revolutionaries - Version Single 6: A. The Revolutionaries - Version Single 7: A. Gatefold sleeve. All tracks on DL. Subsequently the NY ska scene exploded, with many bands achieving great success.

Now widely regarded as peak as well as turning point in Greenleaf's recording history, this golden pressing is limited to units. Limitierte 7" Auflage auf transparent-gelbem Vinyl.


Recorded on Sept 28, at the Tropicana in Olympia Washington. Pressed at RTI. Tony Joe White ist am Oktober letzten Jahres von uns gegangen. Bespielt sind die ersten drei Seiten. Special Packaging in Form einer Schutzweste. Splatter Vinyl. Limited Edition of Girlschool are not only the longest running all-female rock band in history, with over 40 years under their belts, but they're one of the original pioneers of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal.

Tindersticks Feat. Back then, circa Howe's main squeeze Giant Sand were nothing short of prolific, songs were oozing from every pore, their cre Thunderball Bonzai Channel One Ltd. Limitierte Auflage auf rot-transparentem Vinyl. Weisses Vinyl! Reissued for Record Store Day with reverse board sleeve.

Josephine Foster's distinctive instrumentation and balladry coupled with her remarkable soprano brings an otherworldly and ethereal sound to her esoteric sound. The Residents B. Album "B. Also sollte der Residents-Fan nun zugreifen, ehe die einmalige limitierte Erstauflage ausverkauft ist. This classic concert by the Fall, recorded live in Nijmegan, Holland , is now available on limited edition vinyl, exclusively for Record Store Day ! And with that, Red Scare Industries presents the Lillingtons classic debut as a very limited and very colorful picture disc for Record Store Day This classic concert by the Fall, Recorded live in Frankfurt , is now available on limited edition vinyl, exclusively for Record Store Day !

This classic concert by the Fall, Recorded live at the Astoria, London is now available on limited edition deluxe vinyl, exclusively for Record Store Day ! One of the deepest albums in the Brown catalog, its story is finally told. Both albums were lacquered directly from the original master tapes at Capitol Studios. This is the first official reissue of both of these rare titles.

Expanded version of seminal debut from cult band, includes unheard extras and a bonus 7" by 15 Minutes. Studioalbum der Indie-Kultband. Die Vinyl-Version ist unter Sammlern heiss begehrt, weil seinerzeit nur Kopien weltweit gepresst wurden. Fantastic recording and great versions of many classic songs. Special Record Store Day Release. Beide Tracks sind exklusiv.

While never before been achieved by an Australian artist, this might have come as no surprise to French fans devoted to the band. The Alarm Live '85 Ltd. August direkt wieder gestrichen wurde. Awesome Material. First time on vinyl, original bassist Tony Leone said: "I am very happy that this demo is finally been released.

Special RSD edition pressed in neon orange colour vinyl. Ein analoger Tontrager - eine Schallplatte - wird mit der digitalen Hemisphare verschrankt. Mittels Augmented Reality. Pop Up Avantgarde, Baby! Tubular bell and concert bass drum recorded by Matthew Sansom, Surrey University, Featuring demos, live recordings and 3 tracks exclusive to this album, it is now available Sir Tralala Life On Mars? Und dann gibt es David Hebenstreit. Alias Sir Tralala. Er toppt sie alle. Aber er kann auch anders: etwa David Bowie intonieren.

Und klingt ganz nach Tralala. For this very special rerelease, Coalmine Records is paying homage to the pioneering indie label, Delicious Vinyl, in remembrance of their co-founder, Matt Dike, who sadly passed in March Charged G. Numbered Edition of copies. Die Gatefold-Edition wurde passenderweise auf purpurfarbigem Vinyl gepresst. Long awaited BBC soundtrack, previously unreleased. The Stone Tape aired on Christmas Day on BBC 2, and is still regarded as one of the creepiest ghost stories ever produced for TV, drawing praise from critics and viewers. At the time that Kenny Banks was replaced by Paul Service in , and the group's manager suggested that the group name be changed to "GQ".

They would sign with Arista Records. In as rich a songwriting vein as he was when in The Pixies, Teenager Of The Year is now widely regarded as the defining statement of his solo career. Among the plaudits thrown it's way was Pitchfork ranking it in their Top Albums of the 90s, saying "beneath its veneer lie moments brilliant enough to rival any of the Pixies' s work, and Black's greatest lyrical achievements.

Frank Black was originally released in March and has been out of print on vinyl since. This was followed by African Roots, recorded the following year for producer Linval Thompson. He had a hit in Jamaica with "Forty Legs Dread", and the increasing violence in Kingston prompted Nooks to record a version of Little Roy's "Tribal War", now singing rather than deejaying, and released under his real name. These are those beats. Long out of print.

Triple blue vinyl for RSD. Pancus Old Church Ltd. Purple vinyl. First time on vinyl since initial press in The 7" features the first studio recording of a fan-favorite "Red Door", previously only heard live, and a previously unreleased cut begun during the Turn Out the Lights sessions, "Conversation Piece. Side A: E. These two tracks come from the band's LA sessions with producer Carlos de la Garza. SIDE A 1. It is a very different version from the upcoming album Derin Derin.

More like a psychedelic urban folk rock using the Turkish Huseini maqam synched with synth drums programmed by Ertel himself it also features great bendir frame drum and spoon performances by the other founder member of the band Levent Akman supported by the grandioso electric oud of master Periklis Tsoukalas While its a love song itself it features crazy but passionate electric saz solos by Ertel Side two is two very different versions of another track from the album.

First one is from the magnificent Schneider TM of the cream of the Berlin electronic scene a. Dirk Dresselhaus who treats this road song in his own dark way leading to a powerful groove and chopped and granularized vocals telling a story from real life again The second remix of the same track Kervan Yolda is by the resident engineer of the band BaBa ZuLa who also appears as electronic mad man of the band Dub Again as well. Its very different and radically far away but linked with the original song. Mabumi Yamaguchi Mabumi Ltd. LP 2 Mustard coloured heavyweight gram audiophile vinyl double LP with new artwork layout.

Neon-pink-farbenes Vinyl. Ich habe ein paar, die nicht traurig sind — die sind nur hoffnungslos. Kristet Utseende Pervogenesis Ltd. Okkulter Metal mit Punkanhleihen trifft hier eher den Nagel auf dem Kopf! Includes two unreleased tracks left off the original album, plus a bonus album with six previously unreleased outakes and six live versions. Includes 12" x 24" lyric insert with unseen pics. Remixed by The Vibrators' Pat Collier, for the first time with the guitar fully up in the mix!

Johnny missed the mixing sessions, now it can be heard as he originally intended. New sleeve notes by Thunders biographer Nina Antonia. This Insane Thing! HEAVY afro vibes. Es ist ebenso inspirierend, dass relativ junge Newcomer ihre einzigartige Stimme zu dieser kleinen, aber energetischen Kollektion beigesteuert haben. Blige, and Aretha Franklin to name just three of several hundred. Writing and producing for Robbie Williams. It is now for the first time ever available on limited edition clear vinyl in limited pressing.

Dog is releasing Live 2, culled from live recordings made during the first leg of their Critical Equation tour. Something for everyone- but especially for you! Officially licensed and re-mastered from Savoy reel-to-reel tapes. Underground, fuzzy, rambling psych-funk. Each album contains an extensive booklet with full annotation, liner notes by Brown historian Alan Leeds and never-before-published photos. Featuring two acoustic reworkings plus two tracks with vocals re-recorded in Japanese by Tricot.

RSD UK Exclusive: The EP comes on limited edition pink vinyl, with all four tracks on the a-side and a beautiful etched b-side, plus download code included. The release precedes the band's biggest headline show to date at The Garage in London, and follows their third tour of the US. Norm Talley Beyond Time 12" 1 Landed Records is delighted to welcome back the legendary Norm Talley with a very special, limited edition 12" vinyl masterpiece from one of the originators and true players of the Detroit House music scene!

This release, as with all his releases, is written and produced through Norm's fully analogue set-up. NO computers, NO digital limiters, No gimmicks. Just pure, warm, deep Detroit goodness. LTD edition g vinyl. Still played to this day in underground club. Also includes a rare extended mix of the remastered original. Probably the most under-rated electronic act of all time. Released in , he album is a fully-formed electronic pop classic. It will be packaged and sold with a digital download of the documentary and vinyl. This documentary features Disitller's Cassia and the label's state of the art studio.

There will be a World Premiere for the documentary on 11 April. This release brings together two true originals in a raw and brilliant live set from Irving Plaza in New York City in The Fuzztones were one of the most innovative of '80s garage revival groups, a truly deep and weird group in a sea of imitato. Red Colour Vinyl, incl. Includes the rare instrumental version "Lonely Rhythm".

Previously unreleased gem from the vaults. Hand stamped centre label with signed photo postcard and sticker inserts. Never released on vinyl, now on 12" the master, Danny Krivit, works his magic on this sweet soul number from First Choice. Am Limited edition white vinyl. Two signature Average White Band funk bombs, much danced to and sampled across the years - but nothing beats the originals and the first time either have been pressed on 12".

In limitierter Auflage erscheinendes Reissue-Album. Re-issue of Yes' 1st album, newly cut from the original analog tapes. The unique collaboration. Limited edition 10" pressing for Record Store Day. By the s Reggae had spread from Jamaica and become an international phenomena.

Since the early aughts, rapper Diabolic and producer Vanderslice have moved in similar circles, so it was only a matter of time that they would join forces for a collaborative record. Dieser atemberaubende Soundtrack zu John Frankenheimer's Kultklassiker erscheint hier zum ersten Mal auf Vinyl, mit exklusiven Sleeve Notes von niemand geringerem als David Amram selbst. Limitierte ClearVinyl Edition - Exemplare weltweit! Where the Action Is! Soundtrack to the Academy Award nominated film. Original motion picture soundtrack to the movie of the same title, to be released on vinyl for the first time ever!

Afrobeat pioneer Sidiku Buari is a singer, percussionist, and composer, and a musical luminary in his homeland of Ghana. This special Record Store Day offering is reproduced using the original label and sleeve artwork. Limited Edition Erstmalig auf Vinyl - das zehnte Studioalbum von Bananarama aus dem Jahre ! Erstmalig auf Vinyl - das neunte Studioalbum von Bananarama! First time available on vinyl, this limited edition is pressed on g transparent red vinyl and includes an 11x11 insert.

Man kennt Attersee als Maler, aber kennt man ihn als Musiker? Limited edition on black heavyweight 12" vinyl. Limited Limited edition of numbered copies on coloured vinyl. This is the third solo album by RZA, leader member and producer of the Wu-Tang Clan, one of the most influential hip-hop groups of all time.

Pink Floyd's second studio album, remastered from the original mono analogue tapes. Freshly remastered, wrapped in a period-perfect jacket, and pressed on marbled vinyl,. Limited edition of numbered copies on red vinyl. Shape Picture Disc. Zum Original mixed and released on CD in from the original tapes, this classic show is making its debut on vinyl. Expanded Edition. Music from the original soundtrack Just A Gigolo Limited edition of numbered copies on coloured vinyl.

Limited edition units. Pale gold Vinyl. First time available on vinyl. Given out as part of the "B. Chad Smith and Josh Klinghoffer team up to cover two T. By the time singer-songwriter Albert Washington went to record the tracks that would be released on his career-defining LP, Sad and Lonely,. This is the fifth LP in our highly regarded series on Afro-American music in the Lone Star state covering the year of For many of them, it's the first. On the home front, in December , Tubby Hayes was already absorbing in.

By , Soul was clearly black music's dominant force and New York was the place where most Soul records were produced. So many high quality songs available - but we have picked some o. LA also supplies sounds from keyboar. Released in , Black Rose is one the iconic Irish bands best loved albums, the record has the only occasion guitarist the late Gary Moore recorded with the band and his influence is felt throughout the album. The album has enhanced artwork and a new cut has taken place of the record for the best audio quality. By the mid-'70s many established and independent gospel artists started creating records with a tight four-on-the-floor beat that touched both churchgoers as well as patrons of the drug-fuelled establishments of the '70s.

Her committee includes the Mes dames Samuel Kaplan, vice presi- dent. Jack Wucher, program chair- man. Morris B. Sol Krevat. A panel of judges will also award three prizes for the most original Chanuka decorations created by the children. The call was', i. New York, pioneer!

Lawson, former U. Ambassador to Israel; Dew- ey D. Alluding to criticism leveled against the Zionist movement by certain leaders in Israel, Bressler said that "'political regimes in Is- ion professing loyalty to a common spiritual heritage. Neumann said that "in view of the fateful problems confronting the Zionist move- ment, the time has come for him to resume an active role in the world Zionist leadership. The four defendants arc mem- bers of the semi-Fascist British Na- tional Party. A police superintendent testified at the hearing that after the de- fendants tossed fire-crackers at the procession and the group chanted "We don't want a Jewish Lord Mayor," a general fracas develop- ed when onlookers turned on trie anti-Semites.

A former St. Louis com- munity leader and a pioneer Miami Beach hotelman have been selected to conduct the Combined Jewish Appeal campaign among residents ol Miami Beach. Molasky and Joseph M. Rose are co-chairmen of the division which covfcrs residents of Miami Beach, in- cluding the islands and resi- dential areas up to the city's northern corporate limits.

Molasky was co-chair- man of the CJA leadership dinner last year, worked with t h e important Pacesetters Division and, in the cam paign, served with the Miami Beach Residents Division. He is a founder and trustee ot lit. Sinai Hospital and serves on Federation's executive committee and board of gov- ernors. Molasky was president of Temple B'nth Sholom in St. He belongs to the Masons. Elks, and is an of- ficer of Miami's Westview Country Club. Rose participated in Feder- ation's first fund drive in as co-chairman of the Beach Division, and has stored up years of knowledge and experience concerning the development of the resort area and its residents.

He is a member of the executive committee and board of governors of Fed- eration. Active for many years in the communal and religious life of Miami Beach, he holds the title of honorary life president of Temple Emanu-El. The co-chairmen plan a vig- orous drive on Miami Beach a community fully aware of the scope of CJA's serv- ices.

Miami Beach. Scheduled to be heard at the conference are Prof. Samuel K. Mirsky, of Yeshiva University: Rabbi I. David Lehrfield. Kneseth Israe Congregation; Joseph E. Guest speaker will be hand- i writing expert Mrs. Charlotte Lei- bel. Luncheon chairman is Gershon S. Sandrow, former president of the group. The Assembly will send a three- man fraternal delegation who will serve as non-member observers at the Congress. In the spring of , we will report our observations at the convention of the Rabbinical Assembly.

Frankfurt prison. The year-old lawyer and for-1 mer SS leader was charged with the deportation to the Auschwitz death factory of some 1, Hun- garian Jews in He was in- criminated in investigations car- ried out by the Frankfurt prose- cution office against Eichmann's deputy, Herman Krumey. A former SS medical aide. Josef Klehr, testified in the trial of Dr.

Johannes Kremer before the Mun- ster Jury Court. Kre- mer "selected" the victims at the entrance room, selecting old wom- en and children for extermination. I'd be de- lighted even now to make a delayed trade for Inbal. Saturday, 11 p. Sunday, 9 am. The carnival will include games and a contest with a chanuka theme for children of the religious school. VII Yaw. National commander I. Feuer, of the Jewish War Veterans of the U.

The publisher is Said Freiha. A rtnewd attack on the world lioniai. The 'insistence" of tho Zionist orgaruiation that Zionism need not necessarily entail1 settlement in Israel, wot to tamo extent dis- turbing to Ally oh, tho Prime Minister saW. Ho instisted that Zionism meant settling in Israel, adding that "this is real Zionism. Ben-Gurion said that as long'as the United Arab Republic was not ready to negotiate with Israel, there was no use for mediation.

Recalling that previous attempts to mediate had been made by a "personality. Pltjs the talents of an imaginative staff and luxuri- ous surroundings. Chanuka candles will be lit, ac- companied by narration and songs. The Community Singers will also present a cantata for chorus and soloists, "The Maccabees. Narration will be by Boris Pritcher. Performance is staged by Ben Yomen, music conductor, with Mar- garet Yoraen accompanying at the piano. Exanthia, and the Marine i schedules.

Voyager from Arab seaports. Feuer said that he was enclosing a cartoon from Freiha's paper, carrying a cartoon typical of the material Freiha publishes in Al Anwar. The cartoon depicts Premier Ben- Gurion of Israel confronting Nazi war criminal Adolf Eichmann, with Ben-Gurion saying: "You deserve the death penalty because you kill- ed six million Jews," and Eich- mann replying: 'There are many who say I deserve the death pen- alty because I didn't manage to kill the rest.

From then on, it w as one unpleas- ant change after another. He was hospitalized for a loig period, and when he finally returned home, the doctor told him he would not be able to work again. Then John learned over the ra- dio of another kind of change. The commentator said that social security now pays disability in- surance benefits to qualified per- sons who become severely dis- Yiddish Film at Israelite Center Monticello Here We tome.

Proceeds are for the Cen- ter's religious school. The Yiddish-language films will be shown with English sub-titles. Until a recent change In the social seevrity law, these payments could be made only to disabled workers aged 50 to To quality for these payments, he said a person mu. The disability must have lasted for six months or more before payments can start. Wise emphasized that one of the requirements for disability benefits is that the person must have worked under social secur- ity for five years out of the ten years before he became disabled. Miami ave.

To Out Many Jewish Friends. Patrons and Acquaintances. All mail requests will be appreciated, promptly filled t dal. Wl New figures! That's why Equitable has tpecial Living Insurance rates for uromenl Lower rates than a man would have to pay for the same cov- erage! JE Miami Beach. Sapir joins Gov. His and other addresses by Israel gov- ernment and Jewish Agency offi- cials are expected to touch on the needs of , immigrants in Is- rael, the number still unabsorbed out of a total of close to a million brought to Israel with UJA help in recent years.

In addition, they will elect new national offi- cers and present cash collected in fall drives in their communi- ties. The national Women's Division of the United Jewish Appeal will mark its 15th anniversary at the conference, and will elect a new 1 rational chairman.

Israel Appeal; national chair :TshlD conferenrn in Mnu- urman. Dov Joseph, treasurer of the Jewish Agency for 1-rael, which carries out immigrant absorption of the Women's Division. Uris, author of the celebrated novel, "Exodus," has recently programs with funds remitted by completed a new book, "Mila 18," the United Israel Appeal, UJA' member agency, and Charles H.

Jordan, overseas director of the Joint Distribution Committee, the UJA member agency which carries out relief and rehabilitation work in Israel and 25 other countries. National UJA officials slated to speak to delegates, conduct ses- sions dnd make key reports include honorary chairman Edward M. To meet the proposed goal, UJA leaders indicated, commu- nities must be prepared to fill re-1 alistic proportionate quotas. Stone, national Assn. Son of an Immigrant Jew Named to Kennedy Cabinet Appraisal committee of the newly-formed Miami Real Estate Exchange meets to establish confirmation prices on parcels of property to be offered at its first public auction Jan.

The Exchange is a stockholders corporation of 20 major Gold Coast realty men designed to function as a clearing house for bringing together buyers and sellers of real estate. Seated left to right are Jerry Clarke. Charles H. Pyke, Leslie E. Rose, Harold J. Segal, Ray Dockum, S.

Haynsworth, Exchange president, and Ralph A. Fossey, the organization's vice pres- ident. Continued from Page 1-A ligious background might be, has the right to aspire and to achieve anything open to anyone in this great country of ours. Apartments, office buildings, shopping centers, factories, warehouses, vacant land, etc. Four years later, he was reelected by the largest pluarality in the history of the state His fa- ther was a peddler and a factory hand To help the family meet its expenses, young Abraham worked as a newsboy, caddy, errand boy : and laborer.

When he finished high school, he went to work for a hard- ware company. He went to Chicago to head the sales office of the company and entered the University of Chicago law school, graduating with hon- ors. Returning home, he went into law practice in Hartford, and in he ran for the legislature and was elected. He has been beaten only once in his political career, and that was in when Prescott Bush defeat- ed him in a Senate race.

Miami Beach, on Sunday. Affiliate groups will participate in a pre- Chanuka rally. Yet it's the same, sound Living Insurance. In some cases even more benefits, more protection! The terrible fact about the notoriety coming out of the stabbing is that Mailer will now and for a long time be discussed not so much as I writer, but as a person. Not even as a person, I might add. I wonder, that we do to the artist in America? Or bet ter what is it he does to himself? One is the outwardly quiet kind, who scarcely ever reveals his turbulence except when he spills it into the pages of his writing, purging himself as well as his reader.

The other pins his agony on his sleeve, and runs his j own characters a race to see whether they or he can get into messier trouble. Mailer clearly is of the second kind. In the days of the proletarian novel in America the writers often thought of themselves as cultural commissars. Today they have aban- doned that particular idiocy, but many of them still seem to think that the act and gesture must accompany the word, or perhaps even pre- cede it. Is this drive toward acting out the word something that happens rtrongly in the American cultural frame? His tradition, in this sense, was more French than American.

I been as histrionic and code-breaking as their art. One gets here the clue to the sense of let-down which many have f writers, in their sex lives and their collisions with the law, wrote out of what they were, and didn't need to act like boys from Brooklyn who go i searching for outlandish modes of experience. Mailer and James Jones, in their war books, described the ruthlessness and messiness, the comedy and the injustices and absurd- ities of what millions experienced.

Their art lay in what their imagin- i ation presented to material which had been available to all. But after his first great success Mailer couldn't let up. He was so i honest that he couldn't take the easy way to success, and repeat his old formula. But there was a daemonic drive within him to compete, to transcend not only others, but himself.

His "Advertisements for! Myself" tells us, among other mirror-portraits, how he awoke from a despairing sense of stagnation and mapped out a colossal eight-volume novel, complete with characters, time-scheme, blue prints, soliloquies, and all the paraphernalia not of a writer writing but of a writer telling himself how he must write. I think it was a little of both, but mostly of the latter. Every good artist contains many selves within himself the sensitive and the brawler and almost always they are at war with one another.

But if the artist is strong enough as artist, he manages to ' hold himself together as a person. When the fears gnaw sharper at! The sense one gets in Mailer's "Advertisements" is of this search growing more and more frenzied. There are some magnificent things in it, but there are also the trivial and the dreary, and there are corridors after corridors where the writer instead of writing is entranced with the mirror-image of himself scrutinizing himself in the act of writing.

But by breaking into reality thus one loses touch with the real world, just as the explor ation of experience may lead the explorer beyond the bounds of the hu man as well as the moral. Nietzsche discovered this when he tried to go beyond good and evil. It is dizzying stuff. And infinitely sad. Mailer has dreamt of being multiform man soldier, pugilist, sensualist, writer, champion of the hipster, cotUCieAct f the generation, even mayor. I honor him for his dreams, which are ko curiously in the American grain, even when they are most blown up But the pity of it is.

Joseph Burg. Israel's Miniver of Social Welfare. He wa-! Six hun- dred delegates are attending the parley. The school of social work, said Dr. Burg, is being set up by the , Government of Israel in conjuric tion with the Joint Committee. Is- rael, he said, "is engaging in a massive program of social pioneer- ing and study. Rabbi Bernard Bergman, New York, was reelccted president of the Religious Zionists of America at the conclusion of the organiza- 'ion's national convention. Rabbi Joseph B Solovcitchik. Samuel L. Sar of New York, al board. Dining Room Entertainment Per Pera.

All Jewish holidays to For fire copy, uiitr A. And every account Just bring in or mail your passbook. S n ovnan s 'World i. Since then, he has been in Rockford, A few days after all plans were completed much anticipation. Lee sold a beautiful house and won a file offered by her office The prize? You guessed it a Bekeml in Nassau.

Budd Cutler, Easter rd.. Perrine wel- led his parents, Mr. Samuel Cutler. Paris and London Enjoying the Uner and slides shown were Mr. David Schulam and. Morton Tucker. Bblem is where to hoose the visitors Mrs. Jonas Brotman, 18 W. Sunset Island 3, is leading a campaign to enlist ra accommodations Blasberg Mort and Bea enberg, also regular winter visitors, are already in town. Lipp and his Helen are leaving by plane for the West es and a well deserved rest The Dr.

Mitzie Greenhouses I join them Just -returned from their third trip to the West Indies are Mr. Morris Gertrude Lefkoe. They spent their time in Jamaica, Montego Bay and ho Ricrs. Paul S. He's the builder-owner of Bomb- lers, Inc. Leonard Bernstein, of Downey. Stanley Barbara Bulbin Dec. Ben Wolfson and Mr. Henry Bulbin. Jackson Brickmans The new rrival joins sister Karen Susan.. Ie joins sister Alicia Another first is the son born to Mr.

Mel Sandy Sokolsky. It was a hectic week for Ruby Mrs. AD Goldman Her mother arived on Tuesday, supposedly for the winter Ruby Spent every minute she could spare getting her comfortably in- stalled in a hotel, only to discover that she wasn't pleased with the weather here and decided to return to New York Everyone walked out carrying an umbrella from the 27th imnual meeting of the National Assn. Bernard Stevens, Mrs. Jen Silver She is the daughter of the Leonard Zilberts, of Pine Tree dr. IThe couple also have a year-old son, Sheldon, who began at- lu-nding junior high on Miami Beach Albert Dubbm Roberta is the daughter of Mr.

Morris Rabinowitz. Left to right are Mrs. Jacgueline Rodman, fashion designer; Mrs. Benjamin Kamen, national vice president and chairman of fund-raising for the Florida division; and Mrs. Leo Steinberg, president of the Florida division. Mrs Rodman is particularly par- tial to gowns draped with yarcis and yards of chiffon, evening gowns, lavish with bugle beads and sequins as well as knit wool suits and Swiss- embroidered dresses with hand de- tailed button holes.

All work is done in her Paris atelier from detailed sketches and precise instructions which she sends from her shop here. It has become one of Israel's most significant landmarks and major institutions, and since opening its doors in has served more than A new wing being built will house classrooms of secondary schools which will be available to teen-ag- ers who cannot afford a high school education.

Benjamin Kamen, national vice president and chairman of fund-raising for the Florida Wom- en's Division, said a prize of one of Mrs. Rodman, a graduate of the University of Sorbonne, was study- ing to become a lawyer when the Nazis entered Paris.

Olea - Culinária Ítalo Mediterrânea

She joined the resistance movement and survived, though in poor health. When she came to the United States, she had no capital, no con- nections and spoke fractured Eng- lish But she did have talent, ambi- tion and a determination to follow in the footsteps of her father, a fa- mous couterier. Soon, her lovely clothes were be- ing bought by I. George Schrafft. She is also responsible for the sumptuous beaded gowns worn by the show girls in Lou Walter's "Follies Fran- caise" at the Carillon hotel. She has brought her skills and extra ordinary workmanship to Mi- ami Beach, and in her shop at Harding ave.

Alexander Robbins is chair- man of the book review project, and in charge of tickets are Mrs. Ben Sabin and Mrs, Louis Shapiro. Pro- ceeds are for Sisterhood's religious Mrs. Harvey ond Crucifixion. Kramer is Sisterhood president. Nathaniel Soroff will direct, and Mrs.

Marion Meyer will nar- rate "The Light Bringers. In the cast will be Mesdames Shirley Queen. Sarah Shapoff. Meyer Kohn will extend the blessing, and Mrs. Rebecca Hernon will accompany the performers. Sam Ossipoff is in charge of the social hour which will follow the meeting. Many new members joined Golda Meir Club at a tea held Nov. Jack Victor and Mrs. Seltzer, co-chairmen. Samuel Cutler, re- cently returned from Israel, will be honored by Club 2 at a luncheon in Star restaurant.

Irving Liftman, president, announced that guest speaker will be Mrs. Milton Green. Council pres- ident. Sonya Weiss will sing folk songs, and an Israeli film w. Nathan Bookspan is chairman of the afternoon. Jacob Cosow. Israel Of- fenhenden. Ida Grossman, chairman, and Mrs. Araham Grossman will bless the candles. Nechame Yanish will present a musical pro- gram. All proceeds are for Moet- zet Hapoalot. Marvin Copenhagen, president, will cele- brate Chanuka with a latke party Sunday, Dec.

Coral Gables. William Sokolof is in charge of the afternoon. Proceeds will go to Moetzet Hapoalot. Lila Astor is in charge of reservations. Miss Edith Brodsky, journal- ist and publicist, has been ap- pointed editor of "Keeping Posted," national news and feature magazine for Jewish teen-agers, it was announced by Dr. Maurice N. Eisendrath, president of the Union of American Hebrew Congrega- tions.

Miss Brodsky is well- known in the Jewish com- munal field for her articles on contemporary Jewish life that have been published widely here and abroad. The celebration of Chanuka Is the triumph of freedom over slavery, of light over darkness, an annual observance of mankind's eternal battle against the forces ol dark- ness and evil. The monorail is an eight-branched candlestick with a center holder for the ninth candle, known as the Shamos. A wonderful way to mark the holiday at your festive table is with ts In "cheese pastry:- ter of each.

Bring all f. Place greased cookie sheet and bi f. The menorah is always as beau- tiful as the purse affords: bronze, brass, pewter, silver, gold. On the eve of Chanuka. On the second night, a second candle is added to the left of the first candle and the first and second candles are lit This ceremony continues each evening the candle to left always being lit until on the final eve of Chanuka Mix flour and salt Cut shorten- ing into flour with pastry blender or 2 knives until pieces are the size of peas.

Add the cheese and mix well. Blend together 'j cup of this mixture and the water. Add to re mainint; flour mixture and mix wi'h a fork until dough holds to- gether Wrap pastry ball in waxed paper and chill in refrigerator. Roll out pastry very thin on well- floured board. The centennial celebration will be held at Wolfson Auditorium of Temple Israel's!

There will also be a dramatic skit. Nt MBS. Unmatched For Delicious Flavor! NO Salt.

'Madame Dior': Maria Grazia Chiuri sketches out her creative vision

HOLT, Manager Mrs Epstein has traveled to vir- tually every Jewish community in , the country, bringing her interpre-; tation of the current international scene. She has been to Israel 17 times. Epstein has accepted, in ad- dition to her Hadassah duties, the chairmanship of the community re- lations committee, a subcommittee of the American Zionist Council.

Whose purpose it is to interpret Is- rael to the American community through the press, radio and tele- vision. Chairman of the centennial cele- bration is Mrs.

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Irwin If. Liss, as listed by program chairman MM Moe Feingold. Members of the cast of "Someone You Know" are Mrs. Charles Gottlieb. Larry Kassman. Harry Whitcup, Mrs. Leonard VVolpe. Arnold Braun. Great for snacks with crackers and fruit. Te der little macaroni piec. Each serves two. Buy several today. Bring the genius of real Jewish cooking to your table! Son Percy and wife Sarah will celebrating their 25th anniver- sary, and daughter Roberta will be bride on the same day.

The Riegers, now living at Jeridian ave. Rieger is secretary of Golden ting Club 1. Nat Kempner. Participating are Mes- dames Kurt Wallach. Abe Milman. Sam Lubell. Ralph Whitehouse. Fred Pearlman. Chet Gale will present a group of songs accompanied by- Mrs. Arthur Leytorr.

Less than 2t a strving! Ahe tnier Wolff'. Cfcmy Kemafc gtih. Katho N' G'ovy.. WoWi Kmho Soup. Ask y. E Orongo. Arnold Seeder, chairman, announces that the program will include a dramatization by Mrs. Rose Rosemond. Ben Zeig- mund is president. Johan Berman, president, announces that Melvin B. Frumkes will review 'The Inspector," by Jan de Hartog. Olga Bibor ; Stern will present a program of piano selections. Emma Rat- ner is president. Wise group will bold a brunch at a. Guest speaker will be Mrs. Dorothy K. Fink, whose topic will be "From Darkness into Light. Harry Kopel. Youth Aliyah and Chanuka will be highlighted.

Polly iirhon is president. Regular business meeting will be held on Wednesday afternoon at Temple Zamora, 44 Zamora ave. Guest speaker will be. Lewis Gibbs, Caligula ave. A fashion-show will follow the 1 p. Yes, there's Yom Tov spirit in this fine tea This basketful of brilliant beauties is chock-full of hand-picked oranges and grapefruit from Florida's finest groves. Half-bushel is approximately 30 lbs. Burdine's Sunshine Fruits,K street floor, miami. At all five Burdine's stores. We guarantee delivery, quality, atifect.

Order now, pay later on your Burdine's charge account. JE i S. FRnklin Distribut. H Friday. December 9, Oscar Rappaport and Mrs. Miehael Covin and Oscar Rappaport. Harold Reinhard serving a second term as president, and Men's Club. Bert Sher, presi- dent. Cantor William W. Lipson will lead the choir in a group of songs, with Mrs. Harold Berney at the piano. Others on the committee are Mrs Richard Herold. However you chooee to enjoy it. It't eaty to Mack on your pantry thelf Get Dromedary Date-Nut Roll at your neighborhood food store Kraus is president.

Mrs, Sidney Ohrbach is in charge of rett I. Paul D. Scar Tissue. Nnrmnn Adler, 2u NW 13th ave. Admis- sion is by donation for donor ere it. Sinai B M pit. The machine, the latest in X ray therapy for cancer treatment. This year, fund-raising events will provide two beds tor indigent terminal canter patients at ML Si- nai, at an approximate cost of Sin. The soups you've been asking for wonderfully full-flavored, with long-simmered goodness. Brim- ming with garden vegetables, tempting spices, wholesome in- gredientsall in rich, satisfying stock. Everybody loves these family favor. Lillian Perlman.

Fred Jonas, president, and Mrs. Louis Gold will be program chairman. Program will feature Joyce Far- ber, lyric coloratura. Esther Bar- rett, concert pionist, and Estelle Hoberman, Israeli dancer. Joyce Farber will sing a medley of musical comedy, operatic and folk tunes. Estelle Hoberman has appeared with Ben Yomen Sinqors. Nat Wagjjer. Prosram trill feature the latest Israeli movie, and Mrs. Betty Herman, recently returned from Israel, will discuss her trip Mrs. Wagner is president , of Club Tikvah. Call HI In your grocer's frozen food case! Certified Kosher! Its new Fleachmann. It's Fresh-Frozen for flavor protects It.

Although this new margarine comes to you frozen, you serve It as any other table spread. Just keep the quarter you're using in your sdrigerator, and store the re- mainder in your freezer. Remember-if you prefer the flavor of an unsalted table spread, or if you want less salt in your diet, get new Fleischmann's Sweet Unsalted Margarine. Look for the bright green foil package in your grocer's frozen food case. Or, if you prefer your margarine lightly salted, get famous Fleischmann's Marga- rine in the familiar golden foil package in your grocer's refrigerated case.

Ask your doctor about the many nutritional benefits of both Henrietta Szold Centennial. In Israel, vanou- event- ;lre alao being planned to Left to right are Miss Lillian Goodman, executive vice president, and Mrs. Fred Jonas, president. Miami Beach chapter of Hadas- sah. Goodman declared. The 12 groups of Miami Beach chapter will pay tribute to this spe- cial occasion with individual lunch- eons throughout Miami Beach on Dec.

R Goodman group, named af:er her late broth er. JM imports famous Lieber packages from Israel: 1 lb. Its compliance with Dietary Law is absolute. Neither too coarse nor too fine, it it easy to sprinkle and ash off. Perfect, too for all your seasoning Today for yenr holiday cooking mi wulj!

It's coarse. So it doesn't melt readily. Just sprinkle on crisp greens. Then shake off. Greens are perfectly seasoned and May crisp for your faw f'tc dressing. Meredith Campbell, second vice president; Mrs. Louis Gliucr, sec- retary; and Mrs. Sidney Raffel, reelected treasurer. New board members are Mrs. Joe Cottdn, Dr. Bruce Hogg, Dr Alfred G. Levin, Dr. Jack Widrich. Joseph J. Re- elected as directors are Herman Binder. Cotton, and Dr.

Leo Zuckerman. Hand and Sen. George Smathers. Emerson Day, includes Drs. Pap- janicolaou and David A. Diagnostic work of the Institute j is under the direction of Dr. Samuel A. Other members of the board in- clude Mrs. Ben Akin, Dr. DeWitt C. Daughtry, Dr. Victor D: Dem- brow. Leonard G. Nathaniel Levin, J. Gerald Lewis. Frank L. Me- leney, Mrs. Milton Smith, Dc. Charles D. Tharp and Leonard A. Put al! The man across the aisle kept yelling, "Giis, place kick. Julian and June Neubauer. Diek Gerstein and the Bud Cutlers stayed until the bitter end. Frank and Flo Kamen slipped out early.

Flo said it had been a rough day. Their horse had raced that afternoon and lost. Carries understanding husband. Sam, encouraged her to become more active in her organizational work. Everyone knows the results. Even thousn she had always been active in the Jewish Home for the Aged Auxiliary she's one of 38 women who launched it into being in Hadassah for 26 years and a leading figure in Israel Bonds, Carrie really outdid herself. Carrie was recently honored by Israel Bonds with the title of 'Woman of Valor.

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  • Now her physician has told her she must slow- down for a while. She took piano lessons as a girl. When she encouraged one of her sons to study piano, she resumed her own lessons again. Her mother's terse comment: "She plays better on her money than she did on mine. The couple both work in the garden. But Carrie's best preoccupation is her wonderful collection of operatic records, which she and Sam enjoy far more than television naturally, they're Opera Guild members.

    Even if Carrie will be inactive for a while in the near future, it's a sure bet her phone will be ringing with questions that only she can answer. Greater Miami Jewry now has a building of its own.

    Additional Information

    The dedication services were short and to the point. A building without a purpose is only four walls. People don't need to become less agency- minded, just more community-minded. It was fun to see everyone. Stanley C. Myers, Sam and Bea Blank. Carl and Esther Weinkle. Max Orovitz. John Serbin. Harris and Mae, Rudy Adler. Milton and Miriam Sirkin. Jay Markowitz. Martin Richard, son ol Mr.

    Eli Hurwitz. Bride elect is a graduate of Hills- borough High and a senior In ireraity of Florida. He is a member of Phi Eta Sigma honorary fraternity, which he served as chancellor. Leonard Platt. Lawrence A. All funds will be used for the aid and care of emotionally-disturbed children. Sidney Lewis, president of Greater Miami Section. Sam Cohen, in his very dapper striped jacket, took his Thelma up the stairs to see the new National Council of Jewish Women offices, i which by the way are beautiful.

    Everyone was sauntering up and down, up and down Dave and Lyra Ilaber. Hank Meyers was rushing back and forth. The first rider on the tram with the fringe on top, be- sides Bill Segal, was none other than Rose Weiss, which was as it should be. When the announcement was made that their altitude was The engagement is now official. Temple Israel Sisterhood started its second year scries of book reviews recently, featuring Dr. Joseph R. Narot, who is one of my favorites, reviewed John Gunther's "Taken on the Flood. Rabbi Narot said that he feels about book reviews the same as he does about games.

    I can't play. It poses quite a problem for Dr. Narot, who does not review a book merely for entertainment. Rae Mrs. George Graham and Janet Mrs. Jane Mrs. Charles i Leeds, in winter white, seemed simply delighted that her plane flight had been delayed until two thirty. She was on her way to Louisville to visit her brothers who used to live here, Bobby and Dick Bronner.

    Lucille Mrs. Arnold Seeder took time off from getting settled to attend the first review. She and Arnold cut their European trip short; jt was just too much to see the whole world at once. Child care during working hours,. Transportation furnished. They speak Eng. Member of Miami. Dade County, C of C. A half-hour coffetj, frcshment session will prpcefcl the book review. Leading Met supporting stars! Good seats still available!

    Director J4. Irving Miller, chairman of hostesses, headed her group of beautifully-gowned women in a mauve-colored, floor-length bro- cade with a royal purple satin stole.

    Ghetto Justice: The Story of Dior and Trinity Ghetto Justice: The Story of Dior and Trinity
    Ghetto Justice: The Story of Dior and Trinity Ghetto Justice: The Story of Dior and Trinity
    Ghetto Justice: The Story of Dior and Trinity Ghetto Justice: The Story of Dior and Trinity
    Ghetto Justice: The Story of Dior and Trinity Ghetto Justice: The Story of Dior and Trinity
    Ghetto Justice: The Story of Dior and Trinity Ghetto Justice: The Story of Dior and Trinity
    Ghetto Justice: The Story of Dior and Trinity Ghetto Justice: The Story of Dior and Trinity
    Ghetto Justice: The Story of Dior and Trinity Ghetto Justice: The Story of Dior and Trinity

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