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Behind the Scenes: Live Results Finale

An increasing threshold on this probability was used to generate precision-recall curves using two approaches for defining precision and recall. In the second case, we defined only assignments with probability above the threshold to single class proteins as correct and thus all assignments above the threshold made to proteins with two or more labels were considered incorrect. In our preliminary work on classification of subcellular location patterns using HPA images [5] , a subset of images of single pattern proteins were evaluated by both SVM and Random Forest [18] methods.

The results indicated slightly better performance for the latter approach, and we therefore also evaluated Random Forest classifiers for the tasks on the larger datasets used in this paper. As an alternative to classification which requires labels for training , we used an unsupervised machine learning method, hierarchical clustering, to identify candidate proteins for reannotation in two rounds. For this we used the same features and a normalized Euclidean distance metric with Stepwise Discriminant Analysis feature selection.

Since there was more than one cell for each protein and some of these might be atypical , we chose the cell closest to the multivariate median normalized feature value for a given protein to represent that protein in the clustering.

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The resulting tree can be cut at various values of the distance measure to give different numbers of clusters. We defined the cluster annotation for each protein as the dominant human annotation in the cluster in which the protein is found. To choose the optimal number of clusters, Akaike information criterion was used. It balances the log-likelihood of the data given the clustering against the number of clusters.

After we decided the clustering of proteins, the clusters were ordered by optimal leaf ordering [19] using the associated annotations. Once we obtained the clustering of proteins, we computed two scores for each protein to measure and identify the proteins whose annotations might be not correct.


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In the first round, we found a subset of all proteins with the below one value of the first score in total lowest scores by the first definition and another subset of proteins with the lowest scores by the second definition which were from the range between zero and the value around the peak of the histogram of the second score, data not shown , and then selected proteins in the intersection of the two subsets as candidates for reannotation.

However, we restricted the final list by requiring that each cluster could only have one protein in this list to minimize the effect that the presence of more than one mis-annotated protein might have on the quality of a cluster. In the second round, we released these restrictions. Proteins were sorted with the first score and with the second score respectively in ascending order; then they were sorted with the sum of the two ranks ascendingly.

As a result, we had all proteins sorted in one list, and the more confidence we had on one protein for its being incorrectly annotated, the higher it would be in the sorting. The final subset of proteins that would be reexamined by annotators was thus generated from the top until we thought that the number of proteins in the subset would not be an inappropriate burden of work for the annotators.

To serve as a baseline for evaluating the reannotation enrichments we would obtain from automated methods SVM and hierarchical clustering , we created another list of proteins to be reexamined. Due to the highly imbalanced dataset, we made a compromise schema for the random sampling. For each class, we uniformly randomly sampled a small number r of proteins with replacement.

Thus we were easily able to ensure that we sampled proteins from all classes especially those with small size and meanwhile to control the number of proteins in this list to reduce the burden of reannotation work. On the other hand, we could reduce the chances of selecting the majority or even all proteins from some small classes with replacement sampling.

Then the unique set of proteins without the duplicates was merged with those identified from the automated methods and subjected to reexamination. Classification results after first round of reannotation. Classification results using Random Forest classifier after second round of reannotation.

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Browse Subject Areas? Click through the PLOS taxonomy to find articles in your field. Abstract The Human Protein Atlas contains immunofluorescence images showing subcellular locations for thousands of proteins. Introduction Knowledge of the subcellular locations of proteins provides critical context necessary for understanding their functions within the cell. Download: PPT. Figure 1. An overview of the framework introduced in this paper. Results In the following sub-sections, we present our results for two rounds of analyses.

Automated Selection of Proteins for Reannotation We began by segmenting confocal immunofluorescence images from the A cell line in release 4. Table 1. Classification results before first round of reannotation. Figure 2. Examples of mis-annotated proteins identified by the SVM classification reannotation algorithm. Figure 3. Examples of mis-annotated proteins identified by the hierarchical clustering reannotation method. Figure 4. Example of detection of mixed patterns by clustering. Second Round Reannotation After incorporating the results from the first round analysis i.

Table 3. Classification results before second round of reannotation. Table 5. Classification results after second round of reannotation. Figure 6. Precision-recall curves for protein annotations for single and multi-class classifiers.

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Discussion Microscopy images are rich sources of information about cell structure and function for systems biology. Cell Segmentation and Feature Calculation We used the same cell segmentation and feature calculation strategies as in our previous work [5]. Hierarchical Clustering for Reannotation As an alternative to classification which requires labels for training , we used an unsupervised machine learning method, hierarchical clustering, to identify candidate proteins for reannotation in two rounds.

Random Sampling for Reannotation To serve as a baseline for evaluating the reannotation enrichments we would obtain from automated methods SVM and hierarchical clustering , we created another list of proteins to be reexamined. Supporting Information. Table S1. List of proteins reannotated after first round. Table S2. Table S List of proteins reannotated after second round. Table S4. Acknowledgments We thank Drs. Arvind Rao and Aabid Shariff for helpful discussions. References 1.

Cytometry 69A: — View Article Google Scholar 2. Developmental Cell 7— View Article Google Scholar 3. Bioinformatics — View Article Google Scholar 4. BMC Bioinformatics 9: View Article Google Scholar 5. View Article Google Scholar 6.

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View Article Google Scholar 7. BMC Bioinformatics 8 View Article Google Scholar 8. Bioinformatics i66—i View Article Google Scholar 9. Proteome Res. View Article Google Scholar Proteomics 4: — Bioinformatics i7—i Lowe DG Object recognition from local scale-invariant features. Conf Computer Vision 2: — Huang K, Velliste M, Murphy RF Feature reduction for improved recognition of subcellular location patterns in fluorescence microscope images.

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    Newberg (Images of America) Newberg (Images of America)
    Newberg (Images of America) Newberg (Images of America)
    Newberg (Images of America) Newberg (Images of America)
    Newberg (Images of America) Newberg (Images of America)
    Newberg (Images of America) Newberg (Images of America)
    Newberg (Images of America) Newberg (Images of America)
    Newberg (Images of America) Newberg (Images of America)

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