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Includes smoke and single fire torpedoes. Very fragile, so it's mostly a case of getting into a good position, popping smoke, firing away and then running to your next spot for smoke, trying not to get hit the entire time. Play from range until about tier 8 when your armor improves and you can start closing range a bit to brawl. The torpedoes tend to have good firing arcs as well. Generally a well balanced line of cruisers.

They appear to be very fast with weak armor and excellent guns. Some great ships, some not so great ones in the line. They lose torpedoes after tier 5 as well, but gain radar at tier 8. Easiest line to grind, is the German line - with the Hindy being the prize at the end. I'm being pretty wow-ed by the Russian line right now up to tier 7, and from what people have told me they only get better from here. They have fantastic guns The Kirov is a bit of an outlier, but it basically has tier 9 guns at tier 5 , with great accuracy, IFHE potential, AP penetration and decent reload.

I do find that while the first volley is often phenomenal, they do struggle to do consistent damage to BBs once the superstructure is saturated. That said, they are also the fastest cruisers AND pretty well armoured, so you are able to control the fight extremely well, get into all the right positions and then kite away when things turn against you. The French are seen by many as an extremely good cruiser line. Good speed, good turning, good armour up to tier 7 , decent health up to tier 6 , and pretty good IFHE guns. Master of none, but few weaknesses as well.

That said, they have a kiting play style which relies heavily on never being the enemy's prime target. Particularly with the Charles Martel I feel like, if a BB ever actually decides to shoot at me, no amount of kiting or staying at range prevents me from being bow-citadeled. I don't like them, but I can't deny that many do, and they largely deserve the love. The USN cruiser line is a confused mess of different play styles which is why it is being reformed soon.

Personally, I love the high risk, high reward island camping of the Cleveland and desMoines, plus the StLouis is pretty great. That said, I've met a lot of people here on the forums who hate those ships and much prefer the long range kiting play style of the Phoenix, Omaha, Pepsi and NewOrleans, which I found to be an ordeal. The problem with mixing play styles is that nobody is going to enjoy all of them. I'm not really enjoying the German cruisers so far. They play like the Russians but with less health, speed, concealment, armour and damage output.

The tier 5 has beasty AP, but they keep the same guns all the way up to tier 7, by which point they feel really lackluster. Also, the tier 3 and 4 are the two most painful ships I've ever played. The British cruiser line is a bag of gimmicks that turns into a surprisingly nuanced play style. High risk, high reward.

Warship Design - Atomic Rockets

The key is to get into the middle of the map and then fire onto the flank of the enemy's main push, all the while harassing enemy DDs and somehow keeping yourself unspotted. That said, they only get their smoke at tier 5 or 6? They require a very detailed understanding of spotting and AP mechanics, and even the best players will have terrible games with them. I can't even hope to give these guys a grade. Oh, I forgot the IJN line! I have the ARP ships, so I decided the main line wouldn't be worth the grind.

Frankly, I'm never particularly scared of them. At the same time, they are quite hard to deal with, given their armour, large health pool and long range play style. Ask someone who has actually played the line for a grade. I think IJN is easiest to start with, because they are easy to play. You will have good torpedoes throughout the cruiser line, while also having good guns. IJN teaches you how to nuke destroyers, surprise a broadside cruiser with AP and how to burn down battleships at long range. So overall a line that teaches you many things, while having some real solid cruisers.

It depends on the style of play. I prefer German cruiser the best. The Hindenburg is a great t10 reward. Russian: Don't be afraid to use AP. And their high shell velocities make them good DD killers, even at ranges where other nations' cruisers might have difficulty getting hits on DDs. Many say that they have a kiting style.

Shopping at the minimarket

But then again, I tend to see all nearly cruisers as kiters to some degree or other, with only a few exceptions. Watch out for certain ships in the French cruiser line that have very vulnerable feeling engines and steering.

Warship Size Comparison

I ended up taking Last Stand on my Martel because it seemed to get its engine or steering knocked out with disturbing regularity. I might respect out of it when I reach the St Louis.

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We'll see. Between tiers , the only cruiser I didn't like was the tier 6, La Gal. I loved the Algerie at tier 7, which seems like a keeper. The Martel is a little less comfortable as a kiter with its ABX layout. For reasons I can't explain in detail, the Martel stock just didn't feel comfortable to play, whereas once upgraded, it feels quite comfortable. I mean, sure, upgraded ships are always better than stock versions. But usually one can explain some specific detail that makes it feel better. With the Martel, I can't lay a finger on it. Regardless, fully upgraded, the Martel is a good kiting cruiser and seems to do reasonably well even in tier 10 battles, due the workable max range on its main guns.

I'm not so thrilled with the RN CL line, though I must say that a big reason is that I just am not a fan of having to live or die with smoke shooting. It just doesn't fit my personal cruiser play style. And trying to play something closer to what I'd prefer to do isn't really viable with the shortish range on their guns and their floaty shells. But if you enjoy the smoke shooting meta of RN CL's, it's not a bad line.

It can be frustrating at times not having HE to spam when your only target is an angled, higher tier BB. Japanese: Like sense says, they're the original HE spammers par excellence. But it can be very easy to forget that their AP is good if you get too laser focused on HE spamming. German: German cruisers aren't so bad. The Tier 5 Konigsberg is a little AP slinging beast, but at tier 6, the Nurnberg is less so because it uses the exact same guns as the K-berg.

And while they're fine enough against tier 6's, they feel a bit underwhelming against higher tier targets. The tier 7 Yorck is a anomaly on the German cruiser line, as its AP isn't particularly effective beyond around 10 or so km too floaty. It plays more like an HE spamming kiter. And while the tier 8 Hipper can feel a bit underwhelming, it's not bad. But the tier 9 and 10's are excellent, with the tier 9 Roon playing a lot like the tier 5 K-berg, due to its oddball AXY turret layout. USN: Side note first, I don't think that the USN cruiser line is being split due to it being a "confused mess of different playstyles".

I wouldn't really expect that the "confused mess of different play styles" to go away after the line split. I suspect that there will still be some ships with higher velocity guns that are better suited for kiting and other ships whose lower velocity guns and floaty shell arcs that are better suited to a shorter ranged play style. Many of his words, which sounded wise out of context, were historically taken and used by the same people Churchill harbored racists opinions against.

People he would have advocated disenfranchising. Just wanted to let you know that I really, really love your website. Your illustrations always lighten my heart. This is really something so please keep going. Thank you for making my day better. I really enjoy this series. The symbolism is great. Keep it up! My first reaction was: Yeheyyy The new comic is finally here! My second reaction was: haha! I knew it was the honorable Mr.

Miyazaki My third reaction was: Oh No Mr. Miyazaki, the neural load is too much for one pilot to handle!!! Been watching too much of Pacific Rim. I do agree that Mr. Miyazaki is one of the most influential people in the animation industry. Not many people in the West know of him. Hey guys. This is the way he constructs stories. We as an audience can choose to keep viewing his artworks or if we really dont like it or dont agree with it we can choose to go somewhere else.

Gav clearly wants to make a living and career our of his work, which he can do by selling his work.

Maybe he could actually take all this feedback and improve what he does so that he can continue to make a living out of ZenPencils. Instead… People are going to show up for the shitshow. People are going to show up to watch the meltdown. People are going to show up to mock you. People are going to view you not as an artist, but as someone so ignorant they have become a spectacle.

This is him jumping the shark. Just wanted to say that I love your strips at the moment. So, Miyazaki the ardent and passionate pacifist who slams down criticism of the industry he is in left and right is…. Japanese people love robots, right?! To fight this.

Especially pacifists who are very liberal and free with their damning criticism of others. I find it very ironic that this particular comic has generated so much negative criticism. Keep up the good work. At the point in which his intended audience is coming in droves to tell him that this is not a very good comic at all, he should probably take heed if he wants to keep lining his wallet. I imagine Miyazaki would be disgusted by this comic as a highly critical and pacifistic man who believes the exact opposite of what this comic is saying and is very vocal about it.

Do you realize how harshly critical Miyazaki is to the Japanese film industry? Please actually learn about the people you decide to include in your awful comics. Hey not surprised to see people have nothing better to do than try and find contradictions in this very sincere piece, I love your ideas and such a wonderful reminder how people should be more encouraging. What is wrong with portraying someone in a positive light? For the betterment of art. You can be critical of art and still love it as a whole passionately. XD How you take criticism is also important yes, but this is an overall vivacious representation of someones inner musings it is a hyperbole to suggest Zenpenicels is somehow uninformed because of stylistic choices.

They are entitled to their opinion as well — However it is counter productive when viewing the meaning behind this lovely comic at face value. Do this and no matter where you are, you will have nothing to fear. Hayao Miyazaki. Here is a quote for you in the mean time zen pencils whilst you deal with the negative comments on this piece. Also, I enjoy the fact that you used T. That is the beautiful thing about quotes. They are so open ended and universal that even a Convict could strike a cord and resonate something deeply human in you.

This sites gotten me through many bad times, and it will continue to…. This is why I have you book marked and refresh once a day. Roosevelt was a white supremacist, why would you think that using the quote of a white supremacist would be appropriate here? Well that is a matter of creative approaches to life. XD It means more to me that it has been repossessed. Some of your comics inspired me. I was really happy when you said you were going to come up with your own story. I was eagerly waiting for it. The comic had a good start but then it started turning into a simple and stereotypical cartoon for kids.

The bad guy appears, all hope is lost and suddenly a hero pops up and saves the day with everyones help. The end. Life is beautiful. Nobody knows except himself. I just felt this comic was lacking something, the something which made your comics special and made me want to read them again and again.

It seemed incomplete, made in a hurry. I felt part 1 was also weak, for different reasons. Exploding heads? Parts 2 and 3 just went downhill. Are fighter pilots artists too? A giant robot vs. Too many stereotypes, too many generalizations.

1. Understand Your Market

Roosevelt was wrong. Critics do matter. On trains, the number of those people doing that strange masturbation-like gesture is multiplying. Great quotes to highlight the absurdity of this stroy. This is great, although fighting is not the best way to create peace, or get rid of haters and critics, my preferred method is to keep clear of them, ignore them, or sometimes it can work to just keep talking to them in a calm manner to convey your point which can sometimes alter their view. Does anyone else see the collective hypocrisy happening here? This is not my favourite work from you Gavin, but I still support your endavours and the essential idea you are presenting.

Shut up! This is awesome. Stop critiquing because you know nothing about what you are talking about. Its comments and reactions are just too basic to be human. I had no clue who Miyazaki was. But, I just watched My Neighbor Toototro and have since renounced any trolling I have ever committed. I will never troll again. Thank you for your cerebral mediation on the topic! But being the recipient of meanness can definitely make you act the same way. At the same time, the winner is the one who manages to rise above the cruelty of others, not the one who wins with a giant robot.

The peace that we are looking for is not peace that crumbles as soon as there is difficulty or chaos. Whether we are seeking inner peace or global peace or a combination of the two, the way to experience it is to build on the foundation of unconditional openness to all that arises. I love your work, I hope you manage to ignore the haters, gain from the constructive critiques and keep inspiring us! This is pretty much what I wanted to say. Taking flak occasionally is part of being an artist and finding gems in the crap people give you in order to improve is something every artist should be thinking about.

People need to learn to take criticism sometimes, and its incredibly obvious when that criticism crosses the line. Gavin, you have everyone digging deep, thinking, feeling and analysing. I love that your art has the power to divide, to challenge, to align and create conversation — even debate. You have this right; this is your blog, your art, your interpretation. Good on you. Are you fucking joking here? This is the image you pass in this comic. This is NOT what Miyazaki stands for. The world is shades of gray, with every person with their own moral compass driving them to certain actions.

People are not driven by hate. People are driven by thoughts, and if they particularly think that your comic is awful, they will point out why it is awful. Start analyzing what people say instead of divorcing yourself from any notion of introspection or guilt. Some are — in fact, a lot are. The internet is a haven for people who are miserable and desire a target to claw to pieces, so that they may imagine someone else is worse off than themselves.

And when it comes to criticizing creative works on the internet, there are a tremendous number of people who are simply pissed off at nearly anything you put in front of them. That this series of comics is imperfect is being used as a convenient excuse to strike at the creator, because while the message delivery is a bit wrong-headed, the core message — that junk criticism is bad — is a sour thing for the internet to hear.

The net is predicated on giving jerks a false front to hide behind and spew bile and venom. Because oddly enough, jerks, bullies, and trolls traditionally dish it out but can never take it.

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It seems most of the criticism here is full of hate. Can you offer an example of one of the posts here that qualifies? Hoo, Boy, Hayao. And you thought that the Anime Otaku were bad. Hopefully we can add enough gunk to that awesome monster that it smothers Zen Pencils once and for all. He would also know how to ignore people who just say bad things to get a rise out of people, i. Zen Pencils continues to be trite, self-worshiping, clueless garbage.

Its pretty accurate to the internet, no wonder internet commenters are offended. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul…. I found this quote on the internet! Bored, resentful people on the internet paint it as all artists being delicate flowers who flee from all criticism.

But junk criticism can be worse than no criticism. The problem we have here, is that everyone is basically being an idiot on all sides. This specific comic series by Zen Pencils has problems and deserves constructive criticism on the use of people like Miyazaki. Then commentators like yourself are using this as an excuse to stomp in with the usual, tired, Internet drek about wimpy little artists whining about tough, manly, ham fisted internet truth of justice.

It means they havent executed their work properly to connect with their audience and as a result they get hate for it. Even if a whole bunch of arseholes decide to hate on someones work, if its done well then others will nearly always defend it for the artist in most online communities. Miyazaki said he is retiring from making anime because the industry is now controled by otaku hacks who he hates. The same otakus making the same awful art that the trolls you dipict him fighting here often criticize. He is telling a story here, just sit back and enjoy it instead of personifying it.

Think about how much time he has put into this comic. Conceptualizing it, sketching it, writing and re-writing it, drawing it, and putting it out there for free for us to enjoy. Each comic in this series has probably taken days, if not weeks, worth of his time. How long did it take you to come up with a quick criticism? He never said that all criticism is bad but it certainly is much easier than actually doing something creative yourself.

You sit there at your computer and tear apart the work of someone who is sharing his thoughts and feelings with all of us, putting them out there for the world to see, with his name attached. In that case you are coming here just to troll on someone, so maybe your problem is that this hits a little too close to home. What have you done?

Instead of criticizing others, try looking in a mirror and give that person some needed criticism. If you really feel criticism is necessary sometimes. When you use the likeness of a real person, you get into some sticky territory. Miyazaki himself does not hold back with the criticism and uses it to shape the industry he is in into something better.

To use somebody else to puppet your own views, which are completely different from theirs, is at best in bad taste and at worst downright offensive. Perhaps even more than the author. Because we took time to go to wikipedia and check out the facts. Criticism is absolutely necessary — any artist worth their salt will tell you that.

The idea that creative people wear uniforms and listen in trance to someone who is not, as it turns out, Miyazaki, and then go to do his bidding, the use of that inane Roosevelt quote. A craftsman does whatever the client or boss tells him to do; and how he tells him to do it. That said his generalizations; false dichotomy; and the outright misrepresentation of a Miyazaki are offensive to say the least.

I read your comics quite often, but I have never commented on any, despite being very fond of your art. Well, this time I just have to say thank you. I have been through really though times recently, and after months without reading your comics, I open your site and see this Hayao Miyazaki tribute.

Thank you for this entire series, thank you for the amazing Miyazaki references, thank you for believing in the art the same way all creators do and for being willing to do something about it. Oh, hey, a nice quote about critics by a man who was not exactly an artist himself! Most art is born as imitation, not innovation. The critic, not the artist, is the one who defines innovation, and rates it. The critic is the real artist.

I no longer see the actual comics on any pages… nor even a placeholder for them. Any ideas? Is there a separate link I missed somewhere? And even if he has, denying him his obvious great talents on that basis or letting this story spoil the enjoyment of his previous works is just silly. Many people seem to find enjoyment in telling other people they are wrong.

It has been this way forever. So with many people concentrated in one spot, independently typing on the same website and you get a list of comments like what we have here. The critic is massively important.

Oral History Interviews

As an experimental scientist and a novelist I find that criticism is essential to growth and improvement in both fields. Criticism is feedback, feedback facilitates improvement. Positive feedback is important also, but criticism is more useful. There is a difference between hate and criticism. There is also a difference between hate and a negative opinion. That it has offended so many bitter internet people is curious. Perhaps they are unable to express honest criticism without scorn, arrogance, hate, and negativity?

And feel threatened when someone attacks the practice of filling up the internet with laconic derisive comments? The Teddy Bear was also named after Roosevelt. Shall we collect them all and burn them in the street, for they are surely instruments of racism? No dumber than most of the comments here pretending to have a real criticism. But, a lot of actual trolls are really pretty delusional about what they are. I know something, too. Trolling is a regular theme on Podcasts I absolutely adore. It makes you realise its human nature for people to minimise and nitpick others.

No matter how awesome you are, noone is impervious to criticism. Great use of the timeless Roosevelt quote btw. Pete has referenced your site several times, the Bill Waterson quote getting a repeat mention. Mr Gavin Aung Than, your name sounds familiar.. Aung Than.. I mean, that sounds like an Burmese name!

Art is a visual medium, and when you tack on hashtags and quotes on your subject matter like you did the monster and on the robot, you lose a lot of the punch you would otherwise have. For example, why not experiment more with the monster design to make him more troll-like? Experiment with his shape and silhouette? Or if you wanted to stick with using a robot to fight the troll, why not use Ozamu Tezuka as your figurehead instead? With Astro Boy and Metropolis, he probably would fit better in your universe that you are trying to portray.

You make a decent point about character design principles. Though bear in mind, in this particular storyline the point is literally the internet coming to life — so stuff like hashtags are kind of required in addition to character design, rather than being a stand-in for it. Hey Gav! Miyazaki hates mecha anime, and he is a harsh critic of other animators. Every person on earth is a universe unto themselves.

Many people hide their inner self by doing unrelated things with their outer self, the part we see. Simply seeing a persons work, which is almost always is a collaboration these days, or reading an interview, or having any small, inconsequential contact with a person does not let you see their demons or their virtue. We all look through prisms when we see other people. What if the singing in panel eight was a compendium of peaceful music to soothe the savage beast? Thank you for all the beautiful things you have brought to this space, the world is a little brighter for your work in it.

Absolutely loved the callouts to Miyazaki and especially the ones to Gundam and Voltron on Panel 5. Zen Pencils never disappoints, Thank you for this. Nothings going to stop the Creative Flow! And we need each other to help and support through tough times! Love and Inspire one another! Greetings from Indonesia! Love and Inspire one another!!!

I just started reading Zen Pencils, and I was getting a kick out of it, but I had to stop when I got to this one. It shows a disappointing lack of understanding of its subject matter on the part of the creator. It is not trolling. You are stupid. Your comic is stupid. There are two types of people who will tell you that you cannot make a difference in this world: those who are afraid to try and those who are afraid you will succeed. Ray Goforth.

Pencils and Battleships - Successful Selling: The Basics Pencils and Battleships - Successful Selling: The Basics
Pencils and Battleships - Successful Selling: The Basics Pencils and Battleships - Successful Selling: The Basics
Pencils and Battleships - Successful Selling: The Basics Pencils and Battleships - Successful Selling: The Basics
Pencils and Battleships - Successful Selling: The Basics Pencils and Battleships - Successful Selling: The Basics
Pencils and Battleships - Successful Selling: The Basics Pencils and Battleships - Successful Selling: The Basics
Pencils and Battleships - Successful Selling: The Basics Pencils and Battleships - Successful Selling: The Basics
Pencils and Battleships - Successful Selling: The Basics Pencils and Battleships - Successful Selling: The Basics
Pencils and Battleships - Successful Selling: The Basics Pencils and Battleships - Successful Selling: The Basics
Pencils and Battleships - Successful Selling: The Basics

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