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Shakespeare, Bacon Enigma (1996)

I did about 1, searches and there were about 13 rare phrase matches before and after The Tempest. It must be the same people. Since the s, Bacon, Edward de Vere — the 17th Earl of Oxford — and Christopher Marlowe have been among dozens of candidates suggested as the likely single author. But, in , in a publication titled Shakespeare Beyond Doubt: Evidence, Argument, Controversy , experts on Bacon, Oxford and Marlowe were among Shakespeareans who explained in a series of essays why only Shakespeare could have written his plays and poems, apart from his collaborations.

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Com , which discusses many of the salient points. But he had a name that perfectly fitted the requirements of Francis Bacon, whose muse since his teen years had been the novel's namesake Pallas Athena, the spear-shaking Greek goddess, patron of the Arts and Sciences a fact first documented in Of course, Pallas Athena was also the muse of Shakespeare as recounted in the sonnets. Bacon had to write under a mask because he was the love child of Queen Elizabeth and Robert Dudley, who were secretly married, as was well known by Elizabeth's inner circle and the courts of France and Spain.

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  • As potential heir to the throne, his very life and Elizabeth's crown were in mortal danger if the truth were to become widely known. I claim that the greatest work of literature in the English language is nothing less than the life story of this giant of a man, thus providing us with a far richer interpretation of the Shakespeare writings.

    As we follow Bacon through the dangerous rapids of Tudor high politics, conspiracy, love, betrayal and death, the material for the plays and sonnets plays out before us.

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    • Indeed, the works are the story of his life. In the novel, I have tried to match some of Shake-Speare's Sonnets with particular events in Bacon's life, and find some of the correspondences spine-chilling. When all is said and done, it is up to each reader to make a personal judgement on the questions of Bacon's royal birth and the Shakespeare authorship based on the evidence at hand.

      In making a judgement, some sound advice from Francis Bacon himself may be helpful to the reader. He writes:.

      Bacon is Shake-Speare by Sir Edwin Durning-Lawrence

      However, the novel is about much more than the Shakespeare works. Early clue about the "Star pointed pyramid" below: W Hat neede my Shakespeare for his honour'd bones, The labour of an Age, in piled stones Or that his hallow'd Reliques should be hid Vnder a starre-ypointing Pyramid? Thou in our wonder and astonishment Hast built thy selfe a lasting Monument: For whil'st to th'shame of slow-endevouring Art Thy easie numbers flow, and that each part, Hath from the leaves of thy unvalued Booke, Those Delphicke Lines with deepe Impression tooke Then thou our fancy of her selfe bereaving, Dost make us Marble with too much conceiving, And so Sepulcher'd in such pompe dost lie That Kings for such a Tombe would wish to die.

      Milton: On Shakespeare This is the first episode of a 4-part TV series which delves into every aspect of the Shakespeare Authorship Issue.

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      Bacon is Shake-Speare Bacon is Shake-Speare
      Bacon is Shake-Speare Bacon is Shake-Speare
      Bacon is Shake-Speare Bacon is Shake-Speare
      Bacon is Shake-Speare Bacon is Shake-Speare
      Bacon is Shake-Speare Bacon is Shake-Speare
      Bacon is Shake-Speare Bacon is Shake-Speare
      Bacon is Shake-Speare Bacon is Shake-Speare
      Bacon is Shake-Speare Bacon is Shake-Speare
      Bacon is Shake-Speare

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