Series 4 - Foolproof Tarot Card Reading: Intermediate Air Spreads

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It is designed so that Tarot Card Readings can be done by using Air Spread diagrams, charts, worksheets and color-coding in such a manner that the Querent will be able to follow along with you as the Reader. It is assumed at this point that you are interested in doing Readings, not only for yourself, but for others as well. You may want to do it as a gratis gesture for friends and family, or you may want to do it as a business.

A sample disclaimer for your use is given for you to personalize. The seriousness of each Reading Session will be reviewed. Reading Sessions are important to the Querent. They are not to be taken lightly. The deck being featured in this series is the "Tarot of Dreams" deck by Ciro Marchetti. This deck is unique in that it contains 4 extra cards, called Palace Cards.

This brings the deck to 82 cards instead of the traditional This chapter will summarize these cards for you to integrate into your Readings if you so choose. This chapter outlines what a Significator is, why it is important, and various ways that a Significator can be chosen. While there are many possibilities, by answering a few simple questions on the now expanded "Questionnaire Worksheet," the choice can be narrowed down fairly quickly.

Full charts for these choices are repeated for continuity from Series 1. In addition to the ways already briefly reviewed in, the choice by Personality Type is now included. It involves more understanding of the Court Cards, so is, therefore, more intermediate than beginner.

A chart is included so the 1 choice in 16 can be easily found. Part 3: Intermediate Air Spreads This will introduce intermediate Air Spreads to you that are used during a Reading to focus on a particular aspect that is in need of an answer. An example is detailed for you so all spreads can be easily followed.

How spreads are categorized by Fire, Water, Air and Earth, and their subdivisions are charted. How to choose the right spread is also important, and procedures are given. Why the questions or directives are formed the way they are will be clarified. Jacqueline G. Tracy holds a Ph. Her approach is holistic, combining body, mind, soul, emotions, and societal impact upon clients and their needs. She is presently semi-retired after many years in individual, family, and corporate counseling, life coaching, and Akashic field readings.

She enjoys spending time with her children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. See All Customer Reviews. Shop Books. A performance art piece in one act. Episode This Tawdry Affair Nicholas and Cassandra have a strategy session, which turns into a film noir sequence straight out of The Maltese Falcon. Episode Requiem for a Dream The Dream Curse storyline hurtles towards a spine-tingling conclusion. Not really. Episode The Interpretation of Dreams The girl from the dream is dreaming again. Episode The Scene of the Crime Carolyn finds Adam hiding in the root cellar, killing time between sprees.

Session recorded on June 28, , for broadcast on July 12th. Episode Advance Directives Barnabas Collins is dead, and Julia and Willie dare each other to drive a stake through his heart. Also: an important lesson about televisual literacy. This is not a scaleable business plan. Episode Mission: Inscrutable The writers have had the better part of three months to figure out what they were going to do with Angelique after the Dream Curse storyline.

They have not used that time effectively. Episode Cruel World As Adam continues to dominate the storyline, we do a review of what Barnabas has been up to since Vicki came back from Episode A Sense of Themselves A list of 32 things that I like about this episode, in order of appearance, with a special focus on pretty boys in peril, and introducing Miss Beverly Atkinson. Episode Weird Science Barnabas and Julia argue about which storyline to care about.

Another New Beginning Bloodlust An irresponsible troupe of time-travelers has been fooling around with the seals and sigils, recklessly summoning a fresh nightmare into our world. Episode Do You Want Vicki to Die Jeff finds the secret murder lab in the Old House basement, and winds up in an involuntary late-night job interview. Episode Fridspeak Friday Barnabas tracks down one of the rogue vampires in a particuarly error-prone episode. Episode Junior Detectives Barnabas and Julia get to play their favorite game, as they investigate the spooky happenings at the House by the Sea.

Episode Crazy Talk The show just goes nuts again, with vampires, Frankenstein monsters, time travelers and grave-robbers. Bad planning is kind of an epidemic around here. Episode The Understudy Something terrible has happened to Carolyn. Episode Temporary Sanity Jeff is forced to help build another Frankenstein monster.

Episode The Fugitives Life in the Dark Shadows studio is even more fraught than usual; this is the one where they had to tape the dress rehearsal. Episode The War on Halloween With the Bride of Frankenstein story dragging on, we ditch the show and spend the day playing the Dark Shadows board game. Episode Maggie Evidence Willie and Maggie are stuck in the mausoleum, reviewing old business. Episode This Old House The entire episode today is people arguing about whether they should go upstairs or downstairs.

Episode Missing Persons Adam is on his way to massacre the entire family.

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Springing into action, Barnabas drinks a glass of water. Episode The Spook Fortress Eve opens her eyes — the experiment is a success! Episode The Three Faces of Eve Professor Stokes is suspicious of Eve, but she refuses to answer his questions; she just stands around looking unhinged.

Episode Live, Die, Repeat Maggie escapes from the mausoleum, and the show makes a mad dash for the reset button. Episode The Neuralyzer Nicholas stabs a table, watches TV on his smartmirror, plays a prank on Jeff and generally acts like a boss. Episode The Sedating Game Elizabeth dies temporarily, and everybody gets all uptight about it. Episode The Crazy World We take another side trip into pop culture, with a one-hit wonder wearing a flaming hat.

Episode The Late Mrs. Episode In a World of Turtlenecks Adam, Joe, Tom and Jeff are displayed on a sacrificial altar, as Julia performs the ritual that ends the tyranny of turtlenecks forever. Episode The Great Wrap-Up Barnabas is buried in the earth again, as Ron Sproat kicks off a new phase of narrative house-cleaning. Episode Roger to the Rescue Roger catches Jeff and Eve having an intimate moment in the garden, and Jeff touches his face a lot.

Episode Sets and Violence Vicki brings Barnabas to the one place where nobody will ever find them — the west wing of Collinwood. Episode Better Than Medicine Julia wants to save Barnabas from Angelique and make the story more interesting, not necessarily in that order, and Nicholas is determined to be no help at all. Episode This Is Happening Eve travels back in time to , because she is crazy and reckless and there is no excuse for her behavior. Episode Lost and Foundling Vicki and Liz prepare for a traditional, sentimental soap opera wedding, which means that they are utterly doomed.

Episode Bad Moon Rising The Great Wrap-Up puts on a new burst of speed, as Dark Shadows ushers one cast member out the door, and lets a new one walk right on in. Episode Horrible Bosses Angelique descends into the underworld, to tell the Devil that Nicholas is being totally mean to her. Episode The Owl, the Raven and the Bat Dark Shadows goes just about as crazy as they possibly can, presenting a Black Mass wedding ceremony, which is interrupted by a werewolf kill. We watch episode 4 of the Dark Shadows revival, which is the one with all the lady fire demons.

Who are They, and what do They want? Episode Vampire Excites Wives, Young Set Homeless badass Amy Jennings busts out of an asylum in the middle of the night, and makes a beeline for the biggest house she can find. Plus: an introduction to Danny, age Episode Bad Wolf Chris Jennings is a handsome and charming bad boy with a heart of gold and a secret sorrow. Episode Left Behind A week of ghost stories begins with Vicki clutching a broken wristwatch, and trying to commune with the spirit world.

Episode Astral Disturbances Freelance eccentric Madame Findley investigates the strange goings-on at Collinwood, using spirit guides, psychic readings, and extravagant hand gestures. Episode Happily Ever Before Victoria Winters makes a wish on a wristwatch, and it comes true, just in time for a happy ending. Today: two short stories from The World of Dark Shadows. X3: Barnabas Collins and the Poetry Slam A very literary entry today, as we study and catalogue the three major schools of Dark Shadows poetry.

Episode Half-Hour of the Wolf Joe fights off a brutal werewolf attack with a pair of scissors and a reckless disregard for the young set. Episode Accidentally Yours An introduction to a new supporting character, Barnabas the butler. Episode The Unpacking David and Amy try to trick the grown-ups into thinking that their actually haunted house is actually haunted. Saying goodbye to Joel Crothers, as Joe gets packed off to Windcliff. Episode Gone Girl Once again, Victoria Winters follows her prime directive, causing as much damage to space-time as she possibly can.

Episode This Is the Night Barnabas uses his magical vampire powers to travel back to , where he meets an old enemy and a new friend. Episode Vicki Ruins Everything Reprise Vicki and Peter finally get their happy ending, leaving Barnabas and the audience stranded in the wrong century. Episode The Second Coming Julia and Willie bring Barnabas back from the past, by clapping their hands and wishing really, really hard.

Also, the werewolf does his famous mirror routine. Episode Werewolf By Night The wolf man stalks his girlfriend through the woods until she reaches the tomb of her mostly-dead mother, and then all Hell breaks loose. Episode The Shambles Barnabas and Julia grab all the weapons they can find, and go out looking for trouble. Episode Donna of the Dead Handsome, moody serial killer Chris Jennings is caught in an awkward social situation that can only be resolved in pain and blood. Episode The Unscooby Gang Barnabas and Julia travel around, protecting the monsters from those meddling kids.

Episode Lycanthropology Dr. Hoffman catches up on some back issues of the Journal of Werewolf Medicine. Episode The Not Happening Amy tries to blow the whistle on the haunted-house story, but she runs into a couple of unfortunate speed bumps. Episode The Room We take time out from the ghost story to look at all the cool stuff David has in his bedroom. February Episode Could He Talk? Is he ready? Dark Shadows actually has four Maggies, and most of them are Vicki. I apologize in advance.

This post has a lot of jokes about blood banks. Today there are some jokes about Wolfman, if that sweetens the pot. We conclude our week-long examination of novelty joke book Barnabas Collins In a Funny Vein with the most brain-scrambling jokes ever written. Episode Mostly Charmless Time stands still for a series of awkward social encounters, as Barnabas, Julia and Maggie try to cope with another in the series of tedious Roger Davis characters. It is a huge success. Episode The Surrender For the first time in two centuries, the Collins family has abandoned Collinwood, leaving it to the mad, the cruel and the aimlessly eccentric.

Episode Sister Act Ned Stuart is going to help his sister Sabrina recover from a werewolf attack, even if he has to rub his face all over her to do it. Episode The Most Important Thing About Quentin Eccentric millionaire Barnabas Collins takes an astral trip to the late 19th, where mad gypsies plan a jewel heist, Young Danny falls in love, and we meet a surprising black sheep named Quentin.

Episode The Vampire Strikes Back Barnabas makes a new friend, Jamison gets a new boat, and Quentin starts recruiting new employees by strangling people. Episode The Cliffhung Trapped in , Barnabas meets more members of the Collins family, each one nuttier than the last. Episode Another Jane Another governess arrives at another house, filled with romance and furniture and terrible secrets. Episode Will Power Engaged in a high-stakes deep cover operation in the s, Barnabas antagonizes Edward, Magda, Jamison, Quentin and anybody else who happens by.

Episode Forget You Barnabas explains to Quentin that a spirit with unfinished business can linger to haunt a house, which is one hundred and eighty degrees counterproductive. Episode The Neverending Story Angelique claws her way back to the surface world, just in time to see Barnabas hand another music box to the latest iteration of Josette. Episode Inherit the Win The foundations of the great estate tremble, as Edith throws a golden apple into the middle of the drawing room and makes her grandchildren fight for it. Episode Mommy Weirdest The Bride of Frankenstein camp diva femme fatale is back as Mad Jenny Collins, armed with a pair of scissors and looking for trouble.

Episode Other Than My Wife Angelique reads the episode guide aloud, Quentin calls on Baal out of the blue, and Magda completes her transition to Julia with a wig on. Plus, the first appearance of a new cast member: slow doorknob. Episode Dead Again The late Quentin Collins is on the floor and covered in gore, while other characters stand nearby and deliver about sixty percent of their dialogue. Episode Pride and Prejudice and Zombies and Vampires Quentin is back from the dead, just like every other soap opera character ever. Episode Exquisite Corpse Zombie Quentin picks up the governess and carries her away, which it turns out is not actually a thing that zombies do.

Episode Nick and Jane Here they are, doing a simple time travel prequel to The Turn of the Screw starring Count Dracula, when Reverend Trask busts in, and brings two other novels with him. Episode The Pacer Quentin comes back to life, and Barnabas bites a new victim, and Nora draws hieroglyphics, and nobody explains anything. Episode Good Night Edward and Beth have a secret, Nora has a bad dream, and nobody has anything interesting to say. This raises an important question, namely: what the hell is a fire priest?

Angelique sees this as a romantic opportunity. Episode The Little Games Quentin tries to explain to Jamison why killing his mother seemed like a good idea at the time. Episode Local Parlor Tricks Barnabas carries an oil painting around, so he can spring it on people as a surprise. Episode Lunch Date with Destiny Barnabas wants some information from Quentin, and Quentin responds the only way he knows how: by flirting outrageously. Episode Rendezvous at the OK Corral Quentin and Beth have a romantic moment at gunpoint, and Magda makes a shocking, ridiculous and wonderful discovery.

Episode Gypsy Ascendant Magda puts a curse on Quentin, and then stands back to enjoy the ensuing carnage. Episode The One Where Evan Ruins the Carpet Quentin comes back home after a long night, with a headache and a ripped-up shirt and no idea what happened. Everybody blames the gypsies. Episode The Hunger Games Edward struggles to cope with Barnabas, this lunatic in a cape who thinks he can beat up werewolves. This is not soon enough. Episode Drunk HIstory Angelique pulls together her skilled team of drunk kaiju operatives to rescue Barnabas.

Episode Kill Me Maybe Angelique dies in a fire, for almost seventeen minutes this time. Who was the old lady in Providence? What was Paul Stoddard really doing on his last night at Collinwood? And why does Charity Trask have blue eyes? Episode Straight Outta Collinsport Barnabas, Julia and Quentin travel to far-off places, as we listen to two recent Big Finish audio plays, and try to figure out whether Dark Shadowsness is portable. Episode Rabbit Season Barnabas and Magda go werewolf hunting. This must be one of those extreme sports you hear about.

Episode Elegy for David C Dr. Julian Hoffman offers some dream analysis, as Jamison wakes up with a fantastic idea for half a poem.

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Episode Crazy Ex-Boyfriend Dirk Wilkins puts on a one-man show about revenge, secrets and little pulsing things. Episode Clockwork Barnabas, Jamison, Edward and Beth walk back and forth between Collinwood and the Old House, spreading confusion and panic everywhere they go. Episode The Mentalist Carl interrupts the vampire hunt to introduce Pansy Faye, his unsuitable Cockney chorus girl fiancee, direct from Blandings Castle. Episode Nothing Lasts We take a moment to note the passing of Star Trek , which was cancelled in June and never heard from again.

Luckily, Barnabas has a plan. Episode Blood Sports After dominating the show last week, vampire Dirk makes three fatal mistakes, all of them staffing related. Episode All Points Updates from the police blotter. Episode Pocket Full of Kryptonite Magda comes back from her field trip to visit the King of the Gypsies with a wonderful treasure that will solve everything: a mystery box!

Episode Blood and Thunder Barnabas thinks everyone is Josette, Angelique announces a deadline, and Quentin passes his final initiation into Murder Club. He has a plan. Episode The Hunt Reverend Trask learns how to not catch a vampire, in nine easy lessons. Episode A Helping Hand Barnabas and Magda huddle in a cave, trying to persuade a magical severed hand to fly across town and heal the sick. Episode The Dog Pound Barnabas gets caught trying to spring the wolf man out of jail, plus somebody stole his magical hand.

Episode Mrs-taken Identity Judith is haunted by the first Mrs. Episode Sign the Paper As Judith prepares for her summer vacation, we do some storyline forensics work to determine what happened to the original plan for Episode The Puppeteer Faced with the problem of kick-starting an extended storyline, the writers do what they always do under these circumstances: they summon Angelique.

Episode Victor and the Wolf A mysterious stranger comes to town. Episode The Pits As Quentin is strapped to a table, we consider the question of what the hell Edgar Allen Poe was talking about that whole time. Episode Everyone You Love Must Die We mourn the passing of Sandor Rakosi in the only appropriate way for a soap audience, namely: enjoying the funeral.

Episode When Halloween Decorations Ruled the World Magda thinks that she can solve everything with a hatchet and a fireplace, but the Legendary Hand has ideas of its own. Episode Sitting in a Tree There is only one thing in the world worse than being written about, and that is not being written about. Time Travel, part 6: One Giant Leap As Apollo 11 reaches the moon, we watch another episode of the Dark Shadows revival, and try to figure out why the show fizzled on the launchpad.

Episode What Fresh Hell Edward returns from a hard day at work, and into a hard day at home. Episode The Other Puppeteer Young Jamison Petofi pulls the strings and makes the puppets dance, for a hand-picked audience of brand new grown-ups. Episode Twisting Count Petofi, the true hero of the show, comes up with a whole new set of plot points to explore. Episode Happy Haunts Meanwhile, in the other spooky old mansion of the American imagination, restless spirits open their creaky doors and invite us in. Also featuring: a rare in-coffin conversation.

This is not the good news that you might expect it to be. Episode War and Peace As an Aquarian Exposition of Peace and Music breaks out on a dairy farm somewhere, Count Petofi waves his legendary and and shows people visions of their own death. Episode Hungarian Crime Story King Johnny Romana brings Magda to a tribunal, conducted before a jury of deceased killer pirate gypsies from Boston.

Episode A Cloud of Bats Barnabas appears and saves the day, by murdering somebody and then hosting a fashion show. Episode Crash of the Kaiju Five villains are left alone in Collinwood for the evening, so they try to kill each other with silver bullets and mind control and strangling and set design.

Episode 3D Printing — The Early Years The sinister Count Petofi accomplishes something that no other Dark Shadows character has ever done, namely: make a plan six weeks in advance. Episode Meanwhile, in the Future Meanwhile, Barnabas plans to go to the future to learn what he needs to prevent in the past, in order to save the present. He also writes a letter, and hides it in a desk for seventy years. Episode The Trip Julia Hoffman opens up the doors of perception, expanding her mind and connecting her to all living things through the universal consciousness.

Dark Shadows Every Day

She also travels back in time and meets some new cast members. This is the Dark Shadows best-case scenario. Episode Graduation Day Julia walks away from a gunshot, invents a new theory of time travel, cures vampirism and gets all the funny lines. Episode I Can Make You a Man Charles Delaware Tate spontaneously creates a human being out of thin air and graphite, but not one of the good ones.

It has five heads and twelve legs, and it will run forever. Episode … And Carry On An information management episode, where characters find out that Barnabas is dead, and start making plans for the afterlife. Episode Drawn to You Quentin tells Amanda that he loves her.

Then he meets the in-laws. You will see, Quentin. Strange Paradise, Episode 4: The Cryonic Woman As our week with the continuing saga of Strange Paradise continues, we ask some pointed questions about plot development, cryogenic suspension, and the correct way to dispose of a malicious oil painting.

Episode Everybody Hates Quentin Quentin goes six rounds with his enemies, otherwise known as the entire rest of the world. Two unhappy couples, on a collision course involving alcohol, insults and a quick round of Get the Guests. Not today, obviously, but pretty soon. Dark Shadows Comic Strip, part The Do-Over Our special feature on the Dark Shadows comic strip wraps up, with an impossible rewrite of a false history that never happened. Episode The Switcheroo Count Petofi reveals his stunning master plan, as Quentin changes his mind once again.

Episode Mesa of Lost Women Kitty Hampshire walks around, asking everybody why she feels drawn to things. Episode The Unvisited Back from her summer vacation in the sanitarium, Judith Collins walks straight into a full-fledged Time War. Where does he go from here? Episode Down the Hatch Angelique opens up a trap door in the world, and enters a mysterious netherspace where people build brick walls in the middle of caves. Episode The Briar Patch Count Petofi locks Angelique up in a cave, and tells her every single thing that he knows.

And all you have to do is Find the Vampire…. Episode Give Me Back My Talent Four weeks into an insanely accelerated production schedule, the Dark Shadows crew fantasizes about making duplicates of themselves, to do all the extra work. What could go wrong? Is that really too much to ask? Episode Switchback Quentin Collins goes back where he came from. Episode The Killing Club Still overstressed with an accelerated production schedule, Dark Shadows indulges in another workplace fantasy: killing your staff.

Episode Flight of the Conquered Beetle-browed undead chain-wielding maniac Garth Blackwood stomps onto the set, establishing a new standard for daytime television. Someone should probably check the conservatory for loose candlesticks and lead pipes. Episode The Further Adventures of Other People With the cast dropping like flies, we take another look at some recent Big Finish audios, to see what happens to the Dark Shadows characters that manage to survive.

Episode Not in Canvas Anymore Barnabas goes even more back in time than he already was, and tries to stop an unstoppable tragedy. Episode The Sacrifice Dark Shadows cleans house as we prepare for the dawn of a new lunatic scheme, adapting an H. Lovecraft story of unseen cosmic horrors for a daily television soap opera.

This is the new storyline. Episode Little Shop Carolyn and Julia visit the new antique shop, and meet a friendly couple who just arrived from the uncanny valley. Episode The Curious Belief Barnabas leads them through the mysteries that will make them respond. In this episode, the epic tragedy gets even more epically tragic, as a team of new writers struggles to fix the dreadful mistakes of the past. Episode Curious People Two reckless antiquers find the perfect object to complete their stockpile of hazardous material.

How do you account for something like that? This one is about witch hunters and zombies and diaries and eyebrows, and ends with the welcome return of an old friend. Episode Help Wanted After two weeks, the global Leviathan conspiracy is falling to pieces, so they turn to the only person who can help them: a thirteen-year-old shoplifter. Episode Executive Child Megan and Philip are on the verge of destroying each other when they suddenly get a new supervisor, just in the nick of time. Episode The Fam Dram With cosmic tentacle monsters waiting in the wings, the Stoddard family makes their case for Dark Shadows as a soap opera.

Episode The Long Con Barnabas presents Paul Stoddard with his final notice of payment due, in the sequence that makes the Leviathan story worthwhile. I think twenty people saw and heard us. One of them was Gregory Corso. Beat poet. Writer of Gasoline. Friend of Ginsberg. I remember him. Dead reckoning remember. There was speculation about his reputation, but no reliable information. He looked like his reputation. Joan and I grouped for three months. I split back for NYC and she moved to Prague. Trans-Media Six years ago I took a sleeve out of a vinyl album and looked at it and liked the foxing, the beige color, the yellowing, the creases, the weight of the paper, the two- sidedness of the construction and the hole.

It also had inherited meaning. I picked up a pencil and signed it to myself from Richard Hell. Another start. I glued the sleeve to an album size canvas and hung it on my studio wall. I kept it there for another year. This was like Instant Karma. Nothing much happened after that. I kept looking at the Richard Hell sleeve. In I was checking out my collection of Sonic Youth Albums. I pulled out the records and removed the records from the sleeves. There were nine sleeves. I laid out the sleeves in a grid, three on top of three on top of three. Another square. I looked at it and called it Nine Sonic Youths.

That excited me. The name, the title connected the abstraction and made it less abstract. It looked like art. It looked like an Agnes Martin with holes. It was creamy. The next one I did was 16 Kinks. I only had six Kink albums so I had to go out to a vinyl store and buy ten more Kinks. Going to the record store changed. There was a new purpose to going to a record store.

The next was the Beatles. I did 87 Beatles. Their tones were all that mattered. I was making something basic. Really simple. The Beatles were the first sleeves I painted. There were so many I used a two-part canvas and the way I stuck them to the canvas was with white and off white acrylic paint. Things got messy. Fits and starts. There were mistakes made and I had so many sleeves to choose from, I would rip some off and put other ones in their place. I had like fifteen copies of Revolver.

Using paint as glue became a happy ingredient. The right ingredient. I went to town. Rave On. I also discovered you could order sleeves over the internet. The mail ordering changed the making. I could order hundreds of sleeves. Black ones. White ones. Scribing lyrics. The meaning of Soul Music according to Rapheal Saadiq.

I did a whole painting of the Doors. I did the same with the Def Leppard font. At first I was uncomfortable with my handwriting additions. It was hard to break away from the minimal look of 16 Kinks. Then the idea of framing my new hands on applications helped me with my indecisiveness. They were works on papers. You usually frame works on paper. Once I made that connection, the glass and frame made sense. Of course. Most of the time you swing and miss. When you finally hit it you wonder what took you so long.

Looking at what I listened too. And when The Tribe showed up in early spring, , the story of the sleeves entered another dimension. Q-Tip came to the studio and liked a black and white sleeve painting that had nothing on it. What he pointed to was new. It was a inch square template that I had started ink jetting… using the pattern of twenty-four paper sleeves as a starting point. I printed out the same pattern eight times. The printing was on a rubbery canvas that felt like the wax of a record. I was dee-jaying the sleeves with ink jet. The Ramen Noodle. Q-Tip asked me if I wanted to do his next album cover.

I was surprised. A hippie drawing. How did he know? I did the hippie drawings back in How did he know about the hippie drawings? I never asked. Expiration date: The Hippie Drawings never really had an expiration date. Five minutes across the George Washington Bridge. Went to the basement. Showed him some mock-ups. Some preliminary ideas. Some VU renderings that had one foot in the hippie drawings and another in the smoke of a new strain that would hopefully entertain and extend the feelings that the hippie drawings were supposed to relieve. The summer before, High Times Magazine asked to put some hippie drawings on some kind of anniversary issue.

They put out five covers. Maybe Q-Tip saw some of the issues. I was on assignment. I usually turn down requests that are this specific.

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The portrait would consist of four figures. The four figures were my own made up band. The sleeve paintings had a new name. Supergroup is a music group whose members are already successful as solo artists or, as part of other groups or well known in other musical professions. What is a supergroup? There have to be at least three members. They have to have released at least one album… no all-star jams. You can look it up. A Perfect Circle. Them Crooked Vultures. Damn Yankees. The Firm. Temple of the Dog. Black Country Communion. Blue Murder. Blind Faith. These bands are considered part of the top twenty Super Groups of all time.

Cream started it. The first Super Group. I think it was All I remember is how loud they were. Eric Clapton. Jack Bruce. Ginger Baker. When the album came out I starred at it. Another direction. The language shifted. The shift became shapes. The shapes became figurative. Taking up where I left off. The hippie figures exaggerated. Epaulets, feathers, embroidery, tie-dye, patches, and fringe. Crack up, head start, oompf. Excuse me… spiraling. Crash, out of control, bender. Tooth decay. Smiles wide open. I tried to do what the cover of Cream did for me. I tried to make figures I had never seen before.

All the bands I started to paint became Super Groups. The title fit. It was perfect. I got lucky. And I could point to these new paintings and call them what they were. They had an identity. They had weight. They were freer. They were free wild. One or the other. Miami Blues is my favorite. Early Alec Baldwin. Early Jennifer Jason Leigh. Based on the book by Charles Willeford. And sometimes what you need is all you need. Super Group became the hook. Sum, total, whole. The whole sleeve can be a hit. Wilco background. I printed all four members faces and sent them away to a check making company and started to write Kiss checks to the electrical company.

Foolproof Tarot Card Reading: Intermediate Air Spreads - Series 4

I paid my mortgage with them. I wrote out a Gene Simmons to my psychiatrist. I waited to get them back at the end of each month. Cancelled checks. I put them in draws. I treated them like a secret diary. The Kiss checks were cartoons. Kiss was part of the end of arena rock. Punk made them irrelevant. Comic Con is huge. Off the beaten path. Far out. Why am I telling you this? Tell me everything. I made checks out of five images of Sid Vicious. I only wrote out one Sid Vicious check. It was to Cumberland Farms for five dollars and sixty-five cents.

Why Cumberland Farms? Why of all the things or places would I write the one and only Sid Vicious check to Cumberland Farms? Good Question. Persona refers to a theatrical mask. The word means many things. A semblance. A new guise. Back in the late seventies I played in a band called Guise. The we in the group was me and my friend Frank Schroeder. Frank is an artist and had a floor thru loft on Chambers.

Windows on Duane to windows on Chambers. He was locked in to sweet lease. We both played guitar. We played at Tier 3, on West Broadway near White. Just me. She designed my flyer. She called my band HIM. I was way to self-conscious to play more than one night. Forming and reforming and trying to penetrate… lift off. I think mostly, it was a distraction from working in the studio all day.

A chance to release fucked up, pent up, up to nothing, physical energy. Art bands. Bush Tetras. Live Skull. I remember a lot of posing. How do you get to Carnegie Hall? The most serious was Glenn Branca. His band was drums and at least seven people playing guitars. Every artist I knew who played guitar, played in his band.

You usually lasted four weeks. He would come to your place and teach you the part he wanted you to play. There was no room for improv. It was his music. And you played it his way. He called his compositions Symphonies. Alternative tunings. Harmonic drones. And when we went on stage, he conducted. Glenn had a following. A downtown following. Even Lower Manhattan. He was a staple at the Kitchen. Frank was in the band that night. Wharton Tiers. Jules Baptiste. Jeffery Glenn. Sidebar: Stephan was a plumber by day.

He would come over and fix your pipes. I had brought Jeffery Glenn into the band. Jeff was a straight- ahead rock and roller. With no patience for anything but John B. Branca needed someone who could play fast that night. No time to bring him up to speed. In other words, he needed someone with talent. Jeffery filled the bill. Jeffery was a former roommate. I asked him. It was a favor. Half-way thru the performance, I looked over at Jeffery and we both nodded. We heard something. The same thing.

Intermediate Tarot Spread - 5-Card Past-Present-Future Spread

We both recognized what we were hearing was something searing, loud, an exceptional sonic sound that neither of us was familiar with. Kick out the jams, arm and hammer, bad manners… none of that begins to describe what our ears were filling up with. The music that night was top of the pops. It was towering. It was his band. His music. And nothing that came out of all those guitars was going to change the way he wanted his music to mean to him. Branca was the maestro. He was the real deal. He was an artist.

I was out after that night. I quit. I knew deep down I was just a tourist. I just read the first couple of reviews of Super Group. Having come so far in his career, it seems only logical. No celebrity is safe from the hands of Richard Prince… not even himself. Let me humor you. Let me tell you about the time I visited my Dad when he was stationed in Honolulu Hawaii. I was a junior in high school.

He worked for the government and was going back and for between the big island and Vietnam. What did I know? He was my Dad. He said he was an electrical engineer. Ho was a big cheese in Honolulu. Had his own nightclub. My Dad also told me he loved Vietnam. And Vietnamese women. I think he was in seventh heaven for the first time in his life. Good for you Dad. Soldiers who rotated back from Nam for two weeks of rest and recreation. Most of the soldiers were two years older than me. They told me I should enlist when I turned eighteen.

When you come over, be sure to sign up as dental assistant. That way you can smoke all the weed you want and not get your ass shot off. Right on Waikiki. Everybody was in bathing suits and bikinis. There were five, six, maybe even ten people playing acoustic guitars. I was in the middle of a huge hootenanny. Crimson Flames. I just collected two things Dylan. A wonderful curse. The smell, look, feel of books.

The first Dylan I just collected. Black India ink on paper with color Cello-Tak applications signed in typeset text in the upper right hand margin matted and framed. The portrait is based on a self-portrait by Marcel Duchamp and the psychedelic movement at the time. Approximately six million prints made from the drawing were distributed with the enormously popular album.

Any Dylan fan knows this poster. Why do I have it? Why do I need it? Super Sleeve. While there were thirteen songs on the released album, only discs for the first eleven songs seem to have survived. Much of the same information is written on each disc in grease pencil, where a label would ordinarily be. If you play it like seven times the sound is gone. Bringing it all back home. May 18, "New Arrangements" Buzz-Hut.

College Freakz. You may also like Long time ago. I was there. And it did feel like we were going to die. Especially after the Kent State shootings. Me and friends really thought Nixon and Agnew were going to pull the plug. We made plans to split for the woods. Lock and load. It was messing with us because the opposites were real. Our model was Castro when he went up into the jungles of Cuba to fight Baptista. Guerrilla warfare. We were art students.

What the fuck did we know about ammunition, sabotage, ambush, camouflage. All we knew was how we felt. We had had enough. We were pissed off and fed up with marches and protests and needed to survive and fight. Even if it was lowering that declaration to half mast. Times, they are a changing? I used to think they were. But now? The times are dark and dangerous and Up Against the Wall Motherfucker is as relevant as it was when the MC5 kicked out the jams back in Ann Arbor, in I still think like an art student.

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That will never change. Careless and irresponsible are always in a jar by the door. What am I trying to say? Artists are free. I know I am. It was sort of a commission. I let them know. I had never met her. I picked one where she was sitting in a chair getting her hair done. Her hair was in curlers. That it was a fake portrait. I also sent the money she paid for the portrait, back.

I wrote out a check for 36k and sent it to the person who originally asked me to do her portrait. No again. All I wanted was to be honest. I feel helpless. I feel ashamed. I feel mad again. I felt like if I could be honest it might relieve some of the frustration. I felt like I had a choice in an area where there are no choices.

I made the art. And I can unmake the art.

Series 4 - Foolproof Tarot Card Reading: Intermediate Air Spreads Series 4 - Foolproof Tarot Card Reading: Intermediate Air Spreads
Series 4 - Foolproof Tarot Card Reading: Intermediate Air Spreads Series 4 - Foolproof Tarot Card Reading: Intermediate Air Spreads
Series 4 - Foolproof Tarot Card Reading: Intermediate Air Spreads Series 4 - Foolproof Tarot Card Reading: Intermediate Air Spreads
Series 4 - Foolproof Tarot Card Reading: Intermediate Air Spreads Series 4 - Foolproof Tarot Card Reading: Intermediate Air Spreads
Series 4 - Foolproof Tarot Card Reading: Intermediate Air Spreads Series 4 - Foolproof Tarot Card Reading: Intermediate Air Spreads
Series 4 - Foolproof Tarot Card Reading: Intermediate Air Spreads Series 4 - Foolproof Tarot Card Reading: Intermediate Air Spreads
Series 4 - Foolproof Tarot Card Reading: Intermediate Air Spreads Series 4 - Foolproof Tarot Card Reading: Intermediate Air Spreads
Series 4 - Foolproof Tarot Card Reading: Intermediate Air Spreads Series 4 - Foolproof Tarot Card Reading: Intermediate Air Spreads

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