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Has a big backswing, way past parallel and lots of wrist action. Now if he could only cut down on those 3 putts Posted: Apr 18, PIng G25 8. Jamie sadlowsiki can hit a putter yards. If you can get the speed and make solid contact, the ball will go regardless of what you're using. But it will be a lot harder to make good contact with a flex that's too soft. How long has he been on GolfWRX? We had a guy that worked in the pro shop at my club that was a semi-pro hockey player. The first hole at my club is and he was chipping from behind the green after his drive.

I saw him hit tons of absolute bombs, his timing and hand action was unbelievable. But as someone else said, accuracy was an issue for him. The key to distance is the most flexible shaft you can control. Allow the hitters to have some form of control. I know of 2 that start with plain jane S flex stuff - and tip it just a tad - not a ton like most guys THINK they know they do. When you watch Remax an lot of the bad shots are as much the shaft just being tortured and twisting all over the place as much as bad swings. Torque is your friend - to all speeds for the most part So back to your question.

The modern shaft can do that. The new shafts are so good - that I challenge people to go down in flex and let these shafts do their job.

2. Tilt Your Spine

The materials are light years ahead of where they used to be. A hitter - it would be a timing event. Remember - Couples WON!!!!!! Great post Robo I am not a beast like a lot of others but usually hit it about - , bad back as well so I think smooth and dial it down. I will hit the occasional when I am feeling good with Ping Rapture V2 w Diamana blue board in regular flex.

I love that shaft and can go at it a hard as I like, I am a smooth swinger though. I have had people tell me I should be playing a stiff and I ask whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy, straight and long works. My Son In Law played collegiately and some professionally and bombs it. He can consistently hit it well over yards and he plays with a standard S shaft tipped just a tad as someone previously stated. His old teacher had him play the softest shafts he could control.

Golf Club Distances | TheGolfMentor

Then you don't have to swing as hard to generate a ton of clubhead speed. It's not difficult at all if you have a smooth transition, a late release and a perfectly timed swing. Those things set up numerous eagles for years. Wish that I had never got rid of them. I am too old to have a stiff shaft anymore. Titleist TS2 9.

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Swing speed and mechanics of someone using an "R" frequency shaft, and realizing yds, leads me to believe he has no control over where the ball goes. So, in answer to the question, "yes" it's possible. Anybody that played the original S2H2 in stiff hit yd drives All R shafts are not created equal. Some are tip stiff, some are not. Did he find a way to match this imperfect machine--the human body--to the perfect golf swing? If you ask Austin to explain how he does it, he first fixes you in the sights of his piercing eyes, then he begins speaking in a rumbling voice hinting of his upbringing in both Scotland and the Deep South.

Listen carefully because the lesson is about to begin. He was 64 at the time, and had been a PGA pro for many years. He had been driving the ball exceptionally well that day, even by his standards. Austin, a longtime gambler and trick shot artist, took the challenge. Word that Austin was going to go for it was relayed to the foursome on the green ahead. They stood safely to one side.

Austin drew back and unleashed a blast that flew more than yards, bounced in front of the green and came to rest 65 yards beyond the flag-stick. That shot set the Guinness world record as the longest drive ever recorded in a PGA tournament: yards. Instead, it went up 20 feet, leveled off, and held its line. Skeptics might try to explain away such a feat.

Which Set of Tees Should You Play From on the Golf Course?

True, a tail wind was blowing. And I hit it as hard as I possibly could, just for heck of it. For pros on the PGA tour, distance is one of several factors leading to victory. But the galleries love the big drives unleashed by Woods and John Daly. So a splinter group of big hitters has emerged--legions of buffed golfers who pump iron and rip towering shots in long-drive competitions.

At 6-foot-2, pounds in his prime, he was a powerful man. Yet his swing, as seen in films taken throughout his life, has more rhythm and balance than raw power and strength. It appears almost effortless. Still, I studied his video, talked to his disciples and applied his methods. My scores have dropped, occasionally into the 70s. But my distance remains average. When we finally meet, I ask Austin if he can teach me to break the yard barrier. I ponder that resonant phrase for a long time. And, in it, I find hope.

Fighting Irish rush for more than 300 yards in rout

Austin has undergraduate degrees in engineering, physics and psychology, and a doctorate degree in kinesiology the analysis of muscular motion. He has used his knowledge of all these fields to develop and refine his golf swing. Dunaway recalls watching Austin hit the ball with a sense of disbelief. It changed his life. Now 46, living in Rogers, Ark. Dunaway, who is preparing to join the senior tour, averages between and yards with his driver.

Austin says his swing conforms to the basic laws of physics. He maintains that teaching pros should have a degree in kinesiology to better understand how to present the golf swing to their students. Most golf teachers tell students to bend their legs and lean forward from the waist. The hips swing like a bell below a head that stays in nearly the same position. Austin encourages his students to make use of the power generated by their legs.

It is similar to an underhand throwing motion that accelerates the clubhead into the ball. Most golfers only throw their clubs after muffing a tee shot or blowing a short putt. But Austin tells his students to throw the clubhead at the ball, then catch it an instant later and guide the club to a high, graceful finish.

How to work out Club Distances

The magic of the release is in the acceleration, Austin says, and he leans forward in his recliner to demonstrate. While the stroke has left him with limited movement, his eyes are like chips of flint and his mind is a laser beam. I obey. He smacks the palm of my hand with the knuckles of his left hand. My hand stings for a half hour. Born on the Isle of Guernsey in , he went to take a lesson at a local golf course when he was 6.

It had just rained and the course was closed, Austin recalls. The pro told young Austin to take a golfing stance next to a nearby bank and swing the clubhead into the wet clay. Stop-action photos of effective golf swings actually show that the hands slow down as the clubhead accelerates through the ball. At one point, Austin, still a teenager, says Jones asked him to explain how he hit the ball so far. Austin turned pro at Unlike today, where tournament purses are sometimes a half a million dollars, it was tough for a golfer to live on his winnings.

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Instead, Austin began making money as a gambler and trick-shot expert at exhibitions. Each winter he left his home in Atlanta and drove to Jacksonville, Fla.

300 Yards for SENIORS 300 Yards for SENIORS
300 Yards for SENIORS 300 Yards for SENIORS
300 Yards for SENIORS 300 Yards for SENIORS
300 Yards for SENIORS 300 Yards for SENIORS
300 Yards for SENIORS 300 Yards for SENIORS
300 Yards for SENIORS 300 Yards for SENIORS
300 Yards for SENIORS 300 Yards for SENIORS

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