How To Work With White People And Win!

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They are agnostic but they know the words to negro spirituals and are diligently working to make Juneteenth a national holiday. How to tell a Safety Pinterest: They have a Black Lives Matter bumper sticker on their Subaru and they kneel during the national anthem. These are people who need you to understand that inequality is a result of a capitalist society and economics. These people believe structural inequality can be cured by addressing the wage gap, education funding, criminal justice reform and the school-to-prison pipeline. They will remind you who won the popular vote.

They wear pink hats and own at least one pair of Birkenstocks.

White men who can’t get jobs say they’re being discriminated against - MarketWatch

They carry their adopted black child in their arms until the kid is 13 years old. These people are not noticeable. Instead of talking, they listen a lot and use critical thinking. Even when they hold opposing ideas, they are willing to change their minds. When it comes to racism, they try to learn because they understand that they live in a different America. They voted for Obama and they believe in the promise of America but they also worry about their k. They would never kneel during the national anthem because they honor the troops but believe that everyone has the right to do so.

Most of their friends are white but they attend a mixed church and low-key know more about hip-hop than you do. They like Aerosmith, first responders and Jeru the Damaja. They always ask you if you want to hang out or visit their church. You run into them at a J. They own a kayak. These are just regular old, run-of-the-mill, no-washcloth-using white people.

These are the people for whom scrapbooking, Swiffer Wet Jets and white Jesus were created. These Great Value Americans are usually conservative but they are real conservatives. They have lived in a bubble of privilege so long that their main concerns are low taxes and small government. They deify the founding fathers, Ronald Reagan and George Will. Still, they donate money to charities that help the poor and downtrodden—mostly animal shelters and cancer funds, but still But when their daughter told them that she was dating a guy named LaMont, they prayed to white Jesus it was a French guy she met during her layover in Paris on the way back from Ghana.

When they found out it was a colored fella, they wept. Store brand white women are the ones who secretly voted for Trump. They keep a lot of shit in the attic. Store brand white people love attics. Also, store brand white people usually take their dogs with them everywhere they go. And what's all this talk about being "colorblind"?

Teaching Tolerance asked community activists to share their thoughts on these questions, and others. Their answers shine light on the concepts of comfort, power, privilege and identity. Diane: I associate this terminology with action and behavior more than an identity or subject position.

The Democrats’ White-People Problem

Anti-racist, for me, is more indicative of a process of coming to a healthy and functioning sense of a white racial identity. One of the functions and privileges of racism is that white people don't, as a whole, carry race as an identity -- you get to be individual, you get to be "yourself," you get to be the norm, you get to be whole and not partial or hyphenated. You do not have to make "adjustments" or "modifications" to know or name yourself. I also think my discomfort [with the term anti-racist] is fueled by it being based on what I am not.

It is the proverbial "I'm not a racist" disclaimer used by whites to separate themselves from the realities of racism and race-based privilege. Yvette: Not acknowledging that they have power and privilege by the mere fact that they are white. That is not to say that other parts of their identity can't lead them to feel powerless, for example, being white and gay, or being white and working class.

Another mistake I see is when white activists try to emulate a different culture by changing how they act, their speech or style of dress.

See a Problem?

It's one thing to appreciate someone else's culture; it's quite another to adopt it. Georgette: The most common mistakes white activists make are 1 setting an agenda with the illusion of inclusion, and 2 having to have a franchise on comfort. God forbid a person of color says or does anything to make white activists feel uncomfortable. That means there can be no discussion of race and no challenge to their privilege, which means no challenge to their power.

Sejal: White anti-racists make a mistake when they shut out the poor and uneducated and keep in those "in the know" to decide what's good for people of color. No movement can work where there is divisiveness. Also, if people of color want to have their own space and place in certain aspects of society -- say for a weekend or a month -- they shouldn't have to feel like they are being exclusive for doing this. White activists need to understand that society is their space and place every single day, and they shouldn't feel threatened or left out.

Sejal: "Getting it" is the biggest point, I feel. Getting it means many things: the ability for white activists to understand that they have a space and place of privilege. It really is up to white people to give up their privilege and be okay with that. Giving it up will make white people truly sensitive to the issues of racism, classism, sexism and homophobia.

White activists need to understand that they can't completely understand or "get" the experience of a person of color.

They should trust that their allies, people of color, are not being too sensitive or complaining. Everyone, especially U. I need to trust that my white allies will do the same for me when I need it. Diane: I believe that white allies can "get it" if we define "getting it" as becoming attuned to the subtle effects of racial bias in everyday interactions and environments. We can "get it" if we recognize the systemic presence of racism and how race-based oppression is allowed to continue. If we identify and own racial privilege and, as white people, have our own experiences of exclusion so we can authentically empathize, then we are "getting it.

Sejal: 1 Realize the meanings behind privilege, racism and whiteness. How do you relate to the definitions?

What do the polls say about American white men?

Pinpoint the ways in which you experience privilege as a white person. Realize that you want to do something about this system, and come at it with a sensitivity and understanding that you come from a privileged background whether you like it or not.

Why I'm No Longer Talking to White People About Race

Diane: Guilt allows white people to maintain the status quo. Guilt creates paralysis.

'Where White People Meet' Say Dating Site Isn't Racist

Guilt transfers the responsibility to people of color. Guilt continues the aspect of racism wherein white people put people of color in a situation of taking care of us. By saying, "I feel so guilty, so bad," it puts the other person in a position of comforting. The other person is then silenced, must reposition or restate their truth. Or worse -- maintain their truth and risk being viewed as mean, insensitive and angry. Guilt is where most white people get stuck. Guilt is the ultimate obstacle in the personal journey to being a white ally.

Georgette: Privilege and power perpetuate and maintain the hierarchy in our society. It defines 'being' by virtue of skin color.

How To Work With White People And Win! How To Work With White People And Win!
How To Work With White People And Win! How To Work With White People And Win!
How To Work With White People And Win! How To Work With White People And Win!
How To Work With White People And Win! How To Work With White People And Win!
How To Work With White People And Win! How To Work With White People And Win!
How To Work With White People And Win! How To Work With White People And Win!
How To Work With White People And Win! How To Work With White People And Win!
How To Work With White People And Win! How To Work With White People And Win!
How To Work With White People And Win!

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