The further adventures of Mrs Trimbles magic teapot.

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Small backpacks are also great for festivals, as they are easier to carry than a purse and have more space. Looking like a lobster has never been in style. Prevent a sunburn with a travel sized sunscreen and remember to reapply! Staying hydrated will keep you going all festival weekend. There are several water stations from the City of Fort Collins placed around festival grounds where you can fill up.

The Cupboard has a wide selection of fun and colorful water bottles to choose from. TOPO Designs has a great selection of sunglasses and hats. Sweat can ruin any outfit. Keep the air flowing with lightweight clothing like a cotton tank top from Akinz. While we hope for sunny, storm-free days, you can never be too prepared! Living in a state with legalized marijuana comes with its highs and lows pun intended! Legal and illegal drugs are not allowed at the festival.

There are plenty of alcohol options inside festival grounds, but outside alcohol will be confiscated. We are not liable for tears you may shed while you watch your alcohol be thrown away. This year, however, there is a selfie station where you can take a selfie the old fashioned way or have someone else take a photo for you. The selfie station has a beautiful backdrop and can be used during CD signings to take a photo with a band use FoCoMusic in your post! Sounds like profile picture material to us!

One of the most bittersweet moments of our festival weekend for me, will probably be The Epilogues set.

The Further Adventures of Mrs Trimble's Magic Teapot.

It will be their last Fort Collins show for the foreseeable future as frontman Chris Heckman moves to Spain. The band burst onto the scene over a decade ago with a true passion for performing that helped propel them to the top of the Colorado scene. Friends from high school, they had integrity that you don't see a lot of anymore. Loyalty and fun meant just as much to them as the music they were performing.

They spent countless hours probably years touring across country and gaining fans. They perfected their craft and they respected their fellow musicians; often the first to show up for a gig and the last to leave, cheering on each act that took the stage. They always took the time to talk to their fans or the drunk dude at the bar, giving everybody a moment to feel special.

No wonder they were able to achieve success both in and out of the spotlight. They won KTCL's Hometown for the Holidays and rode the high of having their music on radio stations across the country. Those are just a few reasons that watching them perform one of their last shows this weekend will perhaps bring a tear to my eye. They mean so much to our scene on so many levels.

The band are one of the hardest working acts in the scene, really putting the DIY spirit to the test and putting themselves out there since They have spent the last decade performing tirelessly across country and gaining fans one city at a time with their charming stage presence and eclectic musical spirit. Each member is a talented multi-instrumentalist and vocals are split between the group, creating an exiting dynamic that must be experienced to fully appreciate the complexity of.

Elephant Revival really found their stride in with some huge opportunities that they were fully prepared to jump on. One included the Southwest Airlines campaign Live at 35 which featured live performances by artists while in flight. If you missed that gem, check it out HERE. They continued that success by selling out venues throughout the country and landed just this summer at the "dream" of all Colorado musicians, a headlining slot at Red Rocks Amphitheatre. The band did not disappoint as they performed an absolute mesmerizing set accompanied by many musicians and artists to a near capacity crowd.

We couldn't be more honored to include them back in our lineup as not only a must see band, but a headlining band this year!! Check out this video of them live below and get ready to be wowed! Here are some tips and tricks as you plan for an awesome weekend filled with free music, funnel cakes and fun times. During the festival, some construction will be taking place in various areas downtown. This up-to-date trip planner and map from the City of Fort Collins shows construction areas, road closures and more.

Several streets will also be closed leading up to and during the festival weekend. See detailed festival street closures here. Riding your bike is great option as well. Bike racks are available at several locations around the festival. Make sure to bring a lock and utilize this great feature, especially since skateboards are not allowed in Mountain Avenue venue. With several street closures and so many cars downtown during the festival, driving may not be the most convenient way to get to there. But if you need to drive, there are a few parking options available.

Additional parking can be found on public streets around the festival. The Bohemian Nights website and app are great resources for most things you would need to locate at the festival, including water tables, and restrooms. If you need to find out where specific vendors are, head over to the information booth tent to talk to a DBA volunteer. They can point you in the right direction. Festival bucks are no longer required for the purchase of items at the festival! Food, beer and beverages can be purchased using card or cash.

Carnival bucks are required for carnival purchases and may be purchased at the entrance to the carnival.

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There is a selfie station at the Central Music Merchandise where you can snap a photo with a band during their CD signing. Use focomusic to share your photos! If there's one thing the Fort Collins music scene does not lack, it's diversity. We've got a little bit of everything in our community which is why we want to keep you informed on what to see next weekend. Another talented group on the rise that you should definitely know about for this year's festival is our very own Write Minded. Fronted by Sam Mouton yes, he was on the Voice - check it HERE , the band has used their influences and passions to create their own signature sound that blends hip hop with an island reggae vibe seamlessly.

Who wins? We all do as they keep audiences moving and happy. Check out their hit video, Perfect Day below. We love pets just as much as anyone at Bohemian Nights. In fact, we love them so much that we ask that you do not bring them to the festival. Festivals like Bohemian Nights at NewWestFest can cause animals a great deal of stress and be harmful to their health. Here are some reasons from James L. Loud noises — like those found at a music festival — commonly provoke panic and phobia in dogs and other animals. Dogs will display a fear response that includes trembling, drooling, pacing, panting, clinging to owners, whining, barking, chewing, clawing, and panicked attempts to hide or escape.

A fearful, anxious dog cannot think straight and does not need correction or discipline — they need to be removed from the source of anxiety. Why put your precious pooch in this frightening situation in the first place? The best bet is to leave them at home. Would you want to walk around on black pavement with no shoes in the middle of a hot, sunny day? There is no way to completely avoid pavement at a street festival like Bohemian Nights at NewWestFest. Hot summer days can also cause dehydration and heat-related illness.

Dogs can experience heat exhaustion, heat strokes and sunburns in high heat. Crowds often trigger anxiety, fear and aggression in any dogs — even ones that are normally calm in demeanor. Being surrounded by so many unfamiliar people can put dogs in a constantly stressful, high-alert state, which can trigger aggressive behavior, even if your dog is not usually aggressive.

For the sanity and well-being of your dog, others and even yourself, just leave your dog at home. Bohemian Nights at NewWestFest strongly discourages all guests from bringing pets. It makes for a better festival for everyone. Read more about why festivals can be harmful to pets from this article by the James L. Say it ain't so!! Somehow our entire summer has flown by and we're down to the very last TNL concert of this season.

It's been a ton of fun hosting our favorite Colorado bands for you each week and we hope you'll enjoy this very special last performance. They remind a lot of folks of Mumford and Sons with their Americana sound full of banjo picking and vocal harmonies. If you haven't checked them out before, this is your chance to support your local music scene before they blow up on the national scene.

This band is touted as one of the next front runners to do just that and of course you'll want to see them before that happens! Hate crowds, but love music? Tune to KRFC View the full lineup of Mountain Avenue Stage bands here! Do you prefer relaxing on a blanket on the grass instead of standing in front of the stage amongst a large crowd? See all three simulcast locations on our map. The Bohemian Nights mobile app is an amazing festival resource right in the palm of your hand.

Access the app during the festival to view live cams at each stage, giving you a virtual front-row experience. Download the app from the App Store or Google Play. You can access it here from the Bohemian Nights website and on the mobile app.

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Like and follow us on Facebook , Twitter and Instagram for the latest about Bohemian Nights and behind-the-scenes moments and photos all weekend long during the festival. However, and from wherever you choose to enjoy the festival, be sure to use FoCoMusic to connect with other music lovers and festival goers! The hashtag is a great way to share your festival experiences and see how others are enjoying the festival. Denver based duo, the Reminders have been delivering their signature brand of hip hop to the masses and making their live show a family affair for almost a decade now.

Sharing the stage and a life, husband-wife sensation Aja Black and Big Samir bring together socially conscious lyrics blended with amazing beats that will have everyone standing up and taking notice. A crowd favorite, their children often jump on stage to join the fun. A high energy show paired with beautiful poetry and rhythmic cadences make the Reminders a must see show at this year's Bohemian Nights at NewWestFest.

I see them bloom, for me and you. And I think to myself, what a wonderful world. Here at Bohemian Nights, we like trees of green and red roses too! Take advantage of this awesome transportation system Friday and Saturday until midnight, and from 10 a. Bikes and music are a classic FoCo combo. Temporary bike racks are available at several locations around the festival. Check out the Fort Collins bike-share program that provides rental bikes across town at affordable prices. More of a skateboarder than a biker?

Try getting some friends together and carpooling. It will save emissions and be a lot easier to find parking. Drink water? We hope you answered yes, and that means you should own a reusable water bottle. Reusable bottles are cheaper than purchasing disposable bottles, more eco-friendly , and healthier! The City of Fort Collins has some of the cleanest water in the U. Don't have a water bottle? You can find a great selection at many stores in downtown Fort Collins, including The Cupboard local shopping for the win! Diverting this amount of material is equivalent to powering three homes for one year, eliminating 43, miles driven by an average car, and saving 2, gallons of gasoline!

These astounding numbers are made possible by you — the festival goer. Recycling bins are located all across the festival and tell you what can be recycled. Recycle every bit of waste you can! Food waste is no joke and takes up a lot of space in our landfills. The best way to prevent food waste is to not get more than you need. We all learned in kindergarten that littering is bad. It also makes for a less enjoyable festival. With around waste receptacles located throughout festival grounds, littering is pretty pointless. Turn degrees. George XlcLeod, em' ll films at ths Transfer theater.

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Magic Teapot at the 2018 Showman's Show

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The further adventures of Mrs Trimbles magic teapot. The further adventures of Mrs Trimbles magic teapot.
The further adventures of Mrs Trimbles magic teapot. The further adventures of Mrs Trimbles magic teapot.
The further adventures of Mrs Trimbles magic teapot. The further adventures of Mrs Trimbles magic teapot.
The further adventures of Mrs Trimbles magic teapot. The further adventures of Mrs Trimbles magic teapot.
The further adventures of Mrs Trimbles magic teapot. The further adventures of Mrs Trimbles magic teapot.
The further adventures of Mrs Trimbles magic teapot. The further adventures of Mrs Trimbles magic teapot.
The further adventures of Mrs Trimbles magic teapot. The further adventures of Mrs Trimbles magic teapot.
The further adventures of Mrs Trimbles magic teapot. The further adventures of Mrs Trimbles magic teapot.
The further adventures of Mrs Trimbles magic teapot.

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