But For The Storm That Came

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But the disciples had only four oars, since the sail was likely brought down to protect the mast.

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So the disciples were rightly anxious as their little boat was caught in the storm. There had undoubtedly been deaths on the Sea of Galilee that led the disciples to grave concern on that dark night. I love what happens next in our story.

types of storm - synonyms and related words | Macmillan Dictionary

Jesus, from the land, knew the disciples were struggling. They were too far from shore for him to literally see them struggling. Matthew continues in his telling of the story,. Very early in the morning he came to his disciples, walking on the lake.

Why were they terrified when they saw Jesus walking on the water? They assumed he was a spirit or a ghost. There was a tradition that, at the bottom of the Sea of Galilee, was a portal to the underworld, the realm of the dead. The disciples were already scared, but now they were terrified as it appeared a spirit had escaped from the underworld.

Perhaps the spirit had come to take them to the realm of the dead. It is important to note that the Gospel writers also wanted their readers to see Jesus coming to his disciples in their hour of need.

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He was watching over them even when they could not see him. We experience tempestuous storms in life, and they can terrify us if we allow ourselves to face them alone.

Every week during worship, people at Church of the Resurrection turn in prayer request cards. We receive well over one hundred of them in a typical week. One might be from a woman whose daughter is struggling with depression.

After the storm

Another might be from someone whose spouse just left them. Yet another might involve someone who is fighting an addiction to drugs, alcohol, or pornography. As it approached the East Coast, North Carolinians were understandably nervous, recalling the nine-day assault from Dennis that they had recently endured. At about 3 a. This was in addition to the 6 inches dropped by Hurricane Dennis ten days earlier as well as the rain from intermittent thunderstorms that kept the ground saturated in most places.

Pushed along by a low-pressure front moving in from the southwest, Hurricane Floyd passed through the state quickly. In its wake, the storm left an astonishing path of destruction. Many trees that had withstood the elements for decades were standing in waterlogged soil and got pushed over like bowling pins. This weather satellite image of Hurricane Floyd, from September 15, , shows the immense size of the storm, stretching from Florida to Canada. The storm travelled just off the Atlantic coast, producing severe flooding in North Carolina and Virginia, and heavy rains and localized flooding in most Mid-Atlantic States.

Despite the fact that electricity was out in many places and would be for days, people went back to work and otherwise things seemed to be returning to normal. Then that night, the Tar, Neuse, Roanoke, and Pamlico Rivers and their tributaries overran their banks and spilled over into urban areas, trapping people on the roofs of their homes and cars even as the waters washed away roads they might have used to escape. The waters rose and flowed into agricultural and livestock farms-drowning millions of chickens and hundreds of thousands of pigs.

The historic hurricanes that made landfall on Florida’s east coast

Flood waters swept through sewage plants, contaminating the water supply in many communities. The waters finally crested as high as 24 feet above flood stage along the Tar River, where they all but erased the town of Princeville. In all, Floyd claimed 51 lives and left thousands homeless.

Most deaths came after the heavy winds and rains subsided and residents ventured outside, unaware that the rivers and creeks were rising as fast as 6 to 8 inches per hour.

Map: Tracking Tropical Storm Barry’s Path

Hydrologists labeled this a year flood event, meaning that a flood this severe is likely to occur only once every years; or that it has only a 0. People were warned not to drink or bathe in water from taps for fear that it may harbor dangerously high levels of fecal coliform bacteria. The Tar River overran its banks in the aftermath of Floyd, resulting in some of the most severe flooding ever seen in North Carolina. This subdivision in Greenville was almost completely submerged. Photo by Dave Saville, Federal Emergency Management Administration News Given the vast amount of sediment and sewage flowing through the waterways toward the coast, state officials predicted there would be massive fish kills in North Carolina's Pamlico and Albemarle Sounds, and that the dependent fish, shrimp, and crab industries-which peak during the last four months of the year-would be wiped out.

But For The Storm That Came But For The Storm That Came
But For The Storm That Came But For The Storm That Came
But For The Storm That Came But For The Storm That Came
But For The Storm That Came But For The Storm That Came
But For The Storm That Came But For The Storm That Came
But For The Storm That Came But For The Storm That Came

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