The Yin and Yang of Starting A Business: Essential Step-by-Guides (with Glossary)

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Yin and Yang

Society conditions our consciousness. And so we remain unconscious to our true self for at least the first half of life. Individuation is the process, simple or complex as the case may be, by which every living organism becomes what it was destined to become from the beginning. In the first half of life, we make our way through the world, doing our best to develop healthy egos.

Prior to beginning the individuation process, we have certainty. Through the course of our development, we form a solid self-identity. We think we know who we are. But this self-identity is always one-sided. This ancient symbol represents the balance or harmony of opposites. Instead of seeing yin and yang as opposing forces, the Chinese view them as complementary forces that interact within a greater whole represented by the circle encompassing them.

Can you imagine what it would be like to integrate both masculine and feminine principles within your mind, not favoring either perspective over the other? Jung found that opposites create tension in the psyche. Repressing tension makes us one-sided, and it leads us to project our unconscious fantasies on to reality.

Besides the tension between masculine and feminine principles, here are two other common internal tensions:. The instincts are our biological roots, our body. Any time we try to favor psyche over instincts—mind over body, spirit over nature—or vice versa, we cut ourselves off dissociate from a part of what we are. We want angels, not demons. The rise of Christianity added a kind of spirit of evil to the principle of evil which it did not have before.

The sharpening of differentiation of ethical reactions into too clear-cut black-and-white lines is not favorable to life. It shows how the universal human traits and possibilities are combined in each individual in a way that is unlike anyone else. Once we feel more secure as individuals, more complete within ourselves, it is natural also to seek the myriad ways in which we resemble our fellow human beings … the essential human qualities that bind us together in the human tribe.

While the individuation process is different for each person, Jung highlights three archetypes that coincide with three stages of psychological development. Individuals first get to know and integrate their shadow—all the disown parts of themselves they alienated to create their personality. The typical process explained Can independent persons help with a dispute? Checklist for dispute resolution best practice For more information. Working at best practice Disputes can arise at any workplace. This best practice guide explains the: advantages of best practice dispute resolution requirement for a dispute resolution clause in modern awards and enterprise agreements, and the rules regarding overlap between these instruments benefits of a dispute resolution clause even where employees are not covered by awards or enterprise agreements features of a good dispute resolution clause rules regarding the powers of the Fair Work Commission or other independent persons in resolving a dispute.

Included also is a checklist on best practice dispute resolution. Back to top Why work at best practice? Back to top What is dispute resolution? This can occur through: a negotiated outcome, where the parties concerned sort out things themselves a mediated outcome, where the parties use the services of an independent mediator to help them arrive at their own agreement, or an arbitrated or adjudicated outcome, where an independent arbitrator or court determines how the dispute is to be resolved and makes a binding decision or order to this effect.

Article: The yin and yang of people productivity: HR contribution business leaders miss most

Back to top Dispute resolution in modern awards and enterprise agreements Modern Awards The Fair Work Act FW Act requires that all modern awards include a term which sets out a procedure for resolving disputes between employers and employees about any matter arising under the modern award and the National Employment Standards NES. Enterprise agreements When making an enterprise agreement, the FW Act requires the parties to include a dispute resolution clause. The dispute resolution clauses in enterprise agreements must provide a process to resolve any disputes: arising under the agreement, or relating to the NES.

The FW Act requires that a dispute resolution clause in an enterprise agreement must: set out a procedure that requires or allows either the Fair Work Commission or some other independent person to settle the dispute allow for the representation of employees covered by the agreement when there is a dispute for example by another employee or a union. Back to top Which dispute resolution procedure applies to me or my business? Back to top What if the employees are not covered by an award or enterprise agreement? Back to top What are the features of a good dispute resolution process?

A best practice dispute resolution process should: be simple allow appropriate stages so that matters can, wherever possible, be resolved at the workplace encourage parties to agree on a process that suits them if the dispute reaches the Fair Work Commission provide the Fair Work Commission with the necessary discretion and power to ensure settlement of the dispute if the dispute remains unresolved after the early stages of the dispute resolution procedure have been attempted. Best practice dispute resolution outcomes should be: quick - the issues should be resolved quickly rather than allowing them to escalate through inaction fair - all relevant parties should be consulted so that all sides of the story are taken into account handled sensitively - disputes should, where possible and appropriate, be resolved in a confidential context in order to minimise impact on employees not affected by the dispute transparent - the procedure should be made known to every employee.

Back to top Can the Fair Work Commission help with a dispute? Where a provision in an award, an enterprise agreement, a contract of employment or other written agreement refers a dispute to the Fair Work Commission: depending on the terms of the clause, the Fair Work Commission may settle a dispute via mediation, conciliation, or by making a recommendation or expressing an opinion, except in the circumstances where the parties have agreed to limit the powers of the Fair Work Commission the Fair Work Commission may, where agreed by the parties, deal with the matter by arbitration and make a binding decision regarding the dispute.

However, the Fair Work Commission must not deal with a dispute if it is about: whether an employer had reasonable business grounds to refuse a request by an employee for flexible working arrangements, or an extension of unpaid parental leave beyond 12 months. See next; or Resolution Senior management listens to the employee's concerns and either resolves the dispute or refers the matter to more senior management. See next; or Resolution An independent conciliator or mediator for example the Fair Work Commission assists to resolve the dispute Resolution: Problems are solved and healthy working relationships are maintained.

Back to top Can independent persons help with a dispute? Where a term in an award, an enterprise agreement or a contract of employment or other written agreement refers a dispute to an independent person other than the Fair Work Commission : the person may, where agreed to by the parties, deal with the dispute via arbitration and make a binding decision about the dispute the person must not deal with a dispute if it is about whether an employer had reasonable business grounds to refuse a request by an employee for flexible working arrangements or for an extension of unpaid parental leave beyond 12 months unless provided for in a contract of employment, enterprise agreement or some other kind of written agreement that allows them to deal with the dispute generally, an independent third party can only assist the parties to resolve their dispute in accordance with the powers that are expressly conferred by the relevant clause of the award, agreement, or other written agreement.

Back to top Checklist for dispute resolution best practice Employers working at best practice will: ensure they have a simple, quick, fair, confidential and transparent dispute resolution procedure in place, whether it be included as part of a modern award, enterprise agreement, company policy, employment contract, or other industrial instrument ensure employees are made aware of the applicable dispute resolution procedures.

Where a dispute has arisen: work towards solving the problem and maintaining healthy working relationships determine which dispute resolution procedure applies comply with the correct procedure quickly and fairly use best efforts to resolve the dispute at the workplace where this is not possible, refer the dispute to an independent mediator or arbitrator such as the Fair Work Commission with the power to deal with the dispute.

Back to top For more information Fair Work Ombudsman 13 13 94 www. Want to save this information for later? Did you find what you were looking for? Yes No. Contact us Fair Work Online: www. Was it really a good thing, for example, to so dramatically liberalize the divorce laws in the s? Horror and terror lurk behind the walls provided so wisely by our ancestors. We tear them down at our peril. We skate, unconsciously, on thin ice, with deep, cold waters below, where unimaginable monsters lurk.

People often get basic psychological questions backwards. Why do people take drugs? Not a mystery. Why do people suffer from anxiety? How is that people can ever be calm? A million things can go wrong, in a million ways. We should be terrified out of our skulls at every second. The same can be said for depression, laziness and criminality. Two-year-olds, statistically speaking, are the most violent of people. They kick, hit and bite, and they steal the property of others. They do so to explore, to express outrage and frustration, and to gratify their impulsive desires.

More importantly, for our purposes, they do so to discover the true limits of permissible behaviour. How else are they ever going to puzzle out what is acceptable? Infants are like blind people, searching for a wall. They have to push forward, and test, to see where the actual boundaries lie and those are too-seldom where they are said to be. Kids do this frequently.

Scared parents think that a crying child is always sad or hurt. This is simply not true. Anger is one of the most common reasons for crying. Careful analysis of the musculature patterns of crying children has confirmed this. Anger-crying and fear-or-sadness crying do not look the same. Anger-crying is often an act of dominance, and should be dealt with as such. He wanted to know.

You can teach virtually anyone anything with such an approach. First, figure out what you want. Then, watch the people around you like a hawk. Finally, whenever you see anything a bit more like what you want, swoop in hawk, remember and deliver a reward. Your daughter has been very reserved since she became a teenager. You wish she would talk more. One morning, over breakfast, she shares an anecdote about school. Stop texting and listen. Skinner, however, was a realist.

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He noted that use of reward was very difficult: the observer had to attend patiently until the target spontaneously manifested the desired behaviour, and then reinforce. However, children would not have such a lengthy period of natural development, prior to maturity, if their behaviour did not have to be shaped.

Given this, the fundamental moral question is not how to shelter children completely from misadventure and failure, so they never experience any fear or pain, but how to maximize their learning so that useful knowledge may be gained with minimal cost. If a child has not been taught to behave properly by the age of four, it will forever be difficult for him or her to make friends. The research literature is quite clear on this. So now we have two general principles of discipline. The first: limit the rules. The second: Use the least force necessary to enforce those rules.

So here are a few practical hints: time out can be an extremely effective form of punishment, particularly if the misbehaving child is welcome as soon as he controls his temper. An angry child should sit by himself until he calms down. Then he should be allowed to return to normal life. That means the child wins—instead of his anger.

If your child is the kind of determined varmint who simply runs away, laughing, when placed on the steps or in his room, physical restraint might have to be added to the time out routine.

A Closer Look at Carl Jung’s Individuation Process: A Map for Psychic Wholeness

A child can be held carefully but firmly by the upper arms, until he or she stops squirming and pays attention. People are aggressive and selfish, as well as kind and thoughtful. For this reason, no adult human being—no hierarchical, predatory ape—can truly tolerate being dominated by an upstart child. Revenge will come. Ten minutes after a pair of all-too-nice-and-patient parents have failed to prevent a public tantrum at the local supermarket, they will pay their toddler back with the cold shoulder when he runs up, excited, to show mom and dad his newest accomplishment.

Parents have a duty to act as proxies for the real world—merciful proxies, caring proxies—but proxies, nonetheless. This obligation supersedes any responsibility to ensure happiness, foster creativity, or boost self-esteem.

the yin and yang of starting a business essential step by guides with glossary Manual

It is the primary duty of parents to make their children socially desirable. Many, perhaps even most, of the adults who abuse children were abused themselves as children.

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However, the majority of people who were abused as children do not abuse their own children. But success makes us complacent.

Checklist for Starting a Business: Essential Ingredients for Success

We forget to pay attention. We take what we have for granted. We turn a blind eye. We fail to notice that things are changing, or that corruption is taking root. And everything falls apart. Is that the fault of reality—of God? Or do things fall apart because we have not paid sufficient attention? A hurricane is an act of God.

And the wages of sin is death Romans Have you cleaned up your life? Start stopping today. If you cannot bring peace to your household, how dare you try to rule a city? To share does not mean to give away something you value, and get nothing back. That is instead only what every child who refuses to share fears it means.

To share means, properly, to initiate the process of trade. People watched the successful succeed and the unsuccessful fail for thousands and thousands of years. We thought it over, and drew a conclusion: The successful among us delay gratification. The successful among us bargain with the future.

The successful sacrifice. It might even be time to sacrifice what you love best, so that you can become who you might become, instead of staying who you are. Thus, the person who wishes to alleviate suffering—who wishes to rectify the flaws in Being; who wants to bring about the best of all possible futures; who wants to create Heaven on Earth—will make the greatest of sacrifices, of self and child, of everything that is loved, to live a life aimed at the Good.

He will forego expediency. He will pursue the path of ultimate meaning. And he will in that manner bring salvation to the ever-desperate world. It means that even under conditions of extreme privation, there are more important things than food. To put it another way: Bread is of little use to the man who has betrayed his soul, even if he is currently. The society produced by Christianity was far less barbaric than the pagan—even the Roman—ones it replaced.

Christian society at least recognized that feeding slaves to ravenous lions for the entertainment of the populace was wrong, even if many barbaric practices still existed. It objected to infanticide, to prostitution, and to the principle that might means right. It insisted that women were as valuable as men even though we are still working out how to manifest that insistence politically.

Finally, it separated church from state, so that all-too-human emperors could no longer claim the veneration due to gods. Even when the modern atheists opposed to Christianity belittle fundamentalists for insisting, for example, that the creation account in Genesis is objectively true, they are using their sense of truth, highly developed over the centuries of Christian culture, to engage in such argumentation.

Besides, the socialists were more intrinsically capitalist than the capitalists. They believed just as strongly in money. They just thought that if different people had the money, the problems plaguing humanity would vanish. Each human being understands, a priori, perhaps not what is good, but certainly what is not. And if there is something that is not good, then there is something that is good.

If the worst sin is the torment of others, merely for the sake of the suffering produced—then the good is whatever is diametrically opposed to that. The good is whatever stops such things from happening. It was from this that I drew my fundamental moral conclusions. Aim up. Fix what you can fix. Strive for humility, because totalitarian pride manifests itself in intolerance, oppression, torture and death. Become aware of your own insufficiency—your cowardice, malevolence, resentment and hatred.

Consider the murderousness of your own spirit before you dare accuse others, and before you attempt to repair the fabric of the world. And all of that is your contribution to the insufficiency and evil of the world. Lying leads to Hell. It was the great and the small lies of the Nazi and Communist states that produced the deaths of millions of people.

To have meaning in your life is better than to have what you want, because you may neither know what you want, nor what you truly need. Meaning is something that comes upon you, of its own accord. You can set up the preconditions, you can follow meaning, when it manifests itself, but you cannot simply produce it, as an act of will.

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What is expedient works only for the moment. What is meaningful, by contrast, is the organization of what would otherwise merely be expedient into a symphony of Being. I soon came to realize that almost everything I said was untrue. I had motives for saying these things: I wanted to win arguments and gain status and impress people and get what I wanted. I was using language to bend and twist the world into delivering what I thought was necessary. But I was a fake. Realizing this, I started to practise only saying things that the internal voice would not object to.

I started to practise telling the truth—or, at least, not lying. Tell the truth. I have seen people define their utopia and then bend their lives into knots trying to make it reality. A left-leaning student adopts a trendy, anti-authority stance and spends the next twenty years working resentfully to topple the windmills of his imagination.

However, researchers have recently discovered that new genes in the central nervous system turn themselves on when an organism is placed or places itself in a new situation. These genes code for new proteins. These proteins are the building blocks for new structures in the brain. This means that a lot of you is still nascent, in the most physical of senses, and will not be called forth by stasis.

You have to say something, go somewhere and do things to get turned on. And, if not…you remain incomplete, and life is too hard for anyone incomplete.

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Only the most cynical, hopeless philosophy insists that reality could be improved through falsification. Forest fires burn out deadwood and return trapped elements to the soil. Sometimes, however, fires are suppressed, artificially. That does not stop the deadwood from accumulating. Sooner or later, a fire will start. When it does, it will burn so hot that everything will be destroyed—even the soil in which the forest grows. We must make decisions, here and now, even though the best means and the best goals can never be discerned with certainty.

An aim, an ambition, provides the structure necessary for action. An aim provides a destination, a point of contrast against the present, and a framework, within which all things can be evaluated. An aim defines progress and makes such progress exciting. An aim reduces anxiety, because if you have no aim everything can mean anything or nothing, and neither of those two options makes for a tranquil spirit. Thus, we have to think, and plan, and limit, and posit, in order to live at all. You are by no means only what you already know. You are also all that which you could know, if you only would.

Thus, you should never sacrifice what you could be for what you are. You should never give up the better that resides within for the security you already have—and certainly not when you have already caught a glimpse, an undeniable glimpse, of something beyond. Everyone needs a concrete, specific goal—an ambition, and a purpose—to limit chaos and make intelligible sense of his or her life.

But all such concrete goals can and should be subordinated to what might be considered a meta-goal, which is a way of approaching and formulating goals themselves. Make your criteria for failure and success timely and clear, at least for yourself and even better if others can understand what you are doing and evaluate it with you. While doing so, however, allow the world and your spirit to unfold as they will, while you act out and articulate the truth.

If your life is not what it could be, try telling the truth. If you cling desperately to an ideology, or wallow in nihilism, try telling the truth. If you feel weak and rejected, and desperate, and confused, try telling the truth. In Paradise, everyone speaks the truth. That is what makes it Paradise. Memory is not a description of the objective past. Memory is a tool. If you remember that something bad happened, and you can figure out why, then you can try to avoid that bad thing happening again. The first requirement is courage, and we do not always have.

The Yin and Yang of Starting A Business: Essential Step-by-Guides (with Glossary) The Yin and Yang of Starting A Business: Essential Step-by-Guides (with Glossary)
The Yin and Yang of Starting A Business: Essential Step-by-Guides (with Glossary) The Yin and Yang of Starting A Business: Essential Step-by-Guides (with Glossary)
The Yin and Yang of Starting A Business: Essential Step-by-Guides (with Glossary) The Yin and Yang of Starting A Business: Essential Step-by-Guides (with Glossary)
The Yin and Yang of Starting A Business: Essential Step-by-Guides (with Glossary) The Yin and Yang of Starting A Business: Essential Step-by-Guides (with Glossary)
The Yin and Yang of Starting A Business: Essential Step-by-Guides (with Glossary) The Yin and Yang of Starting A Business: Essential Step-by-Guides (with Glossary)
The Yin and Yang of Starting A Business: Essential Step-by-Guides (with Glossary) The Yin and Yang of Starting A Business: Essential Step-by-Guides (with Glossary)
The Yin and Yang of Starting A Business: Essential Step-by-Guides (with Glossary) The Yin and Yang of Starting A Business: Essential Step-by-Guides (with Glossary)
The Yin and Yang of Starting A Business: Essential Step-by-Guides (with Glossary) The Yin and Yang of Starting A Business: Essential Step-by-Guides (with Glossary)
The Yin and Yang of Starting A Business: Essential Step-by-Guides (with Glossary)

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