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Head agent Rick LaFleur shifts into a panther when the moon calls him, but this time, something has gone wrong. Then more animals turn up dead, and team rushes to investigate. A blood-witch is out to kill. But when it seems as if their leader is involved in the crime, the bonds that hold the team together could shatter at any moment.

Flame in the Dark.

The Shadow Cult

However, the "church" wants Nell back into their fold and they want to take her land too. They are offering to make her a consultant in exchange for information regarding the cult and their ties to a recent series of kidnapped young women. At first, Nell is reluctant to let all these people into her life.

She has been a loner for the most part. Little by little she starts trusting them and soon she becomes indispensable to their investigation. Nell was a great heroine. She's smart, strong and she isn't afraid to get her hands dirty. She also has a sense of family despite how dysfunctional and crazy hers is. One thing that made me love her, even more, was that she was able to put Rick in his place, not once but three times!!

A certain scene gave me so much pleasure. Rick deserves that and much more after what he did to Jane. Yes, I'm not over his betrayal and I don't care if he's not happy with Paka. I sure hope Mrs. Hunter never brings him back into Jane's love life. Goodbye and good riddance! But wallow later.

Right now you have a job to do. So do it. I do like Occam, the other wereleopard. I'm guessing he's going to be one of Nell's romantics liaisons in books to come. Tandy brought feelings of protection, just like it happened to Nell in the book. Blood of the Earth has excellent worldbuilding.

A Journey to the Interior of the Earth Jules VERNE (FULL Audiobook)

At times, the details were a little too much for me but I know it's only going to help make the series stronger. I hope we get many more books. Aug 14, Ian rated it it was amazing Shelves: b-favorites , b-five-star , t-other-monsters , a-audiobook , t-vampires-werewolves-witches , g-urban-fantasy , t-fairies-trolls-goblins-elves , t-ghosts-spectres.

As a child growing up in a polygamous cult, Nell escaped the constrictions of cult life and marriage to the evil cult leader by agreeing to become the second wife of John Ingram. After his first wife died and then later he died, she found herself alone on a parcel of land that borders the land owned by the church. She has lived on her own, with shotguns at every window always fearing the day the men from the church came for her.

But she has more than just shotguns. It's her land, through the ear As a child growing up in a polygamous cult, Nell escaped the constrictions of cult life and marriage to the evil cult leader by agreeing to become the second wife of John Ingram. It's her land, through the earth and the trees she knows every inch of it. She controls who comes and goes and with just a drop of blood, she even has the power of life and death. Now after many years things are changing. They enlist her help to infiltrate the church and what she discovers is a creature so evil even the experts from PsyLED don't know what it is.

Blood of the Earth is incredible. Nell Ingram is a heroine you'll instantly love. The book is set in the world of Jane Yellowrock with a few crossover characters, though thankfully only a few. Nell's world, her gifts, her background, her land Book 2, Curse of the Land follows in a few short months and I'm champing at the bit to get it. I can't wait.

Jan 19, Shelley rated it really liked it Shelves: release , blog-tour , urban-fantasy , received-for-review. This is a spin-off series that features year old Nell Nicholson Ingram. Nell is totally off the grid and that's exactly the way she likes it. The only identification she has, is a library card which she uses several times a week. When Jane first met her, she smelled like Earth-magic and home which would explain why everything Nell touches, seems to grow faster than other means.

Expected publication: August 2nd by Roc Jam-packed with a number of different themes, from a polygamist cult to vampires, shapeshifters, witches, and everything in between, Blood of the Earth is sure to keep the listener entertained with its highly unique and well thought out, complex urban fantasy world. In fact, the whole audiobook package is so well put together that it just earned Faith Hunter and Khristine Hvam a Paranormal Audie Finalist nomination which was just announced earlier this month! Before running out and buying this audiobook, however, a few words of caution are worth noting.

First of all, this book is romance light. Like most UF series, the debut novel is based on the UF world building, not the romance. All that said, there are a few potential love interests for the heroine, Nell Ingram the main character of this series that this book teases the listener with, though almost no romance is actually contained within this book. Although it is the first book in this series, some knowledge of the Jane Yellowrock UF world is helpful to more quickly and better understand this series, including background knowledge on several of the main characters that appear in this series.

However, I do caution that if you are listening to both series, you should do so in the order that the books have been released so far. I had only listened to the first few books in the Jane Yellowrock series and as a result this book had spoilers for some of the books that I have not yet listened to. I still plan to listen to the entire Jane Yellowrock series, but I would have waited to listen to this book until I was further along in that series. Nell has had a tough life. Born into a polygamist, religious cult where women are subservient to men, and having a fiery and dominant personality, Nell has been at odds with this culture her whole life.

So much so, that today she lives outside of the cult in a rural area where she is pretty much off the grid. Led by Agent Rick LaFleur, one of the major characters of the Jane Yellowrock series, the PsyLED team, which includes a whole cast of supernatural beings with various powers, comes to Nell hoping to recruit her, based on a tip from Jane Yellowrock.

Jane met Nell in a prior book during a mission to track down a rogue vampire. See the full review at AudioGals View all 4 comments. Currently running for. Nell begins to work with PsyLED, and she begins to change and become more worldly.

Prefatory Note

As Jane Yellowrock suspected, Nell is not quite human; and her affinity for nature and powers, while not fully explained here, become more apparent as she begins to use them more. The storyline is convoluted and often dense. The vampire who was being held at the compound is only the tip of the iceberg of the evil being perpetrated; and what begins as a kidnapping case soon evolves into a darker tale, one of an unknown type of paranormal terrorizing the populace.

It will be a lot of fun to read about this group as the series goes on. These characters all had quite individual and distinct personalities. I greatly enjoyed it with a couple of caveats. I understand that she had to resolve her past before she could move on; but I really thought it took up too much book time for my tastes.

Also, a few times, especially in the beginning, it was almost painfully slow reading. My other issue was that I felt that the story rambled in places. Lots of description, and a simple question often led to a page or more of a character just talking about whatever before they finally answered. I felt the story could have been tightened up more. Overall, though; I really liked Blood of the Earth , and found it to be a quite satisfying read. I particularly liked Nell…a lot. Faith Hunter does a good job on her heroines. Nell is no badass Jane; but she has intelligence and her own strengths.

She has great potential to grow as a character as the series moves on. Obviously, Nell needs her ties to her land, Soulwood, to sustain her powers; but I do hope to see her work and things in her life branch out more. This is UF at its finest, and while recognizable as being set in the JY universe, a really quite a different take on UF. It stands quite well on its own. Not a perfect read; but very, very good. Hunter is a talented author, no doubt about that; and always brings a good story to the reader.

View all 7 comments. Feb 08, Veronica rated it it was ok Shelves: urban-fantasy. Finally finished with this one! It had a slow start and though it did pick up a little bit in the last third of the book, it was too little, too late. By then I had mentally checked out and was mostly skimming by reading only the dialogue lines. The repetitiveness of the references to the main character's upbringing in a religious cult and her little understood connection to the woods wore thin fast. I got it the first 20 times, I swear. But I can still enjoy an imperfect book - I do it al Whew! But I can still enjoy an imperfect book - I do it all the time - if the characters make me love them and want to be friends with them.

That didn't happen here. I never warmed up to any of the characters and the MC's use of "church speak" made me cringe, what with all the "iffen yous" and "I be a woman grown". It also didn't help that this book sat for a week without me touching it. Every time I would consider picking it back up I'd find other things to do instead. Now a few years ago, when I first found my way back to reading, I would have given this series another few books to grow on me. I just don't have that kind of time anymore.

Time is precious so while I'm sure there are many who will love this book, this series is one and done for me. Aug 22, Annie Under the Covers Book Blog rated it liked it Shelves: genre-urban-fantasy , review-requests , for-fresh-fiction-review , ebooks , read-in , arc , author-faith-hunter , series-soulwood. View 2 comments. So much to say about this book. But first things first. Sadly, I only managed to read Skinwalker before diving in into this one — yep, Steven is still disappointed with me — but, I must confess that after thr So much to say about this book.

Sadly, I only managed to read Skinwalker before diving in into this one — yep, Steven is still disappointed with me — but, I must confess that after three or four pages all my guilty thoughts vanished. Omigosh Nell is such a great character. The support cast is also great.

I loved how different they where and how well they mesh together. Even Rick. Plus it has a cult. And someone breaking free of it. My favorite thing on the book? Earth Magic Rocks. And it has darkness too and it craves blood and it can turn alive. Seriously, a vampire tree? All kinds of awesome.

It was borderline perfect. The villains are complex and twisted and the story revolves in a way that keeps the reader unable to set it down till the very end.

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And her sense of humor rocks. It has layers and layers and delicious moments. It has sass. It has funny moments. It has surprises. It even has a hint of a love interest. Sweet and deserved. And I want the next one like no tomorrow. See more The Book Wielding Harpie Oct 30, Jacob Proffitt rated it really liked it Shelves: audiobook , urban-fantasy. I'm a fan of Hunter's Jane Yellowrock series and this is an offshoot of that one. It is, however, a very mild offshoot meaning that you really don't need to know anything about the other to enjoy this one. And this was a great story and a lot of fun.

I really liked Nell, even if I have a hard time with her background for technical reasons. I liked how strong and independent Nell is right from the start. And that she has obviously taken time and no small amount of effort to become educated beyon I'm a fan of Hunter's Jane Yellowrock series and this is an offshoot of that one. And that she has obviously taken time and no small amount of effort to become educated beyond her upbringing, though mainly through judicious use of her local library.

She has echoes of Jane's problem distinguishing culpability from guilt, but milder if only because she has fewer reasons to need to kill folk. Over the course of the novel, I really came to appreciate Hunter's even-handedness with Nell's family. They're setup initially as part of a cult and have some troubled relationship issues with Nell. But over time, we see them gain depth as interactions with them humanize them and show that they aren't the villains Nell has come to believe.

Indeed, their faith community has an enjoyable mix of good and bad guys and I love how at least part of the conflict was the inevitable schism erupting in a community where the power-hungry must overcome those who actually believe what is being taught. And the interactions with the PsyLED team was full of win as well. I loved the different characters and have to admit to losing my heart, just a little bit, to Oakham. I liked how they accepted who and what Nell is and made her feel part of the team because she was part of the team.

I particularly liked their appreciation for her smarts as well as what she could do for them as, well, whatever-the-heck she is. I admit to having a hard time with "the cult". Which is actually at the heart of my problem, really. The stability, I mean. See, God's Cloud has polygamy as a core practice. Since I'm Mormon, and of a studious bent, I've spent more than a little time considering polygamy as a system both historical and theoretical. And that means I'll almost inevitably have a hard time with fictional representations of the practice and that's the case here.

And I was going to go into some of the things Hunter gets wrong, but decided it'd be kind of boring for anyone not me. So I'll just say that while the interpersonal and individual aspects were outstanding, some of the details wouldn't have worked, at least not long-term and certainly not for some years. Anyway, the plot was good, the characters outstanding, and I enjoyed the deep background and slower pace that may hang up some readers.

Oh, there's plenty of action and Nell has lots to do, but Nell is a contemplative kind of woman and Hunter takes the time to give readers a view into her mental processes in ways that I appreciated even as I acknowledge that others may find slow. I enjoyed the ride and can't wait to spend more time with Nell as this series progresses.

I particularly want to see how Hunter handles a character whose supernatural ability is rather actively tied to a lone stretch of mountain woodlands. Apr 21, Maria Dimitrova rated it it was amazing Shelves: br-bbb , fantasy , br-bbb , buddy-reads , urban-fantasy. At first I was a bit apprehensive because I was warned that one of my least favourite characters from the JY series will have a major role here. If you've read some of my reviews of the other series you know that I mostly hate Rick - I've bitched about him a lot! So it came as a surprise that I not only didn't mind his presence here but I actually felt a bit sorry for him.

There must be something wrong with me, I should schedule an appointment with a good shrink. The MC, Nell, is a fascinating character! I loved her from the very beginning. She's had a really tough time growing up and it's truly amazing that she's managed to get so far and remain so independent. I hated the cult she grew up in, I hated her family for most of the book and even when it was revealed that they weren't as bad as Nell thought they were I still can't accept a lot of what they do.

I know I should be open minded and accepting of other people's lifestyles but child marriage and abuse are not among the things I can ever accept as normal.

The new characters that form the core group of this book are diverse - an empath, a witch, a human and two and a half werecats. At first Paka rubbed me the wrong way but as the book progressed I started liking her more and more. She provides a much needed fierceness and her penchant for violence satisfies my bloodthirst. There are two potential love interest for Nell and I hope that this won't turn into another love triangle that spans books. The humour was great and it was nice to experience the world away from Jane, who tends to have a rather narrow worldview.

This was a strong start and while I would recommend reading the JY books first, it can be treated as a separate series. Apr 12, Tori rated it really liked it Shelves: arc , dark , small-town , tattoos , supernatural-elements , e-book , vampires , read-in , series , violence. Blood of the Earth stars Nell Ingram, a young woman who wields a dark and potentially deadly elemental power rooted deep in the earth itself. I am something far more dangerous. This led her to North Carolina and introduced her to Nell.

Nell has strong ties to the church having been raised in it. Nell left the church and her family when the lecherous church leader demanded her hand in marriage at age Nell refused, causing dissension within the church. She is rescued by two older members of the church, Leah and John Ingram. Nell goes to live with John and Leah until she became of age and John married her to protect her.

When John and Leah passed away, Nell became the sole beneficiary of their home, Soulwood, and the surrounding acreage. From that day forward, Nell has been locked in battle with the church, determined to save her land, her home, and herself from their clutches. Nell is an interesting protagonist.

Blood of the Earth (Soulwood, #1) by Faith Hunter

A human with a gift that she is rapidly learning can be used to create and destroy. Her youthfulness is still prevalent, you can see the line she straddles between child and adult from her mannerisms and thoughts. Born and raised in a fundamentalist polygamy sect, the ingrained lessons she learned are hard to shed yet she was strong enough to break the cycle at a young age when she began to see the injustice and violence that was rapidly becoming the norm for the women of the church.

Take it and cry and grieve and then accept whatever they did. No more. Not for me. He offers her a position on the PsyLED team as a consultant though true to his usual modus operandi, there is a catch. The invasion of PsyLED unit gives Nell the push she needs to start re-evaluatingher life and the reasons for her solitude. It also gives her new insight into her growing powers.

She opens her door to her home and her heart, causing her to understand that her solitude is nothing more than an attempt to avoid more pain and heartbreak.

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She sees the events of the past through the eyes of an adult and realizes her anger and hate has clouded her judgment on some issues. The feeling that the two series will crossover is reinforced through this plotline and I for one cannot wait. Action, suspense, dark magic,and a wisp of romance engages from the first page and left this reader more than ready for book two of the series, Curse of the Land, set to release November Jun 22, Leona Woolfolk rated it really liked it. When I started Blood of the Earth my excitement spiked because I knew with a Faith Hunter story I would get a great dose of fantasy and suspense.

What I didn't expect, though, was to end up only liking two characters out of Blood of the Earth and struggling to get through the beginning portion. The struggle I had with the beginning of Blood of the Earth stemmed from a disconnect I had wi When I started Blood of the Earth my excitement spiked because I knew with a Faith Hunter story I would get a great dose of fantasy and suspense. At the mention of a particular mission that Jane needed Nell's help with, the urge to stop reading and continue the Jane Yellowrock series became strong I feel that Blood of the Earth shouldn't and can't be read as a standalone unless you've caught up in the Jane Yellowrock series.

Another thing, I remember Rick from Skinwalker and Blood Cross , but the state he's in here in Blood of the Earth also had me wanting to continue on in the Jane Yellowrock series; I kept asking myself what chain of events happened that made him the man he was in Blood of the Earth. Occam, a were-leopard and a member of the PsyLED unit, helped make Blood of the Earth more a story I couldn't tear my eyes from reading.

For the fact that he had no problem going toe to toe with Rick on behalf of Nell really showed me and Nell that he's someone trustworthy when everything around Nell was so iffy and uncertain. Nell's character was so interesting to me that I couldn't give up on Blood of the Earth. She's a fighter and she got dealt a crappy hand so I really wanted her to get answers, a sense of purpose, and justice for all she'd been through. I hope in the next installment that Nell starts to get answers to what she actually is and how she can remove the taint that Brother Ephraim placed in her woods.

As I'm writing this review I'm debating on whether I would've connected more with Blood of the Earth if I had listened to it on audio rather than reading it myself? But, I don't think that I would've. The audio, in my opinion, would do nothing but make me like certain scenes more than I did with the voice dramatization and production. Blood of the Earth is simply a story that shouldn't be missed even though I had some challenges with it. I would recommend, though, catching up in the Jane Yellowrock series first. Aug 08, Lisa rated it liked it Shelves: urban-fantasy.

It is a spin-off from her Jane Yellowrock books, which I have not read, and so I confirmed this would be a good entry point before reading. I definitely never felt I was missing information, or was hindered by having not read Jane Yellowrock. That said, I did feel like my reading experience definitely lacked something. Nell has been living by herself on property left to her by her late husband.

She has a very unique and special connection with the land around her. But through some unfortunate events, she is dragged out of her isolation to aid an investigation that will require her to make contact with the church again. I wanted to like Nell. But for some reason, I just felt she came across as naive. I think this is a trait of her character and was intentional its hard to live in isolation and not be naive , but instead of sympathizing with her, I started to feel a bit impatient instead. There was also a ton of repetition in this book. Sometimes, in big tomes of epic fantasy where you have a lot of information to remember or in books aimed at young readers, repetition can be beneficial.

It was extraneous page filler material that pulled me out of the story as previous information was rehashed and slightly reworded. And as for the plot? Well, once again, I felt like I should have found it more intriguing than I actually did. There are also girls who have gone missing, but as a reader I felt rather removed from them, and so I really did not feel any emotional investment in them, their capture or their recovery gosh, that makes me sound horrible, but really, it was just like a story check point, side information for me rather than feeling like I was reading the harrowing disappearance of young women.

Although, in all fairness, it may have been spot on for how the character should sound. For readers new to the author, this book definitely works as a starting point, but seeing as how the Jane Yellowrock books are so popular, they may serve a better introduction to the author.

Check out more reviews Perspective of a Writer Now, Nell has a team—and a mission. But to find the vampire Bloo Check out more reviews Perspective of a Writer In October I dared myself to participate in an urban fantasy reading challenge This was one of the books I chose and am I sooooo glad as I adored Nell and the entire concept of the Soulwood.

I have a friend who loves reading Faith Hunter, she started with Jane Yellowrock and then found this spin-off series. It was quite different from the more fast-paced, story centered Jane stories, and that was all due to Nell! Nell has just the type of background and personality mix that I love and she totally drove the story. It's a plot that is quite particular to her dragging in her back history growing up with a cult and dealing with men who believes she should be under their thumb.

It doesn't help she's a legal heiress to land they want.

The Shadow Cult (The Blood of the Earth Book 2) The Shadow Cult (The Blood of the Earth Book 2)
The Shadow Cult (The Blood of the Earth Book 2) The Shadow Cult (The Blood of the Earth Book 2)
The Shadow Cult (The Blood of the Earth Book 2) The Shadow Cult (The Blood of the Earth Book 2)
The Shadow Cult (The Blood of the Earth Book 2) The Shadow Cult (The Blood of the Earth Book 2)
The Shadow Cult (The Blood of the Earth Book 2) The Shadow Cult (The Blood of the Earth Book 2)
The Shadow Cult (The Blood of the Earth Book 2) The Shadow Cult (The Blood of the Earth Book 2)
The Shadow Cult (The Blood of the Earth Book 2) The Shadow Cult (The Blood of the Earth Book 2)

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