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Design a nursery: create the best environment for you and your baby

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And it adds to the excitement of the impending arrival of a new baby. This should be a fun project but, while you might like to indulge in a scheme that's very baby-centric, long-term thinking is a must because you really won't believe how fast they grow into the toddler stage — and past that. So, it really pays to plan for a decorating scheme, and the furniture that goes in it, that will last for — or at least need rethinking — five years.

Modular Nursery Classrooms | Preschool Buildings for Education

This level of planning will help your budget go further, and should help you avoid costly mistakes. For more advice and inspiration, visit our nursery hub page. Nursery by Ikea. Instead, choose a colour that will suit the room's orientation north or east facing rooms will look more inviting with warmer shades; south and west facing rooms can take cooler tones ; that will flatter its proportions light colours being more space-enhancing than dark; dark colours being cosier at night than light ones ; and that you actually like — your baby's not going to have a strong opinion for a good couple of years hopefully.

The upside to paint over wallpaper? Apart from helping to keep the budget down, painted walls have the advantage of being relatively quick and easy to update in future. Don't want to be revamping every five years? You can also change the look of a neutrally decorated room quickly and cheaply with bedlinen and accessories. Nursery painted with colours from Dulux. Wallpaper is another route to giving a nursery personality. Instead, try hanging it on a single wall or perhaps two.

Forest Friends nursery wallpaper by Arthouse. Patterns including geometrics can look just right — and babies will love them. Murals are another eye-catching alternative. They work like a feature wall created with wallpaper, but you can size the design rather than working with standard rolls of wallpaper and pattern matching.

Themes include animals, birds, maps and charts, astronomy or architecture, as well as patterns. It will cushion falls when they start to toddle and is forgiving when items are dropped on it. It can also provide effective noise insulation — useful if your baby is sensitive to sounds when it's going off to sleep. On the downside, carpet can get stained so spills should be blotted immediately then gently cleaned. If you discover your child suffers from allergies, carpet is not recommended — try one of the hard flooring options below instead. It also provides good noise insulation.

A good quality version will stand up to wear and tear, and is easy to look after. Wood is natural and easy to keep clean. Solid wood and good quality engineered wood floors can be sanded and refinished if marks are made, so last for many years, and timber will continue to look good while other room elements change.

  • 8 great decorating themes for nurseries and children's bedrooms;
  • 1. essential zones.
  • China Seas.
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  • A Short Guide to Political Risk (Short Guides to Business Risk).
  • How to Design a Nursery: Dos and Don'ts.

Flat weave or short pile rugs are easiest to keep clean and both wool and cotton are soft and durable. Underlays and grips designed for the purpose will prevent accidents. Once again, if making the decor last and the budget go further is key, the more classic the design, the better. For more options, check out our buyer's guide to the best bedroom rugs.

Modern Baby Nursery Pictures Gallery

All accessories by This Modern Life. Shutters are a popular choice. Solid shutters are very effective at keeping daylight out to prevent sleep disruption, making them a particularly strong contender for a place in nurseries. Both these or slatted shutters will look good and last for years to come. Blinds are functional, too. Choose black-out blinds to block light effectively or go for a more decorative fabric with a black-out lining.

Venetians offer good light control and can help avoid glare on screens. Blinds that operate on a spring or are motorised are designed to be child safe, as are those with breakaway cords.

How to choose nursery paint

Otherwise, fit a separate safety device to keep the cord out of the way. Curtains bring the soft drape of fabric to a room and can introduce a touch of colour or pattern. Cleaning will be more time-consuming than that required for shutters or non-fabric blinds, however.

DIY design and fit, colour-matched, tier-on-tier shutters, California Shutters. You might want to hang a pendant with an attractive shape to throw interesting patterned shadows , or in a beautiful colour. If the design leaves the room without adequate all-over light, supplement with down lights.

A table lamp with a dimmer switch will need to offer different functions at different stages. For babies and younger children, a nightlight can provide a comforting glow — and allow you to move about the room at night without disturbing them. Decorative lighting can be a great way to personalise a scheme.

Fairy lights around a window or plug-in LED strips are low-cost ways to keep up with changing tastes — just ensure they're well out of the way of little hands. The cot is probably the most important piece of furniture you will buy. Ensuring it's from a quality supplier will ensure its safety and durability, but what else should you look out for? Here are a few must-haves and handy bonus features:.

NURSERY ROOM TOUR! Small Nursery Room Design & Organization - Gender Neutral Baby Room - Faith Drew
Nurseries: A Design Guide Nurseries: A Design Guide
Nurseries: A Design Guide Nurseries: A Design Guide
Nurseries: A Design Guide Nurseries: A Design Guide
Nurseries: A Design Guide Nurseries: A Design Guide
Nurseries: A Design Guide Nurseries: A Design Guide
Nurseries: A Design Guide Nurseries: A Design Guide
Nurseries: A Design Guide Nurseries: A Design Guide
Nurseries: A Design Guide Nurseries: A Design Guide

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